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Did Jokic throw best pass of super bowl weekend?
Almost “26 yards”


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First Half

Monologue: Celtics aren’t in control of everything, but they do have some

You talk to enough people, who work in NBA front offices and you hear the word “control” a lot. As in: ‘That asset is under control for another 3 years’


It doesn’t matter where Anthony Davis prefers to be traded because the Pelicans control that contract for another 18 months


In the words of one text from a front office exec about the Knicks: “I don’t care whether or not he was on board with the team. You don’t clear cap room by trading away a young superstar you were set to control for another contract” (Via Rachel Nichols)

The truth, of course, is that control is as much of an illusion in the NBA as it is anywhere else.


Kyrie Irving depressed.JPG
You can just ask the Celtics about Kyrie Irving. Boston is one of the most buttoned up, detail-oriented franchises in the league, with a rock solid plan for the future
Earthquake Ainge.JPG
But Kyrie still managed to set off an earthquake the other day when he walked back his preseason declaration that he plans to re-sign with the Celtics when his deal is up this summer
Irving B&W.JPG
The Celtics also clearly don’t control Kyrie. All they can control at this point is how they play basketball

Yesterday, that was put into sharp focus:

Irving and Hayward.JPG
For all the talk surrounding this team in recent days, the thing that’s most going to determined the Celtics future is how they play. If they win, that’s their best sell to Kyrie to stay. If they win, the trade value of their young players goes up, which helps them in the bidding war for Anthony Davis

If they do somehow get Davis, winning is what would convince him to stay, despite what he’s saying right now. The Celtics do not control everything about their future. The truth is, they never did. The events of the past couple of days just reminded them of that

Control Ainge.JPG
But they don’t control nothing here either. And this weekend, they showed they remember that too

Should Celtics brass continue to preach patience?

“This team is built for the long run and possibly be in the Finals. They’re starting to live up to some of those expectations, but we won’t know until the playoffs start to see how this team has grown from a year ago” – Pierce

“They got continuity. Why would they shake things up? Stay the course” – Elhassan

Woj: AD willing to sign long-term with “handful” of teams

Bucks a realistic destination for AD?

“There’s a lot of uncertainty there. If you’re going to trade Anthony Davis, I don’t think you can make a deal like that and get back literally nothing but picks” – Elhassan

Should AD be more open to joining Celtics?

Streaky Celtics.JPG

“I really don’t get it because he says he wants to go somewhere where he can win. Of course, if you go to Boston, you’re going to win. What is he really looking for? It’s mind boggling to me” – Pierce

“I know there’s a reason why Boston would not be on his list: A few weeks ago, Danny Ainge had that comment where he compared LeBron James to Donald Trump. You’re playing with fire there. It was a topic completely Celtics-free. You know there’s a very strange relationship between the President and LeBron James. You know you are insulting LeBron James when you say that” – Elhassan

Lakers locker room tension fixable?

“I’ve never been there before. Maybe I feel kind of anxious, maybe I feel like I want to prove them wrong and prove that I belong. It’s a tough situation playing along LeBron. There’s a sense of urgency to get a deal done” – Pierce

“The tension also is that Luke Walton’s footing is not secured in Los Angeles. When the players know that the coach is not 100 percent, they smell it and then they don’t react the same way to being told something like that” – Elhassan

February 4, 2000 – Steve Smith with the alley-oop pass to Rasheed Wallace from way outside hammering it through vs the Hawks!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Footwork; Best move this weekend?

Kemba Walker:

DJ Augustin:

Marcus Morris:

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Animal Control; Is the coyote the hero San Antonio needs?



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Bulldozers; Reminder: Never attempt to take a charge from Boogie




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Settling; First impressions of DSJ in New York?
8 points, 6 assists in 26 minutes

Moving on…

Zion: “It would be dope to play with Kyrie & KD” (Via SNY TV)

He went on to say:

“But whatever team drafts me I’m going to be ready to play hard and work”

Draft Lottery.JPG

How excited should Knicks fans be about this summer?

“They should feel confident at least at the guy in the middle (KD; picture above) right there and that’s the only one you really need” – Elhassan

“It’s not going to happen” – Pierce

Second Half

Porzingis to Knicks fans: “Stay woke”

KP IG story.JPG

KP Timeline.JPG

“I just want to focus on what’s ahead” – Porzingis on Knicks

Does Porzingis owe Knicks fans more of an explanation?

Mark Cuban on Porzingis-Doncic duo: “Our goal is to keep them together for 20 years” (Via ESPN’s Tim MacMahon)

Porzingis better off in Dallas long-term?

“People want to share a team. You don’t want to be the only guy there because you’re probably not going to be successful on a team level” – Elhassan

“It could be a great pairing and this is a team that’s ahead of where the Knicks were in the evolution cycle of trying to be a winner” – Elhassan

“This is a better run organization. Period. This is definitely a great spot for him. They’re starting to look like a San Antonio Spurs franchise built around it’s international players” – Pierce

“Part of why the Knicks traded him: There was a belief that, physically, his body would not hold up in the next contract” – Elhassan

What can Lakers offer to land AD?

Clippers assets.JPG

“If they say ‘Full Brooklyn,’ all-in” – Elhassan

“You get this generational player over here and pair him with LeBron and figure out the rest later” – Pierce

“They’re not on a ‘picks timeline.’ They are on a ‘LeBron James is aging timeline'” – Nichols

Woj: AD willing to sign long term with “handful” of teams

Anthony Davis Sr.JPG

“It’s just not that attractive. You can’t pair him with another superstar” – Pierce on the Clippers chances of getting AD

“July 1, everything is going to change in the NBA. The NBA we’ve seen in the last 4-5 years is going to be gone and there’s a new NBA that’s going to come on and we’re going to look back at this week when everything changed. Starting with Anthony Davis’ trade request, Porzingis, Kyrie Irving” – Elhassan

RecommendsNuggets coach, Michael Malone to coach Team LeBron in ASG

Warriors owner on free agency: “Nobody is going to outspend us” (Via Tim Kawakami/The Athletic)

“I think we’ll continue to have a good team if not a great team and try to hopefully be a title-contending team for as long as we can. We’ll be aggressive. Nobody’s going to outspend us. Nobody’s going to outwork us” – Joe Lacob (Warriors Owner)

Warriors salaries.JPG

Buy Warriors owner saying money won’t be an issue in free agency?

“This is the only logical way that the Warriors can take and survive if things fall apart (people leave). Them saving money will not allow them to sign new guys. All it does is save money in their pockets” – Elhassan

“At the end of the day, you spend the money because this is as guaranteed as you get to a ring” – Elhassan

“You can find somebody that can come closer to Draymond. But, you ain’t going to find another KD, Steph or Klay” – Pierce

LeBron on Kyrie: “We’re in a good place right now” (Via Joe Vardon/The Athletic)

LeBron on Kyrie.JPG

Surprised Kyrie & LeBron have made amends?

“They did something special in Cleveland that’ll never get forgotten. Overtime, things have smoothed over and that’s what you’re seeing with these two” – Pierce

“There’s a maturity that’s happened from Kyrie’s end that has made them allow to do this. I’m not surprised by this” – Elhassan

“I’m a little surprised that it happened this quick” – Nichols

February 4, 2008 – Deron Williams (Jazz) showing off the handles and getting pass CP3 to slam it home with the one hand!


in the zone
D’Angelo Russell: Career-high 19.7ppg, 6.4apg this season

Did we underestimate D’Angelo Russell?

Lakers lottery picks.JPG

“Yes. You definitely did. But who knows if he had became an all-star if he stayed in LA. It’s about the right time and place for players like him” – Pierce

“He matured mentally. Sometimes, you need a shocking event in your life” – Elhassan

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Woj: Lakers offering Kuzma, Lonzo & Ingram to Pelicans

“I need more” – Pierce

“I need a lot to make sure one of them is going to hit. Got to get more” – Elhassan

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