Show Recap: January 25, 2019 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Greatest free throw distraction ever?



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First Half

Monologue: Is the system for selecting All-Star starters working?

all-star weekend

There is just something extremely cool about knowing that out of all the world’s population of nearly 8 billion, you have gathered in one place the two dozen humans who are the best at anything

The fact that it is this sport, this league, which cultivates and celebrates individual stars like maybe no other and putting them in environment where fans can see them team up together in just ways no one in which no one thought they could, outside of Oakland anyway. That is special

west starters

east starters

For Giannis Antetokounmpo, this is a guy who didn’t even start playing basketball until age 12. Living in a country where that sport is hardly major. He was considered a huge gamble when the Bucks drafted him 15th overall and here he is captaining an NBA All-Star game at age 24

For Kemba Walker, it’ll be cool to see him take the floor as a starter in Charlotte, a city he has been loyal to for so long

There was some quibbling over the final guard spot.

Like TNT’s, Reggie Miller jokingly putting Zion Williamson on the All-Star reserves roster

Credit: Turner Sports
wade and walker
The player that Walker edged out was Dwyane Wade, who got the fan vote and saw that neutralized by the players and media

That prompted J.E. Skeets of NBA TV’s ‘The Starters’ to tweet this:

Wade is clearly no longer performing at an elite level, but it’s not called ‘All-NBA Weekend’ or ‘All-Analytics Weekend.’ It is called All-Star Weekend. The number of times a player is an All-Star is part of how fans judge guys through history and it’s a money thing for some players, who have bonuses for it in their contracts

What happens next?

The coaches will get to fill out the reserves and they don’t have to consider position, which is really a move the NBA should make for the starters too. Basketball is played differently now
It would be really nice if the 24 best players were picked overall instead of mandating 12 from the East and 12 from the West when they’ll be mixed up playground style for a draft anyway. That change might not happen
farm truck
If you think the owners of the teams in the East are going to consent to changing things so they get fewer All-Stars, you might want to start running so you can catch back up to that turn-up truck you just fell off of
lebron and giannis
It is hard to complain about anything when this new format is working out so well overall. Having the players draft their own teams is as fun as fans thought
all-star draft
That draft is going to be televised as nature intended

Giannis has already said he’d like to draft both Embiid and Russ, which considering the recent history between these two, sounds like a recipe for a locker room fight

Lakers recruits.JPG
It’ll be fascinating to see who LeBron picks first. Is he going pick to try to win the game or is he going to pick to recruit players who can fill the Lakers’ open max salary slot this offseason?

No matter what, it is going to be a lot of fun, the best of the best in a sport that deserves them

Who should LeBron take first in the All-Star draft?

NBA All-Star Starters 2019.JPG

“Try to look at a free agent for next season. Rekindle a relationship between him and Kyrie. I didn’t see anything wrong with their relationship. Kyrie fell out with the Cavs organization” – Pippen

“If you’re trying to win an all-star game and you’re talking about a game that’s scoring over 200 points, you got to give me James Harden” – Pippen

“Who he should pick is Steph. I want to see the two guys who have defined the NBA for the last 5-10 years, see contrast and styles two different ways of defining the NBA. I want to see them on the same team for the first time” – Lowe

“It won’t matter for recruiting” – Lowe

Boogie looking better than you expected?


“He looks like I expected. He just has to work on his conditioning. It was about preparation for him. His basketball is impeccable” – Pippen

“Fans are going to appreciate how much more than a post up guy he is in this offense. The conditioning and the defense are going to have a long way to go. That’s to be expected coming off this injury. They don’t really need him to be like some killer defender or anything. What he is doing is fine” – Lowe

“The track record of recovering from Achilles suggest that next year would be the year when he starts to look great and like the old Boogie and that track record is up to go” – Lowe

January 25, 1998 – Michael Jordan with the crossover and into the lane with the nasty dunk vs the Jazz!


Make or Miss League Harden

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Humility; Anything scarier than cocky Steph?


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Dizziness; Best spin move last night?

Brandon Ingram:


Jahlil Okafor:


DeMarcus Cousins:


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Ambition; Time for a eurostep lesson from Russ?


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Emphasis; Two hands for safety


Russ’ reaction:

Westbrook's face.JPG


Run it Back

Most disrespectful two-handed dunks!

3) 2010: JR Smith on Gary Neal2s6w49.gif

2) 1982: Nique on Bird

1) 1999: Shaq on Chris Dudley2s6wcd.gif

Moving on…

Nikola Jokic suspended 1 game for coming off bench vs Jazz | Agree with 1 game suspension for Jokic?

“When you look at this as a whole and the league has a look at it, players are taught to protect each other. With this incident with Jokic, he basically felt like his leadership needed to go up” – Pippen

“The league has to really pull back on this. You can’t go that deep into these players’ pockets for incidents like that” – Pippen

“I’m almost sympathetic to the league on this because everything is with ‘Malice in the Palace’ in mind. Any escalation of anything, they’re paranoid about it. It’s worth for the league and the union sitting down and trying to find: Is there a way we can re-write this rule that eases it up for players?” – Lowe

Second Half

Who should be buyers on Knicks assets?
Tim Hardaway Jr./Courtney Lee available (Marc Stein/NY Times)

Enes Kanter on Knicks: “If you’re not gonna play me, get me out of here”

“My guess would be no one. The dream for the Knicks is a team with cap room this summer, but not traditionally a place that gets free agents” – Lowe

Lowe on possible destinations for Hardaway Jr:

Dallas (Maybe)
Cleveland with a 2nd round pick

“I don’t think Tim Hardaway Jr. helps you get out of the lottery” – Lowe

“Hardaway would definitely help the Cavs give them some energy” – Pippen

“Hardaway Jr is a player who can contribute. And that contract is sort of what has made him seem overpriced ” – Nichols

Should free agents prefer Nets or Knicks?

“You’re still talking about two bad franchises. You need at least two superstars” – Pippen

“Luis Scola (former Nets player) told me if they ever get talent here, stars are going to look hard at this place. They have talent now. I’ve talked to agents in the last couple of weeks, including agents who represent marquee players who have told me: ‘Were starting to notice a little bit. They got something cooking over there.’ They’re getting some buzz” – Lowe

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Can the step-back be stopped?

“It’s forcing teams to get really creative because they don’t know what to do against it. One team just said: ‘If he steps back, don’t step back with him. Just put your hands up'” – Lowe

“This summer, Harden’s whole work was the side step back. He says that’s unguardable ” – Nichols

Kyle Lowry on James Harden: “He’s gonna get his”
More confident in Harden’s offense or Raptors defense tonight?


“Harden’s offense. One reason: he is playing at home, he’s going to get a lot of fouls and he’s invented the fact that he is going to score. It’s just in him” – Pippen

“I want to see my boy Pascal Siakam on him” – Lowe

Harden’s Over/Under of 42.5 points tonight: Too high or too low?
Westgate Las Vegas superbook; The highest Over/Under point total they have ever posted for an NBA player

“Too low. Until Chris Paul comes back, I’m going 47.5 every game” – Lowe

“Too high. 44-45. The guy is going to shoot 20 free throws” – Pippen

January 25, 2009 – Josh Smith with the nasty left handed throwdown dunk on Steve Nash vs the Suns!



Quick Visit
Warriors visit former Pres. Barack Obama during trip to Washington DC

Draymond IG.JPG

“I was a little surprised that it got out. Steve Kerr did not looked thrilled when he was asked about it after the game last night” – Lowe

Big Deal?
Jimmy Butler sees specialist for wrist injury, doubtful Saturday vs Nuggets

“This is a pretty big deal. Jimmy Butler is a Warrior. He don’t normally miss games” – Pippen

The rookie and the vet
Doncic and Curry worked out together this summer?

“It’s teaching him some work habits. Just some little things to do during the season that can kind of keep you tight. You want to learn from the best” – Pippen

How can Celtics get to Warriors level?

Kyrie quote.JPG

“Once this All-Star game is over, the players will start to find their roles” – Pippen

“The Celtics have always played the Warriors well, dating to when Isaiah Thomas was there. They’re built the right way to play the Warriors” – Lowe

League PassHornets at Bucks

Kemba Walker on All-Star start: “I feel very deserving”

“Nobody carries the heavier load [for that team than him]” – Lowe

“I’m glad he’s finally emerged as an All-Star. He’s been having a great season” – Pippen

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What should Bill Russell’s nickname be?

Nichols tweet.JPG

Suggestions from fans:

The Block Father
Lord of the Rings

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