Show Recap: February 13, 2019

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Is this why Celtics want to keep Tatum so badly?


Today’s Panel:

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First Half

How hot is Luke Walton’s seat right now?
Per Basketball Reference, the Lakers have a 6 percent chance to make the playoff. Lakers are 28-29 heading into the All-Star break

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This is not what anyone imagined when LeBron signed on with the Lakers this summer, or even what they imagined going into last night’s game against the struggling Hawks. They went 6 minutes without a bucket. Bad offense, bad body language, inconsistent effort

“It isn’t hot at all. And it shouldn’t be. His GM gave him a vote of confidence rightfully so” – T-Mac

“The reality is, the only thing that’s keeping this seat lukewarm is Jeanie Buss (Lakers owner) because all those things would be alright if the GM had hired him and everyone was bought in. But the problem is, they’re not all bought in. Right now, this is an opportunity for the Lakers to turn it around, change the narrative” – Elhassan

“This is not on Luke Walton. He didn’t design the roster” – Nichols

“Coming out of all-star break, LeBron James will have a different type of focus and understand what really is at stake. He didn’t come to the Lakers to miss out on the playoffs” – T-Mac

Still convinced LeBron will carry Lakers to playoffs?

“If he’s healthy, they’re going to win games” – Elhassan

“I don’t think they make the playoffs. They have to win too many games. You have a tough schedule coming up” – T-Mac

Did Joel Embiid cross the line last night?

After last night’s loss:

“The referees f****** suck”

“You got your frustration out. It’s not a big deal” – Elhassan

“It’s not a big deal, but don’t take it out on the referees. They missed on a call on him towards the end of the game. Him saying they suck meaning they sucked the whole game. He was upset about that one call he didn’t get and felt that it cost him the game” – T-Mac

Here’s the play McGrady was talking about:


Bad look for 76ers to lose to Celtics without Kyrie?

“No. Not at all. The Sixers still trying to figure it out” – T-Mac

“I don’t put any stock into this about it being a bad loss. However, I do put a lot of stock on it on the Celtics side and what this really means for them moving forward and Kyrie Irving. Because, if you look at how these other guys played last night, they played better when they were giving more. Kyrie needs to fit in with these guys” – T-Mac

“You can have too many, too much. For the Sixers, they got to figure out how to incorporate Tobias Harris where it’s not just ‘everyone takes a turn,’ but trying to get the most out of this group. But sometimes, having too much out there means somebody is not getting full output. Same thing with the Celtics” – Elhassan

February 13, 2005 – LeBron James with the nasty fastbreak reverse dunk vs the Lakers!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Creativity; Is Trae Young the master of the nutmeg?




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Anticipation; Is this Simmons’ go to move?
Fakes the handoff and finishes with the flush!


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Height; Anything the defenders can do?



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Traction; Concerned about Belinelli’s hamstrings?



Run it Back

Best pump fakes of all-time!

3) 1996: Michael Jordan vs Magic2tmhao.gif

2) 2003: Kobe Bryant vs Jazz2tmhcz.gif

1) 1995: Hakeem Olajuwon vs David Robinson’s Spurs2tmhf7.gif

PJ Tucker appearing on ESPN+’s ‘The Boardroom’

Second Half

Durant: “I think we’ve been struggling even though we’ve been winning”
Warriors have won 18 of their last 20 games

“From a player’s perspective, I agree with him. There’s ways on how you win. They could have put this team (Jazz) away early and give their best players an opportunity to rest in the 4th quarter. If you’re going to allow to just cruise through and give teams opportunity to gain confidence throughout the game, you find yourself in a dogfight. You don’t want that. That’s what he means. It’s not about winning the game, it’s how you win” – T-Mac

“Their margin of error is bigger than any team in the history of the NBA. They can struggle and win 18 out of 20 games” – Elhassan

Draymond proving his future worth right now?

“He is one of the most underrated players in the league. He doesn’t get enough credit for what a big cog of the Warriors success ” – Elhassan

Examples from last night in the return of…

“When talking about money is it’s not about now and it’s not about 2 years from now, it’s 3-4 years from now. Is Draymond Green a guy who doesn’t have a great body in terms of physically, will it hold up for that long for guy that’s undersized?” – Elhassan

“Draymond is definitely worthy (of $100M) for what he means for to this team. I look at him now as just being healthy” – T-Mac

Do Trail Blazers have enough to win a playoff series?

“Go get Carmelo Anthony” – T-Mac

“They can win a playoff series this year. It all depends on seeding and matchup” – T-Mac

“I think they can beat Houston. They would be very disappointed if they got knocked out by a team that wasn’t the Warriors” – Elhassan

Any concern over Harden’s shoulder injury?
Hurt it against the Thunder on Saturday night. Collided with Steven Adams

“With the extended all-star break, I wouldn’t play him until after the break. He needs to sit it out [in the All-Star Game]” – T-Mac

“He has to make these kinds of decisions” – Elhassan

February 13, 2001 – Stephon Marbury crossing over Kobe Bryant and finishing with the tough circus layup!


The Jump OT: T-Mac’s combine at Mamba Sports Academy!


I.T. back?
Woj: Isaiah Thomas will return tonight

“Maybe not right now, but they’re going to need him in the playoffs” – Elhassan on whether he’ll fit in with the Nuggets

“I’m just glad to see him back on the court. It’s been a rough two years for him” – T-Mac

Buyout Market
Best fit for Markieff Morris?

T-Mac: Toronto

Elhassan: Toronto

AD: “Nobody was interested in playing”
Pelicans lost by 30 points to the Magic. Davis scored only 3 points on 1-9 shooting

Can Pelicans move forward with AD on court?

Coach Gentry on Davis’ future (Via Fox Sports New Orleans):

“There are going to be some nights like this because this team was deflated by Anthony Davis coming out and saying he wanted to be traded. Him saying that ‘Nobody was interested in playing’ last night, they don’t want to play with you. You’re two feet out the door” – T-Mac

“I blame the NBA. Unintended consequences. They should just send him home” – Elhassan

“It’s a bad look when a player comes out and demand a trade and it doesn’t happen because this is what you’re going to be stuck with” – T-Mac

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