Show Recap: February 5, 2019

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Where does Pat Mahomes rank among best NFL hoopers?

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First Half

Breaking News
John Wall ruptured Achilles after slipping in his home

wall's salary

Does Wall’s Achilles rupture turn Wizards into sellers?

“What are they going to sell? There’s not a good asset in the world that you can attach to that contract” – Elhassan

“This should be a humbling experience for John Wall. This is a major injury for a player like this” – T-Mac

“This is a career-changing injury because everything about him is predicated on his speed” – T-Mac

Lakers closer to or further from landing AD?

“They’re further away. I’m waiting until this offseason to get the Celtics involved to see what kind of package they can come up with” – T-Mac

“The Pelicans have to make a counter (offer)” – Elhassan

Can Pelicans trust Celtics enough to wait?

“The answer: They should wait. It has nothing to do with the Lakers, it’s for everybody” – Elhassan

“This move will probably happen after the draft. There’s more options coming into play” – T-Mac

February 5, 2011 – Al Thornton (Wizards) with the nasty throwdown dunk on Zaza (Hawks)!


make or miss league ball

Make Logo
Hezis; Shades of Steve Francis?

Eric Bledsoe:



Miss Logo
Authenticity; You ok, CP3?


Make Logo
Shade; Bad idea to make fun of Giannis?



Miss Logo
Subtlety; Happy to see the Kings good again?



Run it Back

Most athletic alley-oops of all-time:

3) 2010: JR Smith

2) 2000: Vince Carter

1) 2012: Gerald Green

Moving on…

Suns showing interest in trading for Lonzo Ball?

Another edition of…


“Basketball-wise, that’s a great fit. This is a team that’s starved for a point guard and a point guard of his style of play” – Elhassan

“I like this look for him if they can make this happen. I expected more out of Lonzo in his sophomore in the league. He will flourish and become the player that I predicted that he can become, a Jason Kidd. It’s a perfect fit for him” – T-Mac

Second Half

Part 1: T-Mac & Kobe on early friendship & on-court rivalry
Mamba Sports Academy launched by Kobe Bryant

Highlights from Part 1:

“He was freakishly more athletic and taller than I was” – Bryant on T-Mac

“I had to get his work ethic because I was a little more reserved. I had the athleticism, but the work ethic part, I had to get from being around him” – T-Mac

“We was playing (working on stuff). We wasn’t keeping score” – T-Mac on the rumored 1 on 1 game in Germany

“He’s been there in those shoes” – T-Mac on Kobe coming out of high school to the pros

“We need to make noise. We need to show these old guys that we can come out of high school and do some serious damage” – Bryant on playing from high school to the pros and proving people wrong

“That dude is the real deal. He’s made it” – Bryant on T-Mac’s early success in Orlando

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Part 2: T-Mac & Kobe on regrets of not playing together

Highlights from Part 2:

“I loved it because I knew I was going to get his best. There was no backing down. I knew I had to come and play against this dude very single possession. It brought the best out of me” – T-Mac on whether he enjoyed his battles with Kobe

“I was watching him from afar when I was in Orlando, especially the 02-03 season when I led the league in scoring” – T-Mac

“He could do everything I could do. But he was taller” – Bryant on T-Mac

“I’m not a fan of in terms of winning championships. I don’t think that style’s ever gonna win championships. But at the same time, you have to keep your team’s head above water to win games. So, you have to do what you have to do to win games. And he’s doing it” – Bryant on James Harden

“Not with this style of play, it won’t win with one player dominating the ball” – Bryant on Rockets title chances with their current core

“What he’s doing is absolutely remarkable, though. I think it’s a testament to how remarkable it is because people are now trying to minimize what it is that he’s doing. I mean, he’s doing some phenomenal stuff” – Bryant on Harden

“Players should have the freedom to be able to say and voice their opinion” – Bryant on Anthony Davis’ trade request to leave New Orleans

“It depends on what you’re trying to accomplish and what your long-term objectives are. Now, by signing LeBron, you’re already making an indication that you wanna win now. So, I think it’d be a smart thing to do for the Lakers to look at that. But at the same time, you gotta play a little bit of poker” – Bryant on how aggressive the Lakers should be on getting Davis ASAP

“It just depends on how he adapts to his game” – Bryant on LeBron James’ timeline

“If I wanted to, I could. I don’t want to” – Bryant on whether he’d play in his 40s if he had the opportunity

“He [Vince Carter] should enter the dunk contest” – Bryant

February 5, 2006 – Kirk Snyder (New Orleans/Oklahoma City Hornets) with the nasty one-handed dunk on the Lakers!



No rush
Agree with plan to sit Porzingis for season?

“It actually favors him more than it does the team. He wouldn’t want to come back, look rusty and then jeopardize how ever much money he is going to make in free agency” – Elhassan

“Continue to work on your skills, get better, be ready for 2019” – T-Mac

Thank you, Chris
Heat to retire Chris Bosh’s No. 1 on March 26

“Absolutely, he’s going to be in the hall of fame” – T-Mac

Team Giannis
Giannis eyeing Curry in All-Star Draft

“He better take him first” – T-Mac

“I kind of want to see LeBron and Steph on the same team for once” – Elhassan

Should Harden start to defer more to teammates


“He’s going to have to defer to Chris Paul. He’s going to need those guys in the playoffs” – T-Mac

“He’s doing it because that’s what’s necessary for survival. And you can’t say: ‘Well, he can’t win in the playoffs like that’ if you don’t make the playoffs in the first place” – Elhassan

LeBron: “If guys happen to get traded, we know that’s the business”
Pressure on LeBron’s teammates to play good or bad tonight?


LeBron tweeted this out during the Super Bowl:

“Play ball until you get traded” – T-Mac

Should Pelicans continue to sit AD if healthy?
Pelicans management blocked AD from playing in last night’s game (Via Chris Haynes/Yahoo! Sports)

“Allow him to play the season out” – T-Mac


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