Show Recap: February 11, 2019

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Opening Tip
Should D-Wade come back next season?


Steph, after the game on the court, told him he should reconsider retirement because he’s still got more years left in the tank


Panel.JPGJorge Sedano (First Half Only)

Panel 2.JPGKevin Arnovitz (Second Half Only)

First Half

Monologue: Watching the arms race in the East will be fun

Philly Nicknames.JPG
Philadelphia is usually a really strong town at sports nicknames: Gangrene, The Legion of Doom, The Boston Strangler, Wilt the Silt and the Round Mound of Rebound
The Process.JPG
Joel Embiid is nicknamed “The Process.” But honestly, Embiid hasn’t always gotten it exactly right
Sixers Starting Five.JPG
One weekend into the new look post trade deadline Sixers, it’s pretty clear they’re going to need a nickname because they are a force to be reckon with
Tobias Harris.JPG
Tobias Harris hasn’t been just an addition for Philadelphia, he has been a multiplier. He brings his own game, his length, his athleticism and a true shooting percentage that is better than Kawhi Leonard’s or Kyrie Irving’s or Paul George’s. His game also creates the room for everyone else to be more potentate. Making all the Sixers other weapons all the more powerful

Jimmy Butler looks more comfortable
Joel Embiid has more space
JJ Redick is JJ. He’s fine anywhere

What about Ben Simmons?

One of the lingering questions for this Philadelphia team, even after the trades, was whether Simmons’ lack of a jump shot was going to prove a deadly weakness in the postseason?

Simmons shooting.JPG

Simmons shooting (Lightening).JPG
Simmons has to start shooting them enough that a defender doesn’t think he’s more likely to be struck by lightening than he is to have to work Simmons on the outside
Simmons shooting form.JPG
Simmons has a long way to go before he’s a three-point threat
Defense by Philly.JPG
As a whole, everyone not named Embiid on this team, still needs to pick up their defense a bit

As they prepare to welcome the Celtics to town:

Philly Phive.JPG
ESPN’s Kevin Arnovitz is giving this nickname for Philly’s starting five. But it’s possible that by this spring, there won’t be a nickname for them at all. It’s possible that people will be calling them Eastern Conference Champions

Where are 76ers in your East Power Rankings?

“76ers look like best team in East right now and challenge the Warriors more than Milwaukee” – T-Mac

“They got the most talented starting five, other than Golden State” – T-Mac

“The Philadelphia 76ers are going to be a problem” – T-Mac

Does Jeremy Lin to Raptors change anything? (Per Adrian Wojnarowski)

“I don’t see ‘Linsanity’ happening in Toronto. He’s a great facilitator” – T-Mac

Marcus Morris: Celtics playing like “A bunch of individuals” (Via NBC Sports Boston)

Is Marcus Morris right about Celtics chemistry?

“I have to put some of the onus on Brad Stevens in terms of: What are these guys roles? These guys really know, individually: ‘What do I have to do for us to win'” – T-Mac

“They still have time. I still believe in Brad Stevens and the team. Seeding is really important for these guys this year” – T-Mac

February 11, 1997 – Muggsy Bogues (Hornets) ties the game at 100, then Michael Jordan answers back with a buzzer beating three to win the game!



Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Shrieking; Is this the best way to get your teammate’s attention?

JaVale McGee.JPG

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Organization; Pelicans and Wolves, WYD?

Make Logo
Support; Are Warriors recruiting KD all over again?


Miss Logo
Respect; Think Tyler Johnson will be more careful next time he plays against Fox?


Run it Back

Best two-handed blocks of all-time!

3) 2017: Hassan Whiteside2tg0up.gif

2) 2004: K-Mart2tg0x1.gif

1) 2002: MJ

Moving on…

Are Thunder 2nd-best team in West?
Overcame 26-point deficit on Saturday night vs the Rockets!

“Right now, yes. PG is on a whole other level. I haven’t seen him better in his career” – T-Mac

“I trust PG and Westbrook in the playoffs vs a Denver team. I would put them ahead of Denver” – T-Mac

“He’s (Westbrook) allowing Paul George to take the lead here” – Sedano

“Paul George is a top-3 MVP candidate right now” – Sedano

Second Half

Lakers have right to be upset with Pelicans over AD negotiations?

“I don’t think so because what did they expect at this point? There’s some Laker envy” – Sedano

“The Lakers have the right to be upset. They should be upset at themselves. The package that they presented for AD is not worthy for making that trade. The assets that they have is just not sexy enough for New Orleans to make that trade” – T-Mac

76ers declined Ben Simmons’ request to workout with Magic Johnson in offseason

Credit: 97.5 The Fanatic (Philadelphia)

“I saw the video and he was just asked a blanket question about ‘What do you make of Ben Simmons as a guy who played that position [point guard]’ is my understanding of how that even came out” – Sedano

“I don’t have a problem with it. It’s good for our game” – T-Mac

“He’s not leaning into this. He’s falling into this whole thing already at this point” – Sedano

How many wins do Lakers need to make playoffs?
Currently in 10th place in the West and have the 5th hardest schedule with 26 games left

Race for 8th.JPG

Here is their remaining schedule:

“46 wins. Their magic number for the playoffs is 18 wins” – T-Mac

“46 wins. Magic number: 18 wins” – Sedano

Recommends“The Boardroom” with Kevin Durant on ESPN+

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Devin Booker saying Suns don’t deserve all-star break

Booker Quote.JPG

T-Mac: Something;
“They have been a disastrous team/franchise for a long time and they’ve had lottery picks over the past couple of years. They just fail to make the right picks”

“What is the plan there?” – Arnovitz

Ben Simmons three-point attempt

Simmons after the game:

“I will start pulling up, but it’s not one thing I am looking at. It’s not everything. I’m not focused on just doing that.

Arnovitz: Nothing

T-Mac: Everything
“If he starts knocking down threes consistently, Philadelphia 76ers going to be winning championships”

Nichols: Everything

Luka Doncic’s 4th quarter heroics vs Blazers?

in the zone

Mavs coach, Rick Carlisle on Doncic:

“I love the fact that he loves carrying the load. He’s one of those dynamic young players that has the charisma to give his teammates confidence”

T-Mac: Everything;
“A team that’s in the playoffs that’s playing well, his confidence is through the roof. I love this kid”

“It’s really profound just how much he wants it” – Arnovitz


February 11, 2004 – Jason Richardson (Warriors) with the nasty one-handed putback dunk on Jahidi White of the Suns! Double techs on both afterward!



LeBron vs Jay-Z in Zion agent sweepstakes?

“I am less interested in agent, more interested in shoe” – Arnovitz

We talking tampering?
Woj: League looking into possible tampering between Ben Simmons and Lakers

Settling down?
Will Nik Stauskas finally stay put? (Signs with the Cavaliers; Was traded 3 times and released last week)

“Cleveland is the last stop on the train” – Arnovitz

“This kid can play. Teams need shooters” – T-Mac

Rabid Fans?
Bat at Clippers-Pacers game may have exposed fans to rabies!

Knicks know something we don’t about KD?

The photo that was used to pitch to Knicks season ticket holders to sign up by a certain amount of time to renew for next season

The team then issued the following statement:

“In the NBA, a team has to be either selling hope or success. They’re selling hope” – Arnovitz

“If I’m KD, I’m like straight annoyed with this. It’s causing all kinds of stir ups with the media” – T-Mac

League Pass
Knicks at Cavaliers

Tank Wars

More desperate for Zion: Knicks or Cavs?

Number 1 pick chances.JPG

“Cavs” – T-Mac

Buzzer Logo
Bucks co-owner Marc Larsy fined $25k for AD comment (Via ESPN’s Malika Andrews)

Sporting News quote

“I’m not mad at him” – T-Mac

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