Show Recap: February 1, 2019 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Opening Tip
D-Wade & Dirk named special roster additions to 2019 All-Star Game

Commissioner Adam Silver:

“It’s an ideal setting to salute these first-class NBA champions and Finals MVPs”

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Multiple NBA franchises are “all-in” right now

NBA Gambling.JPG
The NBA is not actually short for ‘National Gambling Association.’ Yet, it sure feels like it can be lately
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Anthony Davis is gambling by asking for a trade right now. If it gets him to the Lakers, as he seems to want, jackpot. If he doesn’t, the Pelicans could just wait until the summer to trade him, completely shut him down in the meantime to protect their asset and he loses half a season of his basketball career, a likely All-NBA spot and ends up playing somewhere he clearly doesn’t want to play

Last time Davis missed out on All-NBA, it costed him a $24 million contract bonus!

Thanks to the Knicks, Davis is not the biggest gambler at the table. Yesterday, New York shocked the league by trading away a player with such a rare and precious skill set
KP Unicorn.JPG
His nickname is literally the unicorn. It was a package mostly designed to open up the cap space to sign two max salary players this summer. Afterward, the Knicks pushed hard on the narrative that they had to do this. That Kristaps Porzingis didn’t want to be in New York anymore

New York, reportedly, already had the framework of a deal in place with Dallas before KP even walked through that door and the meeting lasted less than 5 minutes, per ESPN’s Ian Begley

KP posted this to his IG story:

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Fairies Santa Clause.JPG
On yesterday’s show, Rachel fully believes in the toothfairy and Santa Clause and players who stand up in front of an arena full of 20,000 people and say they’re going to re-sign with their team

But then…

Kyrie Irving
Kyrie Irving was given the opportunity to tamp down speculation that he could indeed be available to be lured to the Knicks this summer

Here’s what Irving said:

Should the Celtics now proceed as if Kyrie Irving may not be there next season? His contract, remember, is what’s holding Boston back from acquiring Anthony Davis right now
Ainge gambling.JPG
Should Danny Ainge push all his chips to the center before next week’s trade deadline, work a three-team deal that send Kyrie elsewhere and brings Davis to Boston before anyone else can grab him?

Basically, all of the plans that all of these teams are making right now are a gamble. And the conditions they take into account when they are placing their bets could very easily completely change before those bets even have the chance to pay off

High Rollers.JPG
Maybe the NBA should start being called ‘The High Rollers Room.’ That is certainly what it feels like

Should Celtics be open to trading Kyrie now?

“If you want to get an Anthony Davis, they have to move Kyrie if they want to land him now. He is a peace that they could move, but I don’t see the Celtics having any success without Kyrie because he’s a 4th quarter guy. He’s a winner and he’s the guy that has to carry them through the 4th quarter. I don’t see anyone that can replace him in that position” – Pippen

“The Celtics don’t owe him anything. This is a two-way business. Boston’s best bet looks like to try to win with Kyrie this season. How do we know what’s going to be in play after that?” – Wilbon

Did Knicks make right call trading Porzingis to Mavs?

Knicks Mavs Trade.JPG

“It seems like they’re very comfortable or have the confidence that they’re going to land some big free agents this summer” – Pippen

“I don’t like when teams give up on young players” – Pippen

“The Knicks will be very disappointed when he hits the floor again” – Pippen

“One of the things I was told was that Porzingis was around the team decreasingly and then less so” – Wilbon

February 1, 1998 – Derek Fisher (Lakers) with the sick no-look pass, while on the floor, to Corie Blount who slams it home!


Make or Miss league

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Flint Tropics; Were Reggie Jackson and Blake playing hot potato?

Miss Logo
Tailors; Like Delon Wright’s (Raptors) fit?

Delon Wright.JPG

2003 draft class.JPG
2003 NBA Draft Class

Make Logo
Aviaries; Who keeps leaving the windows open at the AT&T Center?

Miss Logo
Resistance; Did the entire Raptors team make a business decision?


Moving on…

LeBron back just in time for Lakers?
Had 24 points, 14 rebounds and 9 assists in his return against the Clippers

“This was a great tune-up game. It was a great return. He’s really got to focus on who his next teammate is going to be” – Pippen

“The Lakers are going to have to win 18-20 games of what’s left. LeBron was sort of  cautiously careful at the beginning of that game. He needs to play out of that” – Wilbon

“It’s playoff time for the Lakers or this is busted season” – Pippen

“I feel like if he doesn’t land something at this All-Star Weekend [James and Magic Johnson] that this season is a failure for them because LeBron doesn’t have that many youthful years yet” – Pippen

Woj: Carmelo Anthony to Lakers a real possibility | Would Lakers be smart to add Melo?
Will be a free agent on Feb. 3

Melo Drama.JPG

“To me, it just makes sense if you think the trade [for Anthony Davis] is going to go through, who’s LeBron going to play with on the backside” – Wilbon

Second Half

AD addresses media for first time since trade request:

AD Stats.JPG

Anthony Davis on trade request: “I feel like it’s my time to move on”

“Not seeing this kid in the postseason, it’s bad for our game. I’m happy that he wants to go and compete. He wants to play in the postseason. It’s time for him to part ways” – Pippen

“There’s a feeling that this is very difficult for him” – Wilbon

“I do. He’s wholeheartedly still with the team and that he will go back and play” – Pippen on whether AD will remain a Pelican after the trade deadline passes

Wall and Order
Wizards owner (Ted Leonsis): “I won’t throw in the towel on this core” (Via Washington Area radio station WTOP)

Right call for Wizards to maintain status quo?

Ted Leonsis.JPG

wall's salary

“Individually, I like all those pieces they have. The big mistake that they made is not keeping Paul Pierce 4 years ago when these young pups had won a playoff series. They were ready to roll. They needed a clubhouse guy, who not only help them with learning how to grow up on the court, but off of it. That’s the guy they needed. Since then, it’s unraveled” – Wilbon

“Collectively, it doesn’t work” – Wilbon on the current Wizards roster

“I follow with what the owner is saying here. I would give it one more shot” – Pippen

Did last night show Klay’s value to Warriors?

“Yes. It shows me a lot of value [to that team]. They needed him for spacing the floor and his outside shooting threat” – Pippen

“How do we all undervalue Klay Thompson?” – Wilbon

“He’s the second best shooter on their team. The Warriors can’t live without Klay” – Pippen


Run it BackHow should Kyrie’s teammates react to his comments on future?

“Some of his teammates want him to go anyway. They’re probably happy, they’re a little disappointed in what he’s said as a leader. They are happy that the fact that he could be moved. They want their playing time, they want their minutes back. But they need Kyrie if they want to have some success” – Pippen

“They were playing well last year, even better than this without him. And so now, you have to incorporate that and I don’t think we anticipated it enough how difficult that was going to be. It’s proven to be difficult” – Wilbon

90s Bulls storytime with Pippen and Wilbon

“It was the culture that we created and I give a lot of credit of that to Michael because he made our practices fun and competitive. Guys never wanted to miss out. Guys were accountable and they wanted to be there. Our focus was: How to get to 82 games” – Pippen

“We had good leaders in myself, Michael and Phil Jackson. We just kept everything in-house and whatever happened on the court, we left it on the court, we didn’t try to embarrass anybody in any way” – Pippen on how they stayed so cohesive behind the scenes

“Phil Jackson is huge to this: How many teams have what you would now call a strong coach?” – Wilbon

“They played every game and they play it like it was going to the theater. You feel like you were going to Broadway. You were going to get their best every night out. There’s nothing like it today” – Wilbon

February 1, 2008 – Nate Robinson (Knicks) and Steve Blake (Blazers) breaking ankles against each other!!!






A million to none
Rudy Gobert misses out on $1M bonus for not being selected to All-Star team

Feel bad for Rudy Gobert’s All-Star snub?

Draymond’s response:

Warrior and Jazz play Feb. 12

“I do not feel bad because it happened to me before. Get over it” – Pippen

“I feel bad for him and part of it is because I had a vote in there. The West is too loaded” – Wilbon

Fifth anniversary of Adam Silver’s first day as NBA Commissioner!

Notable Adam Silver moments:

2014: Banning Clippers owner, Donald Sterling for life after tapes of him making racist comments surface publicly

2017: Passes draft lottery reform

2018: Implements new All-Star game format

2018: Names MGM resorts international official gaming partner of NBA

Impact of Adam Silver’s leadership on NBA?

“He’s been awesome. I like the relationship he’s been able to create with the players. It’s great to see him having that camaraderie with the players” – Pippen

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