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No love for Mo Wagner?!


Today’s Panel:

Amin Elhassan (First Half Only):

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Brian Windhorst (Second Half Only):

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First Half

Monologue: You cannot sleep in the NBA (Literally or figuratively)

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You cannot sleep in the NBA. Another way of saying this is that you cannot sleep if your job is to function in the NBA not figuratively, just figuratively
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Things in the NBA move so fast, literally also

It was nearly 2:30am in the morning on the East coast when Woj dropped this bomb:

There were shockwaves through both conferences. Starting in the East:

Tobias Harris.JPG
It’s a short-term win for the Sixers that Vegas has improved Philly’s odds of winning this year’s NBA title from 16/1 to 10/1. More importantly, they improve their odds to be the team coming out of the East from 5/1 to nearly 2/1

Tobias Harris isn’t just an addition for Philadelphia, he’s a multiplier. Someone who will create so much space for the team’s other stars, they should improve as well

What’s also great about this deal is that it sends Boban Marjanovic to Philly
While they do still need to do some buyout market shopping to fill out their bench for this season, Rachel had a text conversation with Sixers GM, Elton Brand where they talked about the long-term. It was a lot to give up for Harris on an expiring contract, but he feels really good they can re-sign both Harris and Jimmy Butler this summer

Meanwhile in the West…

Jerry West.JPG
For the Clippers side of things, they probably weren’t going to be able to keep Harris this coming summer, but he was one of their main glue guys and also their leading scorer

Last night:

Yet that pick is lottery protected. If they miss the playoffs, they keep the pick to combine with the other really impressive assets that they just collected in this deal with the Sixers:

The Clippers will have the ability to create two max salary slots for mega free agents. Also flexible enough to trade for a superstar as well
AD Suspicious
Does this mean that they’re now in the Anthony Davis sweepstakes? AD did reportedly put the Clippers on his list of preferred teams. But at the time, the Clippers didn’t really have the assets to deal for him, so that seemed like cover for him just wanting to come to LA
Sleep Mask NBA.JPG
Bottom line, you cannot sleep in the NBA. Close your eyes for even an hour, by the time you open them back up, the landscape of the whole sport has changed again

76ers front-runners to win East?

“This move is what I’ve been waiting for them to make because they were one piece away. They’re the most talented starting lineup in the Eastern Conference, right with Boston. Again, you got to see how the chemistry goes” – T-Mac

“They got better, but they didn’t address most of their issues. They gave up a shooter in Landry Shamet. They don’t have enough shooters. They got a better shooter/better player, but he’s still one guy” – Elhassan

“This is a chemistry improvement for the Sixers. Tobias Harris creates elbow room on that floor” – Nichols

Clippers front-runners to win free agency?
For this summer’s free agency, there will be 9-10 max salary slots open (Via Jump Researcher, Michael Schwartz and Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks)

“I wonder if this deal reflects of regret about not doing that [trading DeAndre Jordan for an asset or pick] last year” – Elhassan

“In terms of if it moves them ahead of people, if you are the Lakers and you have LeBron James (and hopefully Anthony Davis), that still trumps anybody else’s cap space” – Elhassan

“You have two franchises in one city. Which is more attractive to the free agent? If they go to the Clippers, what does that say about LeBron James?” – T-Mac

What does trade to Philly mean for Boban’s acting career?

“He can be an actor in Philly” – T-Mac

February 6, 2002 – Kobe Bryant with no regard for human life at MSG!!!!!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make Logo
Announcers; Should we start calling all blocks “smothered chickens”?

Miss Logo
Father Time; D-Wade vs Portland last night: 22 pts, 9 reb, 3 ast

Make Logo
Moguls; Would you try “Kobe” burger at Shaq’s restaurant?

Shaq's restaurant.JPG

Kobe Burger.JPG

Kobe Burger 2.JPG

Kobe Burger 3.JPG

Miss Logo
Reservations; Appreciate Ballmer’s enthusiasm?



Moving on…

What’s up with KD’s recent media silence? (Via Ethan Strauss/The Athletic)
Updated to 8 days

“It’s the trade deadline and he’s going to get a lot of questions about his future. Don’t give these guys a story. Don’t say anything” – T-Mac

“Tracy, Kobe and Shaq didn’t hide [from the media]. They always talked” – Elhassan

“He needs to be available just like everyone else” – Nichols

Does Tatum have to be in any deal Celtics (eventually) offer for AD?
Click here to read more about this topic by Zach Lowe

“If I’m trading away AD who is one of the best big men, arguably top 5 players in this league, Jayson Tatum has to be in that deal. If giving away my franchise player, I want to get a franchise player back and I see Jayson Tatum as being a guy that can change the face of my franchise. He has that type of ability” – T-Mac

“The Celtics aren’t the only suitor” – Elhassan

Second Half

Kyle Kuzma on dealing with trade rumors:

Expect Buyers & Sellers board to look a lot different in 23 1/2 hours?

“I expect a dozen plus deals to go down in the next 24 hours” – Windhorst

Does LeBron bench photo sum up Lakers right now?

“This is ugly right here. You’re pushing for the playoffs. I know these guys have been hearing all the rumors about them being traded. But at the same time, you got to be professional. It seems like they quit on LeBron” – T-Mac

“I could actually paint you a picture that the Lakers had a great night last night. This is all about perception” – Windhorst

How much can Reggie Bullock help Lakers?

“This is a guy who will help them instantaneously” – Windhorst

What should Lakers do with 23 1/2 hours left until deadline?

“What you need is shooting and guys that can defend” – T-Mac

“It’s not just the Pelicans and Lakers playing. There are other teams playing as well. I have never seen anything like this, it’s fascinating and it’s not even about the trade. It’s about everything that’s going around the trade” – Windhorst


Note: The Special can be listened here

Something Nothing or Everything?!

76ers plan to keep big 4?

T-Mac: Everything
“You’re talking about a team that could compete for a championship right now. These 4 guys together, they’re young, they all can play”

“They’ve gone all in” – Windhorst

Bucks trading Thon Maker to Pistons?

Windhorst: Something
“It involves a guy that’s not mentioned: DJ Wilson (Bucks rookie). They believe that he’s going to play key minutes under pressure and it’s really a vote of confidence in him in moving Maker”

“I’m happy for Thon Maker. He’s a guy with a tremendous upside. Hopefully he gets [that opportunity] it. He’d be a solid defender for them” – T-Mac

Marc Gasol cleaning out his locker

T-Mac: Everything
“He grew up in Memphis and I think the end of an era has come for him. He’s done well for that organization, well loved around there in Memphis”

Latest on Mike Conley’s status?

“Utah was making some progress in acquiring him. His agent says Conley doesn’t want to play in Utah. He prefers the Eastern Conference” – Windhorst

February 6, 2002 – Desmond Mason of the Sonics going way up for the jam vs the Suns!



Sitting out
Maya Moore sitting out 2019 for ministry work and family (Via The Players’ Tribune)

“I’m sad because I love watching her play. But she had a calling. I’m happy for her” – T-Mac

“This is a stunning decision, but it’s a personal decision and you have to respect it” – Windhorst

Throw it down
Dunk contest participants announced who you got?

Windhorst: Miles Bridges (Hornets)

T-Mac: Dennis Smith Jr. (Knicks)

Currys on field
Curry family or the field to win 3-point contest?

T-Mac: Steph

Windhorst: Steph

Should 76ers have Warriors curiosity or attention?

Title Odds.JPG

“No. Now, the Eastern Conference should be worried about them, but the Warriors, get outta here!” – T-Mac

“Nothing gets the Warriors worried other than the Warriors” – Windhorst

Buzzer Logo
Woj: Heat close to trading Tyler Johnson to Suns
Will make $20 million next season. Currently making $19 million

“No. This isn’t going to help them do anything. He’s not changing the look of this franchise” – T-Mac

“He has one of the most stunning contracts in NBA history. He’s going to get a 15 percent trade kicker bonus for this trade” – Windhorst


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