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First Half

Monologue: More impressive streak: Harden or Westbrook?

NBA All Star Charlotte 2019
As Charlotte prepares to host NBA All-Star Weekend 2019, a small group of media was treated to a customary press conference held by the owner of the host team, in this case, the Hornets
Michael Jordan
In this case, it happens to be the greatest player of all-time. Jordan mostly talked to the local media about the significance of hosting the event, how amazing the city is and how the people are
Michael Jordan with the title.JPG
Yet Jordan is incapable of speaking without that competitive spirit coming out

When he was asked which streak was more impressive to him:

Harden’s 30 straight 40-point games
Westbrook’s 10 straight triple doubles

He said…

Do we care too much about stats nowadays?

From Friday’s show, Scottie Pippen on not being surprised about the fact that Westbrook still keeps getting triple-doubles and is stat-hunting:

“It’s because of the rule changes of today’s game. No hand-checking. There’s a lot in favor for the offensive player and these guys are so skilled at what they do” – T-Mac

“I don’t think these guys are capable of doing this in the era that we played in or Michael Jordan’s era. It was just too tough for defensive purposes” – T-Mac

“We never bring up Wilt’s numbers. Everybody is constantly chasing Wilt. We never mention him as the GOAT” – Pierce

“The pace of play was a lot different back then, it slowed down and has sped up again and the rules are different” – Nichols

“No matter what they do with the rules, not in my lifetime would another player score 100 points” – Pierce

“I was talking to Kobe last night and I actually think in today’s game Kob probably could score 100 points” – T-Mac

“If you look at the amount of possessions in today’s game, offensive rebounds, there’s 14 seconds on the shot clock, not 24. The game is sped up” – T-Mac

Tough for Kemba to turn down MJ in free agency?

“It’s going to be the size of that bag. Are they going to offer him a max deal? I’m not so sure based on their success that they haven’t had in the playoffs” – Pierce

“It’s something to be said when to spend your whole career with one team. Not many guys can say that. That is legendary in itself. If he can do that, that’s a biggie to me” – T-Mac

February 12, 2003 – Michael Jordan with the nifty tip pass to Brenden Haywood who slams it down vs the Clippers!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Swag; Is this just the tip of the iceberg for Luka Doncic?


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Clarity; Whose baby is that?

Giannis and a baby.JPG

From 2013 in OKC:

Little Kid in OKC.JPG

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Surprises; Did Mario Hezonja know Mario Hezonja could do that?


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Completion; Should PJ Tucker have shot it?



Run it Back

Top unfinished ankle breakers of all-time!

5) Jennings on Curry (2010)2tj62g.gif

4) Bledsoe on Jared Cunningham (2014)2tj6fl.gif

3) D-Will on JET (2009)

2) Jarrett Jack on Metta (2013)2tj6mq.gif

1) D-Wade on Raja Bell (2004)2tj6rb.gif

But there’s one more. To Be Continued…

Moving on…

Did Paul George climb up MVP ladder after last night?
47 points, 12 rebounds, 10 assists and 2 steals vs the Blazers!

“He’s No. 2. Giannis is No. 1. This is the best version of PG I’ve seen” – T-Mac

“I’ve got PG No. 3. Giannis No. 1. Harden No. 2. He’s the best two-way player in the game right now” – Pierce

“Paul George, any other given year, can win the MVP with what he’s doing. But you have so many guys having historical years based on these numbers, but we have to pay attention to him” – Pierce

RecommendsLakers need to get creative in next AD offer by Brian Windhorst

Second Half

Worried Harden’s scoring streak will burn him out?
Harden 11 points in less than 2 minutes to reach 31 for the game and extend his streak

“Hopefully he stays on this pace of scoring. They’re going to need that if he wants to win a championship. These defenses are so relaxed. Come playoff time, they’ll apply a lot more pressure to wear him down” – T-Mac

“I really don’t like this style because they’re so dependent on Harden having huge games. In the playoffs, if he doesn’t have that game, they probably lose. You need help when the playoffs come” – Pierce

“Everybody was feeling bad for Russ because KD left. With James, it’s 1-on-1 basketball” – T-Mac

Has window closed for Lakers to get AD?

“I do think it’s closed because if they can’t trade for him this summer, say he goes another year in New Orleans, then the window closes all around for the Lakers” – Pierce

“Lakers might have to wait until 2020 free agency for AD” – Pierce

“I want to play with somebody that’s my age” – T-Mac on what AD should be thinking

“I don’t necessarily think LeBron needs AD” – T-Mac

“Go and see if you can get Bradley Beal. AD is not a home run” – T-Mac on who he thinks LeBron should be recruiting to LA besides Davis

Brad Beal didn’t travel on this play last night?

NBA Twitter’s reaction:

“If James Harden can do that the double step back, then Brad can do it” – T-Mac

“That’s a travel in our era. Were faced with new rules” – Pierce

“This is a travel. But in today’s NBA, it’s not. You get that extra step now” – Pierce

“That’s clearly a travel” – T-Mac

A very happy birthday to NBA legend, Bill Russell!

Kawhi Leonard’s bank shot GW last night vs the Nets:

Last night after the game on whether he called bank (Via

Paul, think Kawhi called game last night?

Marc Gasol fitting right in with Raptors? (Via TSN)

“They did him like a rookie” – Pierce

Is winner of Celtics-Sixers tonight the beast of East?

“It’s different without Kyrie Irving. It’s going to be tough for them to go into Philly and win this game because Philly has taken that step to be the beast of the East. This is a very dangerous team” – T-Mac

“No. The winner will not be the beast of the East of this game. It’s still Milwaukee” – Pierce

“I really don’t get the Celtics. They have a lot of guys that need the ball” – Pierce

February 12, 2000 – Jason Williams with his famous elbow pass in the Rookie-Sophomore game in Oakland!




No tampering
NBA: Magic did not tamper with Ben Simmons

“Everybody does it (tampering) behind closed doors. It’s nothing. Players respect Magic’s opinion. Period” – Pierce

Expectations for Gobert vs Draymond tonight?

Gobert’s response to Draymond’s tweet (Via Eric Walden/Salt Lake Tribune):

“There’s not going to be no fireworks. It’s Twitter wars” – Pierce

“I don’t even have snapchat and I know what happened” – T-Mac

League PassLakers at Hawks

Must-win game for Lakers tonight?

“I don’t think that the Lakers make the playoffs” – Pierce

“LeBron has to play all the games” – Pierce

“Teams like Atlanta, Phoenix, they have to win” – T-Mac

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Once again, let’s…

Run it Back

T-Mac’s pick for top unfinished ankle breakers of all-time!

Jameer Nelson on Paul Pierce (2012):


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