Show Recap: February 20, 2019

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Opening Tip
Joel Embiid out a week with left knee soreness
Sixers also used the term “load management”

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 convo with Celtics superstar, Kyrie Irving!

Highlights from the interview:

“A lot to figure out in one year” – Irving on Celtics chemistry

“It’s been a trying year for us” – Irving

“Natural competition between Rozier and me” – Irving

“You don’t have to try to be a leader” – Irving

“Apologizing to LeBron was a big step for me” – Irving

“Talks don’t stop” – Irving on free agency rumors

“The media has broken up locker rooms” – Irving


Run it Back

KD & Kyrie All-Star broments!

3) Hanging out in hallway

2) Kyrie stays for KD’s MVP ceremony

Kyrie Irving.JPG

Kyrie Irving and KD.JPG

1) Private dinner in Miami

“Further evidence, I don’t believe them when they say they don’t like the speculation. I think they enjoy it” – Arnovitz

Celtics offseason uncertainty a distraction for players?

“I don’t think so. Maybe it was a distraction up until the trade deadline. These guys are really just concentrating on trying to get back to the type of ball they were playing last season and be better” – T-Mac

“It’s not about offseason uncertainty, it’s about in-season uncertainty. It’s very clear that these guys don’t have a precise understanding or a precise acceptance of their roles” – Arnovitz

“The challenge is having Kyrie. How do you insert him into this? When Kyrie is out, their roles are clearly identified in how these guys play. They play like they played last year without Kyrie. When he’s in the lineup, what do they do? How do they play their style of basketball” – T-Mac

Time for Celtics to fall in line behind Kyrie?

“Maybe Kyrie has to take a step back a little bit” – T-Mac

“I don’t like the notion that the Celtics have to fall in line behind Kyrie. It’s not an issue of submission. He’s going to have to make certain allowances” – Arnovitz

February 20, 2004Β  – Chauncey Billups dishing it to Ben Wallace who finishes with the poster dunk on Kevin Garnett!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Anticipation; LeBron confirms “Space Jam 2” will begin filming this summer

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Justice; Does Dirk have a point?

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Hot Takes; What does De’Aaron Fox have against In-N-Out burger?

Fox on In-N-Out Burger.JPG

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Face Value; Report: Average secondary market ticket price for UNC-Duke is $2,663 (Via VividSeats)

Moving on…

Kings and Bucks partner for daylong summit to address social injustice (February 27)

Team up for a change.JPG

Keynote speaker for the event…

Big Boi from Outkast

Second Half

Should Pelicans be allowed to sit AD for rest of season? (Via Marc Stein/New York Times)

“They had a case all year. I would sit him down” – T-Mac

“The health of this individual is going to determine the path of this franchise for the next 7, 8 or 9 years” – Arnovitz

“I am worried about him getting injured” – Nichols

“They’ve actually been really scrappy and effective without him” – Arnovitz

RecommendsThe MVP question that’s driving the NBA by Brian Windhorst

More compelling MVP case: Harden or Giannis?

“I can’t believe Paul George isn’t in this discussion. He should be highly recommended as an MVP candidate” – T-Mac

“Giannis. He’s doing so much more for his team and they have the best record in the league. We can’t overlook that. He is extremely special. He is the frontrunner” – T-Mac

“What Giannis has done to instill his particular character and his work ethic into the entire organization, it is a well-oiled machine. It is a manifestation of who Giannis is as a player. That’s value” – Arnovitz

Dame Lillard’s loyalty to Blazers make sense?

Via Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports (Posted up with Chris Haynes: A Yahoo Sports podcast):

“I want to address the last thing he said about: ‘He don’t want to sell himself out.’ That’s not a shot at KD” – T-Mac

“I have established myself in this community, these people know me, the organization has treated me and my family graciously. I have great relationships with my teammates. This is all about happiness” – T-Mac on what Dame is really saying

“Dame has a lot of equity with that franchise. He’s in a great place” – Arnovitz

“He’s saying there’s other things here that are important. He’s talking about the fact that there are ten other things going on here and all ten of those things are important to his character and him as a person and he doesn’t want to sell that out just to chase a title around” – Nichols

Brad Beal: “I hate super teams” (Via Fred Katz/The Athletic)

“Why should he go anywhere? They gave him a nice bag [of money]. I’ve been talking about him possibly being a Laker because he fits perfect with someone like LeBron James. He should be out there recruiting to have somebody come over” – T-Mac

Brad Beal recruiting for Wizards at All-Star Weekend?

“I don’t think they can because they don’t have the money. He can recruit himself out” – T-Mac

February 20, 2004 – Richard Jefferson (New Jersey Nets) with the high-flying one handed dunk on Chris Bosh!



Happy Birthday Chuck!
Happy 56th Birthday to Charles Barkley from The Jump!

We the North
Jodie Meeks to Raptors make sense? (Signed a 10-day contract)

Road to Recovery
Dwight Howard returns to on-court work (Via The Athletic)

“I hope so. I just don’t know if he has enough time to get back on the court this season. It hasn’t been so good for him lately” – T-Mac

Expect bad blood for Rockets-Lakers tomorrow?

Throwback from October:

Credit: Tim MacMahon/ESPN

“Considering the Rockets are trying to move up the charts in the Western Conference, the Lakers are trying to get into the playoffs, they have more important things to really worry about” – T-Mac

“There will be a chippiness factor. Lakers are under the gun every time they take the court from here on out. This is serious” – Arnovitz

What does Capela’s return mean for Rockets?
Has missed the last 15 games with a right thumb injury

“When you have a rim runner and a guy who rolls hard, that entire offense opens up. They are a spread pick-and-roll team” – Arnovitz

“He’s James’ outlet. They do such a fine job of running the pick-and-roll. He’s the reason why Clint got the contract that he received is because of James Harden. Just setting good screens” – T-Mac

“This team is dangerous. They can beat anybody not named Golden State, but they could lose too” – T-Mac

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How much does Goran Dragic improve Miami’s chances at playoffs?
Currently sit in 9th place in the East

“He is the nasal spray in this offense that’s been clogged. They haven’t had a point guard all year” – Arnovitz

“I think they get in. Hornets are going to be outta there” – T-Mac

T-Mac and Arnovitz: Pistons and Heat for the final two playoff spots

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