Show Recap: February 18, 2019 (From ESPN HQ in Bristol)

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Opening Tip
T-Mac finally sees the light! #DraftVince2020

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Credit: tmac213/IG
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“I am completely in for next year on Vince” – Friedell

“We should allow honorary dunk contest participants” – Ogwumike

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: No one does All-Star like the NBA

Another All-Star Weekend is in the books and once again, fans were reminded that no one does All-Star like the NBA does All-Star. This is partly just because the NBA’s impact on culture at large is just so big and partly because the NBA is so much more of an individual celebrity driven league
Get a bunch of pro baseball players together and you have a room full of baseball players
The Jump Daily.JPG
Get a bunch of basketball players together and you have the pages of “The Jump” weekly. By definition, Charlotte 2019 was a success
Meek Mill.JPG
An artist like Meek Mill has become synonymous with the need for criminal justice reform. Less than a year after his release from prison, the NBA puts him front and center on one of it’s biggest nights

After that came the national anthem:

TV with roses.JPG
It wasn’t all roses as the game itself actually started
Camera shots.JPG
It didn’t help that the in-game entertainment crew was really struggling to find famous faces on celebrity row
Guy Ferrai.JPG
When the second guy you put on the jumbotron is Guy Fieri, it’s not a good sign

But as the night went on and play picked up, there were a number of legit highlight moments:

Team LeBron.JPG
When it was all said and done, Team LeBron was victorious, but not without a good early fright from Team Giannis, once again validating using a draft format for selecting the teams

Is KD the best player right now?

“He is the very best player in the game right now. He’s above everybody else. I would argue that Kevin is the very best player in the league, but he’s not the most important player to his team in the league” – Friedell

“I will give Kevin Durant credit, but the only thing that really holds me back from really giving him love is because he tends to tag team with superstars” – Ogwumike

“The reason he has not taken that mantle of best current player in the game as early from LeBron as he would like to is that his job is made easier by those other players” – Nichols

“If you take Kevin out of that lineup, the Warriors can still win. If you take Steph out of that lineup, it is much much more difficult” – Friedell

Dream dunk contest lineup for next season?

“We should have some continuity from years past” – Ogwumike

“What might do it: The sneaker brands. Put in a nice little bonus for those players” – Ogwumike

“Players are really going to try to put on a big show [next year]” – Friedell

February 18, 2003 – Kobe Bryant with the one-handed monster jam on Yao Ming vs the Rockets!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Miss Logo
Layups; Did Steph redeem himself?



Make Logo
Interruptions; Give J. Cole credit for trying [to dunk it on Saturday night]?


Miss Logo
Fundamentals; Hamidou Diallo threw down same dunk in high school dunk contest

Saturday Night:

High School:

Make Logo
Bounce; Which was better: The pass or the dunk?



Run it Back

Best ASG alley-oops of all-time!

3) 1994: Pippen to Shaq

2) 2002: T-Mac to himself

1) 2005: Kobe to Amar’e

Moving on…

Joe Harris wins 3-point shootout
2nd in the league shooting at 47 percent!

Time to put respect on Joe Harris’ name?

“Yes. Put some respect on his name. He’s a guy who’s had to fight for everything he’s had in the league” – Ogwumike

“To do this in Charlotte and beat Steph Curry is something he’ll remember the rest of his life” – Friedell

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Second Half

Jayson Tatum: “Celtics are going to win the Finals this year”

Tatum’s championship goal realistic for Celtics?

“I think it’s realistic, but don’t get ahead of yourself because the East is truly an arms race. If this team reaches their potential, I can see them going back to the Eastern Conference Finals and potentially the Finals” – Ogwumike

“They’re not winning the Finals. Can they get to the Finals? Yes. But they may not get out of the 2nd round” – Friedell

After last Friday’s show, the gang played a game of…

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace.JPG

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 2.JPG

“I got you. Everything I was saying was true” – Wallace

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 3.JPG
Was the leading scorer in the only game he played for them!

“I was excited. We know we can’t make the playoffs, but we can mess it up for everybody” – Wallace

What were you thinking Rasheed Wallace 4.JPG

“I tried to be nice there at the end. It came from my battles with the media out there in Portland” – Wallace

“Negative” – Wallace on whether the ball ever lies!

The Great Debate
Dirk + Wade All-Star invite set a good precedent?

“A great precedent because that moment, not only for the league and the PR guys,  the players really seemed to enjoy themselves. Klay Thompson told me that those two guys had such an impact on everybody here because they all tried to be those guys growing up. What was cool was the response by their peers” – Friedell

“If you look at the reaction every time Dirk or D-Wade did something likely, the entire bench got up on both sides” – Ogwumike

Bonus: Who would you put in next year? How would this work if you did it on a regular basis?

“If you didn’t have a player or players like in this case who are retiring, why don’t you pick a player who was representative of that city who has had an impact on the game. Example: Next season. Chicago. Why not Derrick Rose? You know he still got the support from the NBA fanbase” – Friedell

“It’s a case by case basis. You don’t have to have an honorary all-star every year” – Ogwumike

How optimistic should Lakers fans be about playoff chances?

“I’m not optimistic. This team has had it’s chances” – Friedell

“It’s not necessarily realistic, but there is still hope” – Ogwumike

“This is a team that thought they were making a big push with all these young guys, but all of a sudden, what we’ve learned in the last couple months is that all those young guys aren’t good enough to be the core of a title team” – Friedell

February 18, 2011 – Blake Griffin finishing a reverse dunk on a bounce pass and James Harden finishing a windmill dunk on the other end in the Rookie-Sophomore game!




10-day for Ray?
Is Daryl Morey only half-joking about Ray Allen?

“He’s still got it” – Ogwumike

Good times
What are KD & Kyrie talking about?

Adam Silver: “I don’t like trade demands…wish they were handled behind closed doors”

“Players only say things publicly when they have exhausted all of their options. They’ll try to handle things internally and then if things aren’t moving, then they’ll make it public. When the players are doing this is largely it’s in their prime. These guys want to win championships and they don’t want waste their prime” – Ogwumike

There are no secrets in the league that don’t eventually get out. They always get out. This helps feed the cycle” – Friedell

AD: “All 29 other teams are on my list” (Via NBA TV)

AD and LeBron.JPG

AD warming up to idea of Celtics?

“This whole thing is a disaster in how it played out. The Pelicans, AD and his agent Rich Paul are to blame. If you’re Anthony Davis and you know the Celtics have a legit chance of to win for sure, that’s something you got to think about” – Friedell

“That was the voice of a very desperate man” – Ogwumike

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