Show Recap: March 6, 2019

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We reading too much into KD & Kyrie’s friendship?


Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Celtics & Warriors at the crossroads

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The Boston Celtics tipped off their season 141 days ago and it feels like for every single one of those 141 days, you ask the same questions
Celtics talent.JPG
Can they figure out how to integrate all that talent? Can guys being asked to settle for lesser roles actually buy in for the good of the group?

Some weeks, it looks like yes. Some weeks, it looks like no.

Kyrie Irving.JPG

Celtics vs Warriors.JPG
Kyrie is absolutely right when he refers to the Warriors
Hayward and Irving.JPG
Some irony, against the Warriors, the Celtics finally looked like a cohesive functioning team
Chef Hayward.JPG
Last night, Gordon Hayward got cooking by scoring 30 points off the bench

While all this came with the Warriors missing Klay Thompson to a knee injury, it was clear this was exactly the kind of win Boston needed

Teddy Bears (Warriors).JPG
As for the Warriors, let’s just say the postgame interview room is not exactly a bunch of warm fuzzies

Steve Kerr:

Kevin Durant then came into the room and was told about Kerr’s anger comment

KD’s reaction:

Ron Adams and KD.JPG
KD’s testy moment actually came just a little bit later when he was asked about Ron Adams, the Warriors 70-year old assistant coach who is widely considered one of the league’s leading defensive gurus

Amin following up with: “Stop crying, man”

Durant signing with Warriors.JPG
In case you were wondering whether as of March 5, 2019, KD is still sensitive about leaving OKC for Golden State, the answer is yes!
Celtics mountains.JPG
Boston showed that the key to mounting that challenge is if they can play more like the Warriors. Yes, on day 141, but also on those key days in June

Back on Celtics bandwagon now?

“This is why the Celtics could be out in the first round or toe-to-toe with the Warriors in the Finals because this team, when they are right, is talented as any team in the league, maybe except for the Warriors. This is why the Celtics are a frustrating team, but you should take nothing off the table for what this team could accomplish this year” – Windhorst

“I’m not on the bandwagon because I was never off it. I’m not Tracy McGrady. This is a team that has the ingredients to be competitive for an NBA championship- Elhassan

Warriors need more joy or anger?

“They’ve been a joy team. It’s not about being mad when you play, it’s about playing with a purpose. That’s what they’ve done historically” – Elhassan

“The biggest challenge Steve Kerr has is motivation. He gets frustrated with it. But I’m not going to freak out about it” – Windhorst

“Dude, you’re making it a story when it wouldn’t otherwise be a story” – Elhassan on KD’s comments postgame in regards to Ron Adams

Fair to question Boogie’s defense?

“The Warriors for the last few years were the biggest margin of error team I have ever seen in my life. When they play Boogie on defense and teams attack them like that, they have to play much more team defense, much more as a group and their margin for error, that they’re used to having, shrinks way down. When you have a guy like Boogie, it changes the entire way you play defense. It changes a lot of the ways you operate as an entire team and they don’t have those habits. At the end of the day, Boogie is going to be a matchup situation for them in the postseason” – Windhorst

Another edition of…

March 6, 2000 – Muggsy Bogues (Raptors) with the alley-opp pass to Vince Carter who finishes hard with the one hand vs the Blazers!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Advice; The “Shoooot!” guy is back!

Last week:

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Control; Should Myles Turner start blocking everything into the stands?
Had 7 blocks last night vs Bulls; but 4 of them resulted in immediate putbacks by the Bulls

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Attitude; Mike Conley goes off for 40 points in Grizzlies win (Career-High)

Miss Logo
Posters; Good decision by Jerami Grant?


Moving on…

Worried about OKC after losing 5 of 6?
Lost by 11 points to the Wolves

“It’s not positive, but also the 3 of the last 4 games, they didn’t have Paul George. You take him away and it’s understandable, it’s not ideal” – Elhassan

“Their defense has been sliding back. They need to get back to their defensive identity” – Windhorst

Second Half

LeBron 13 points from passing MJ on all-time scoring list | Think LeBron wants to be all-time leading scorer?

LeBron on chasing Kareem’s record:

“The timing on this is a little weird. This is not a great time. The thing about this is he really doesn’t ever want to be known as a scorer to make an impact on the game. This isn’t much of a scoring record as much it is a longevity record. This is an ode to longevity” – Windhorst

“I don’t think he cares about the record, per se” – Elhassan

What did you learn about Rockets last night?
Have won 6 straight games overall

“I didn’t learn anything. This is who they are. They are an explosive offensive team, particularly very dependent on three-point shooting” – Elhassan

“Now that Chris Paul and Capela are healthy, they do have some more options. The Rockets, as they’ve gotten healthy, have a widening margin for error. They can now survive again because of their weapons” – Windhorst

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Jump Ball Regular

Biggest X Factor (Jump Ball).JPG

Elhassan: Tatum
“I just don’t see Gordon Hayward, not this year at least, regaining anything close to the form that he was in Utah”

Windhorst: Hayward
“If he plays more like that [last night], they are a championship team”

Ben Simmons shooting hand (Jump Ball).JPG

“JJ Redick is obviously seeing something that makes him think that this should happen” – Windhorst

Likely to get 3 seed (Jump Ball).JPG

Windhorst: Rockets
“They are the most upwardly mobile team in the league”

Elhassan: Jazz
“They got the 2nd easiest strength of schedule the rest of the way. This is a team that has really solidified who they are which is a great defensive team. They are really going to make a push here”

March 6, 2013 – Jamal Crawford with the fancy alley-oop pass to Blake Griffin vs the Bucks!



Don’t Forget
Reminder: Nuggets still have Michael Porter Jr.

Via jvando_/IG:

“They’re not going to be able to keep all of them and afford all of them. This is the guy who is going to move into some of the roles” – Windhorst

Kyle Kuzma could miss up to a week (ankle)

“They got to start thinking about the pick” – Windhorst

When you know your team is in trouble:

KAT earning spot on All-NBA Team?
Has averaged 36 points and 16 rebounds in the 5 games since he returned from his car accident

“I wouldn’t blame him if he was going after it. Go for it, Karl” – Windhorst

“If you’re the Timberwolves, are you like: ‘Please don’t vote him in All-NBA'” – Elhassan

League PassKnicks at Suns

Only two teams already eliminated from the playoffs but this is what they’re playing for:

More likely to be in the playoffs next season: Knicks or Suns?

Windhorst & Elhassan: Knicks

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