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Who was most confused by this Rockets inbound?


D’Antoni was furious!




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First Half

Monologue: Victor Oladipo out for season with ruptured quad tendon | Victor Oladipo’s injury underscores just how fickle the NBA is

John Steinbeck.JPG
Ever heard the expression: “The best laid plans of mice and men”? John Steinbeck used it for the title of one his most famous books
With a famous expression even before Steinbeck, coined by the Scottish poet Robert Burns. In the 1700s, Burns was farming with a plow and he ran over and ruined a nest that a mouse had constructed to survive the winter. All those plans crushed
There are a lot of burns going on in a lot of different places around the NBA. GMs, scouts, players themselves all spend large portions of their lives trying to lay the ground work for an NBA title run. A process that involves years of careful planning, trades, signings and many white boards. You can’t win a ring with all of that. You have to spend that time

But here comes the plow…

Victor Oladipo.JPG
Pacers guard, Victor Oladipo will miss the rest of the season with a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee. This is the same injury that ended Hall of Famer, Charles Barkley’s career, who was 36 years old at the time. It is also the same injury that Tony Parker suffered as well. He worked his way back after 7 months, although it took at least a year to regain much of his athleticism
Oladipo injury.JPG
Oladipo’s teammate, Tyreke Evans said it looked like Victor’s kneecap was pushed up into his leg and indeed, they would need a stretcher to take Oladipo off the court
Players praying for Victor.JPG
Players from around the league tweeted their prayers for Oladipo

Former Pacer, Paul George on Oladipo’s injury:

Pacers players.JPG
The Pacers did manage to win last night, despite not finishing with Oladipo. Indiana has played well this season when he’s been out. Still, over the long-term, it’s hard to see the Pacers keeping the 3 seed that they worked so hard to climb to. Work that didn’t start this past October, but goes back years: The emotional parting of PG-13, trade for Oladipo and Domantas Sabonis, the surprise renaissance of last season

The blades of that plow are sharp. The best laid plans of Mice and Men, it’s time to start building a new nest

What happens now for Pacers after Oladipo injury?

“Even with him missing time, they still manage to be playing great basketball. Where they go from here, do you make a trade to bring somebody in like Mike Conley or you just ride it out?” – T-Mac

“He’ll be back. For this year, it’s tough for Indiana, unless they make a move. It’s hard to see them being above the 5th seed in the East and being able beat anybody in a playoff series without their best player” – Van Gundy

“Right now, they’ll be in a situation where they will consider everything” – Van Gundy on whether the Pacers will make a move before the trade deadline

“You have to strongly consider trying to make a splash this year because I don’t see Victor coming back healthy next year” – T-Mac

Any end in sight for Harden’s scoring surge?
On yesterday’s show, T-Mac set the over/under at 45 points

Harden's shot chart.JPG

most points 5 game span.JPG

60 point games.JPG

“As long as Chris Paul [and those other guys] is out because they don’t have another playmaker, he can continue to do this. What I’m impressed by is his ability to put up this many shots every single night. To sustain this throughout the season and into the playoffs, it’s going to be a problem. I don’t like the way this team is playing right now with everybody sitting around watching him” – T-Mac

“They are a very hard team to watch. But, I got to give Mike [D’Antoni] a lot of credit. With the other guys out, this is his best chance to win” – Van Gundy

“James Harden is not getting double teamed at all” – T-Mac

Should Blake Griffin be happier after a win?
Almost blew a lead against the Pelicans; Won by 4 points

Via Fox Sports Detroit:

“He’s been talking about this all year about them being too easily satisfied about their lack of focus. The best time to really lead and criticize is after a win because nobody is sensitive. He’s trying to make that point. Blake wants more” – Van Gundy

“Blake is playing great basketball and as a superstar player in this league, you want some time to rest. But it’s the 4th quarter and you look up, it’s a 2-3 possession ball game, you got to go back in. Guys don’t like that” – T-Mac

“Blake is trying to take on that leadership role, which he’s done a very good job of” – Van Gundy

January 24, 1998 – Nick Van Exel to Kobe Bryant who finishes the reverse alley-oop vs the Sonics in Seattle!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Flair; Do we appreaciate Simmons’ passing enought?
Had 10 first-half assists last night in a win over the Spurs


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Intentions; How frustrating is it to give up a banked corner 3?


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Execution; Like what you’re seeing from Celtics lately?


Miss Logo
Rightys; Justin Anderson channeling his inner Josh Smith?




Moving on…

Expect suspension for Jokic after Jazz-Nuggets brouhaha?

NBA rule.JPG

“You should be able to suspend the whole team” – T-Mac

“They are in the immediate area of the bench” – MacMullan

“There should be a common sense agenda” – MacMullan

Paul Pierce on making the McDonald’s team:

Second Half

Official rosters for the 2019 Boys and Girls High School McDonald’s All-America Games

Boys East Team:

Cole Anthony: No. 2 on ESPNU Top 100 (undecided)
The son of former NBA player Greg Anthony

Players whose fathers played in the NBA.JPG

Boys West Team:

James Wiseman: No. 1 on ESPNU Top 100 (Committed to Memphis)

T-Mac on being selected to this game in 1997:

Some fun facts by Jackie MacMullan on McDonald’s All-American Game:

2007: James Harden outscored by Kostas Koufos

2010: Jared Sullinger was the Co-MVP of the game. Kyrie Irving was not

2006: Kevin Durant shared MVP honors with Chase Budinger

Girls East Team:

Jordan Horston: No. 2 on ESPNW Top 100 (Committed to Tennessee)

Girls West Team:

Haley Jones: No. 1 on ESPNW Top 100 (Committed to Stanford)

Jones’ future teammate:

Francesca Belibi (No. 23) committed to Stanford

Congratulations to all the kids and their families!

2001 McDonald’s All-America Game – TJ Ford with the nifty ball-handling!


In honor of James Harden’s big night at MSG, here are some notable microwave MSG moments!

1995: MJ drops 55 in 5th game back from retirement

2009: Kobe drops 61 (Modern MSG opponent record)

2013: Steph Curry drops career-high 54 (11 threes made in the game)

2014: Melo drops 62 (Modern MSG record)

Last Night: Harden drops career-high 61

What changes for Harden when CP3 comes back?
CP3 could come back for the Rockets next game against the Raptors

Harden per 36 minutes.JPG

“Hopefully his workload. I don’t know if he wants it to change. The way he’s playing isn’t sustainable for a full season for the playoffs” – Lowe

“Just take a little bit more time off. Chill out and get healthy” – T-Mac to CP3

100% sure Lakers will make the playoffs?

Rajon Rondo not worried about their playoff chances:

“I’m with Rondo. They have LeBron. That’s it. It just depends how long he’s out” – Lowe

“It’s easy to me. They have LeBron James. He’s going to come back. If he missed another week or two, I still think they’re capable of making the playoffs. They’ll play way above .500 [basketball]” – T-Mac

RecommendsIs it too late for Cavs to trade Love? By Kevin Pelton (E+)


Bucket Buckets
Donovan Mitchell’s sophomore slump over?
Averaging 28ppg in the month of January

“The guy’s been ridiculous” – Lowe

“Getting back in the lab after struggling and watching some film. He’s found it” – T-Mac

Changing the game?
Kerr: “Draymond is changing the game”

“He’s picked his play up. He’s back to the old Draymond that initiated the offense, making the right plays for these guys” – T-Mac

“When they string two or three of those together where he’s rushing up the court, it’s so demoralizing” – Lowe

Where is JA?
JA Morant back in action tonight on ESPNU

Mock Draft.JPG

“Put him on ESPN” – T-Mac

“Get out of his way!” – Lowe

Who are your NBA All-Star Starters?
Lowe’s column on this topic

“I wanted to award Paul George who’s had an unbelievable season” – Lowe

“You have to reward Nikola Jokic. He’s been having a phenomenal season. He’s having an MVP type season” – T-Mac

Time for another edition of…

Suns arena deal passes in Phoenix
$230 million renovation was approved and will keep the Suns in Phoenix until at least 2037, with the option to extend to 2042

“Public money should not go to fund billionaire welfare” – Nichols

“This is organized theft. That’s all it is. I’ll tell you who’s not going to be happy…Greta!” – Lowe

“You passed the deal to get a new arena, now get some talent over there. Put a competitive team and enjoy some good basketball” – T-Mac

League Pass
Pelicans at Thunder

AD could return next week (Finger) | How does AD injury impact Pelicans entering trade deadline?

“It does not impact them at all. It’s a short-term absence. They’re all in to try to make the playoffs, to keep Anthony. They’re way behind right now” – Lowe

“They better make a splash [at the trade deadline]” – T-Mac

Will Pacers be buyers or sellers based on the Oladipo injury?

“I don’t think they’ll change much course. I don’t think they’ll go the other way. That’s not how they’re built” – Lowe

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