Show Recap: February 22, 2019 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Think Don Nelson is enjoying retirement?

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: NBA already spicy after one night back

Vacations are supposed to make you mellow. A little beach time, maybe a beer or two and you come back to work all refreshed and chill. That should especially be true in the NBA since the All-Star break was extended
Beach and phone
Half of the league’s Instagram feeds have looked like a travel guide to the Caribbean
When basketball finally came back on last night, was everybody relaxed? Easy-going? No! They most certainly were not!

It was one of those kinds of nights:

KD and Bagley
Meanwhile up in Oakland, the Kings were getting feisty with the Warriors and Kevin Durant was clearly in no mood


These guys were all just on vacation. Palm trees, white sand anyone?
Sunset in LA
How about in Los Angeles? It’s LA. Everybody should at least be chilled here

Except Lakers/Rockets has not been a chilled matchup lately and last night, things got interesting:

Scott Foster CP3.JPG
In the locker room afterwards, the Rockets would have plenty to say about the night’s lead official, Scott Foster. Chris Paul has had a long and bad history with Foster
James Harden.JPG
His teammate, James Harden backed CP3 up saying “For sure, it’s personal. For sure. I don’t think he should be able to even officiate our games anymore”

But wait…there’s more:

Lakers core
One Houston official noted that in the game’s final 20 minutes, the Lakers took 17 free throws, while the Rockets took zero
But in fairness, the Houston official noted the Rockets self-destructed a lot in the second half as well. All told, this did not look like a rested or refresh team

One night back and the NBA is already way spicy. Maybe the All-Star break needs to be two weeks long instead

Rockets hurting themselves by criticizing ref?
In the last two seasons that NBA referee, Scott Foster has officiated Rockets games, they are 6-6

“Anytime you criticize an official, then you’re criticizing all of the officials because they all stick together, they bond and work together as a team. It doesn’t help them, especially for a team that’s trying to win a championship” – Pippen

“Scott Foster is, whether you agree or not Houston, one of the top five ranked officials in the league. He will not only be officiating more Rockets games, he will be officiating games all the way into the Finals and maybe even multiple games in the Finals. It’s really incumbent on the Rockets not to have a little meltdown every morning when they see the referee assignments and see Scott is there. There were calls that were questionable last night. I understand they’re upset with Foster, they may even have points, but they’ve got to move past it” – Windhorst

“He does a good job of refereeing Harden. I’ve seen Harden take advantage of guys on defense, banging into him. Other officials have given him those calls and that’s a credit to Scott Foster being a veteran official and knowing how to call the game” – Pippen

More confident in Lakers playoff chances after last night?
Overcame a 19-point deficit vs the Rockets

“Lakers fans: Look at 7 (seed). Not 8. That’s what you want” – Windhorst

“If we see the LeBron that we saw in the 2nd half for the next two months, anything is possible for them. If we see the LeBron that we saw in the first half, which looked a lot like the LeBron right before the break, not so sure” – Windhorst

“I do believe that LeBron will make these players rise to the occasion” – Pippen

February 22, 1999 – Kobe Bryant with the killer crossover and then finishing with the floater, plus the foul vs the Nuggets!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Miss Logo
Easy Buckets; Best block last night?

Kevin Durant:

Greek Freak:

Jake Layman:

Make Logo
Nurk and Turk; Nurkic and Kanter combine for 45 and 21 on 18-24 shooting

Miss Logo
The Perimeter; Over/Under 1 1/2 steph dunks the rest of the season?


Steph’s reaction afterwards:

Shocked Steph.JPG

Windhorst & Pippen: Under

Make Logo
Youth; Yes, we’re showing a rebound highlight
Bagley had 14 rebounds off the bench vs the Warriors



Run it Back

Most athletic rebounds of all-time!

3) 2018: Donovan Mitchell vs Hornets2uiton.gif

2) 1999: A.I. vs Pistons

1) 2007: Jamario Moon vs Spurs2uittg.gif

Moving on…

Were Celtics fouled on final play last night?

“The part with Morris wasn’t a foul. But Kyrie, possibly. There was a tripping there. It’s a tough call for the officials at the end of the game. They’re looking more at the shot instead of down low” – Pippen

“My take away from this game was: The Bucks really struggled down the stretch offensively. They got really lucky to win this game. I’d be more worried about the Bucks offense. They had control of this game and lost it” – Windhorst

February 22, 2005 – Tony Allen (Celtics) with the self bounce pass to himself and finishing it with the windmill dunk vs the Nuggets!


Second Half

Draymond on Kings: “No rivalry yet”

Could Kings extend Warriors in playoff series?

Durant after the game said “They should be reckon with soon”

Kings Warriors head to head.JPG
A 12-point spread over the 4 games, one of the slimmest margins in regular game season sweep ever in the NBA

“This could be a fun series. The Kings are building some momentum, they’re building confidence. I don’t see this as a rivalry yet, but they got to be looking at this team in their rearview mirror” – Pippen

“I am really happy that they’re playing well, but they’re not in the Warriors league yet. They’re just good enough to lose to them” – Windhorst

“You don’t like running up against a young team that’s very unpredictable and that’s what the Sacramento Kings are” – Pippen

Buddy Hield: “I should’ve shot that [Expletive]”

Via NBC Sports Bay Area:

Why did Buddy Hield pass up shot last night?

Buddy Hield.JPG

“It’s always a good shot if you make it” – Pippen

“He’s young. He’s going through those growing pains. He’s letting the coach dictate how he plays” – Pippen

“Maybe Joerger has to learn how to use this too” – Windhorst

“In this case, it seems like he got into his own player’s head and that is a shame” – Nichols

Think AD compromise between Pelicans and NBA will work?

Danny Ferry quote.JPG

“I talked to both sides about this, not the NBA, Davis’ side and the Pelicans side. What they’re looking for going forward here is a consistent plan for what they’re going to do game to game to game to game” – Windhorst

“It’s very smart to pull these players back, but also know that these are the players that are going to fill the stands up for you. For the Pelicans, they’re looking down the road. They want to try to win next year. They need players through the draft” – Pippen

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Report: NBA formally proposes lowering draft-eligible age from 19 to 18 (Via Jeff Zillgitt/USA Today Sports)
Won’t take place until the 2022 Draft (Draft age is collectively bargained)

“The two sides have agreed that the age limit is going away. That is going to happen. To get to that spot, there’s some maneuvering going on. Teams want all the medical information of these 18 year old kids” – Windhorst

“It’s great. There’s a lot of phenomenal players that are coming out of high school. It’s going to make the game much more exciting” – Pippen

“The league has created an intermediate step where if you don’t think you’re necessarily ready to go into the draft, then you can go to the G-League and make six figures. Will that happen? No. They’re going for the millions that they could possibly get. At least over the next 3 years, that’s a pilot program” – Windhorst

Stephen Jackson: “NBA players these days are spoiled”

Agree with Stephen Jackson saying players today are “spoiled”?


“He does have a point, but he has to realize that the game has evolved so much from the days that we played. Owners have gotten richer, they’ve put more invested into their teams, into building their facilities, they’re doing things now to entice players. They’re weeping the benefits” – Pippen

“No. 1: Stephen Jackson is jealous of Don Nelson. No. 2: In terms of holding teams hostage, he at one time demanded a trade from the Warriors and got it. No. 3: ‘Get off my lawn.’ He’s officially old now” – Windhorst

NBA refutes ESPN’s Tim Donaghy story
Click here to read the full report

Tim Donaghy.JPG


Karl-Anthony Towns questionable tonight vs Knicks after car accident

Steph gonna Steph
Steph has 20 3s in his last 2 games vs Kings

New leadership
Did NBPA executive committee vote shift power back from stars?

NBPA Executive committee.JPG

“This last CBA was the most friendly to mega star players in 20 years. It raised the maxs, it enabled you to get paid faster to the highest level and was able to raise the age limit. But in fairness, they also took care of the guys at the bottom. They raised the minimums and the rookie scale” – Windhorst

“They’ve sort of made their place in the game so let the little guys try to come up now” – Pippen

DeRozan on fan response tonight: “Can’t even imagine it”

“I expect a warm applause from the fans. But I don’t really think it’s about him, it’s really about the season as far what the Toronto Raptors are going to do to make that trade look valuable for them” – Pippen

“This is Mr. Raptor” – Windhorst

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