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Did Luka really expect this shot to go in [at the end of the half last night]?



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First Half

Monologue: Russell Westbrook is reinventing himself…again

Everyone (Mostly basketball fans) knows who Russell Westbrook is. The core Russ, who he is as a person and a player that has not changed. There have been plenty of tweaks from year-to-year
Westbrook 2.JPG
This year, Westbrook has had to shift again. Knee surgery kept him out through training camp, then an ankle injury disrupted his November
westbrook's shooting slump from three
While Westbrook has had time to work his way back, at times he still looks unrecognizable. His shooting percentages are down, particularly from three
The free throw line is it’s own ‘House of Horrors’ where he is shooting 66 percent from there

As he’s seen parts of his offensive game stutter…

Another part of Russ’s game has shifted as well…his petty level!
This season, Westbrook has been saltier than a concession stand pretzel!

Last night vs the Blazers:

Lillard’s teammate, Blazers big man Jusuf Nurkic, didn’t like what Russ was saying to Lillard and tried to get involved

After the game, Russ was asked about Nurk and Nurk responded:

There was also this in the game’s first half:

Russ was asked about this after the game:

I got hops.JPG
When things get personally rocky, they only play more selfishly. Westbrook has been shifting to what is actually best for the team
Westbrook salt.JPG
Even if that means he also thinks he’s got to throw a little more salt than usual

Thunder need Westbrook to shoot better or less?
Click here to read more about Westbrook’s shooting struggles this season by Royce Young

“My advice is shoot better. If he shoots better, they become a better ball club. With him shooting the ball the way he is, it’s a little bit in his head, in psyche. He’s averaging a triple-double, and he’s not playing great basketball” – T-Mac

“He needs to shoot less. I want the ball in Paul George’s hands a little more. Westbrook plays harder than anybody. But sometimes he gets caught up in his own mind” – MacMullan

“He reminds of Harden in this: When the game gets on the line and the game gets tough, he feels he’s got to do it all himself at a thousand miles an hour and just like Harden, he becomes a volume shooter and that’s never good for OKC” – MacMullan

“Westbrook’s shooting struggles could cost Thunder a playoff series” – T-Mac

When the game is on the line and they need a basket, he goes back to being the emotional shooter that he’s been his entire career” – MacMullan

D-Rose on MVP season: “To be honest, I feel like I’m better” | Buy D-Rose is “better” than his MVP season?

Via Fox Sports North:

“He was, by far, head above everybody [when he came into the league]. But his skill set wasn’t there” – T-Mac

“He’s right. He is a better player now than he was when he won the MVP” – T-Mac

“He’s a more mature player. He’s a little bit about his own growth, mental psyche and what he can be on this team” – MacMullan

“He has reinvented himself as ‘Veteran of The Year.’ I would give it to him right now” – MacMullan
Player Efficiency rating this year: 19.6; Last year: 11.2

January 23, 2009 – Bulls big, Tyrus Thomas with the nasty one-handed dunk on Raptors big, Jermaine O’Neal!


Make or Miss league

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Finishes; Better bucket?





Miss Logo
Finishes; Was PG-13 trying out for the dunk contest?


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Generations; Do you wish we had more years of Dirk & Luka together?

Miss Logo
Decisions; Think Taj Gibson was a fan of Dieng’s shot?


As for his other teammates:

Timberwolves players react.JPG

“He’s a DWO. Didn’t work out. I saw him when they had [Kevin] Garnett in camp, we we’re all like ‘This kid has got some real talent. He’s going to be great.’ No, no. He should have taken the next step. He took the money, but he never took the next step. The owners and teammates are frustrated with him” – MacMullan on Dieng

Moving on…

Devin Booker, Gorgui Dieng ejected after altercation in Timberwolves-Suns game | Are you here for Booker & Dieng beef?

Dieng after the game on the incident (Via Fox Sports North):

“One of these days, when it comes to an altercation where two guys really want to go at each other and you got everybody just scrambling, let’em go. Let’s see what’s going to happen” – T-Mac

Speaking of NBA fights…Let’s

Run it Back

Rick Fox/Doug Christie fight back in 2002…during a preseason game!

RecommendsHow Jamal Murray was raised to be a star by Jackie MacMullan

Second Half

Will Pelicans regret giving up on Boogie-AD duo?

Because of Boogie leaving, RIP to The Jump’s show within a show:

“They should have made this work because the two of these guys reminded me of two big men like Tim Duncan and David Robinson playing with each other, such smart basketball players and was dominating inside, one dominating outside and was a problem for defenses night in and night out. It’s a shame that they couldn’t make this work” – T-Mac

“The New Orleans Pelicans did exactly what they should have done. As good as they might have been together, they we’re just the same or even a little bit better at times once Mirotic came aboard. And AD and Mirotic have accomplished in a different way, much of the same things and yet, it’s the same problem. They still don’t win enough. If you give Boogie all that money, you’re tapped out and you got those two guys” – MacMullan

“Indications seems, he’s [Davis] not going to want to sign up for 5 more years of this” – Nichols

“Boogie is in the perfect situation [with the Warriors]. He’s perfect for the team he’s on. To project that to how he would be with the Pelicans is a mistake” – MacMullan

ESPN Senior Writer and host of “The Lowe Post” podcast, Zach Lowe joined the show

Grizzlies making Conley, Gasol available, per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski

The Buyers/Sellers board is back:

buyers sellers board

Which teams should be buyers on Grizz assets?

“Mike Conley Jr. He has more trade value, more years on his contract, he’s younger and has been playing better. A lot of teams that can use him. The most obvious ones: Pelicans. Because they’ve never been really convince Jrue Holiday as a 1 or 2. I love the Pistons. They are looking to get off Reggie Jackson like yesterday. The problem is: I don’t know if the Grizzlies are going to be excited about that” – Lowe

“They haven’t identified a point guard in quite some time since Jameer Nelson” – T-Mac

“Hornets. Absolutely desperate to make the playoffs. Their contracts are even worse than Detroit’s contracts” – Lowe

“Dallas [for either Conley or Gasol]” – Lowe

Everything good between Dennis Smith Jr. & Mavs now?

“He rolled his eyes [when he saw the quote]. The trust is broken. He should feel some type of way. You were promised a certain thing and you’re not getting that because they went and drafted somebody that’s totally come in and just wiped you out and you’re forgotten now” – T-Mac

“I read those Rick Carlisle comments and I translate them as: ‘You should definitely trade for this guy. He’s really, really good. Please trade for him'” – Lowe

Kenneth Faried says Nets lied to him | Understand Kenneth Faried’s frustration with Nets?

T-Mac knows how Faried feels as he’s been there before:

“There’s a place for him in the NBA. If Dwight Powell [Mavericks] can be a backup center by rolling and dunking and playing hard, Faried should be able to be a backup center. He brings great energy and is a great offensive rebounder. I’m happy he’s playing again” – Lowe

January 23, 2010 – Deron Williams with the “Showtime” no-look pass to Carlos Boozer vs the Nets!



Dirk Invite
Source: Dirk invited to All-Star 3-point contest (Via New York Times; Confirmed by ESPN’s Tim MacMahon)
Participated in 2006 in Houston in which he won it!

New York, New York
Expectations for Harden at MSG tonight?

Lowe: 42.5 points

T-Mac: 45 points

Nichols: 48 points

“Everyone in the organization is 100 percent behind Luke” – Jeanie Buss (Lakers Owner)
Via “The Lowe Post” podcast

“It was a strong endorsement. It wasn’t an all the way endorsement because she said it’s going to be Magic’s decision in the end. Everyone is sort of wondering when they come to a crossroads with any big decision. Is she going to defer to the basketball people every time and that’s it? And it seems to be the case” – Lowe

“He’s done a great job. He’s a really good coach. He should finish out this season” – T-Mac

LeBron enough for Lakers to land best 2019 free agent available?

Via “The Lowe Post” podcast:

“I heard that about Kobe Bryant too and that makes me laugh because if somebody doesn’t want to play with the best player playing in the NBA right now, then I don’t want them on the team” – Buss

“I don’t think so. I don’t see KD or Kawhi coming to the Lakers. The perfect fit: Klay Thompson. I don’t see none of them coming to the Lakers” – T-Mac

“The maybe: DeMarcus Cousins” – Lowe

League PassRaptors at Pacers

Expect Pacers to make a statement vs Kawhi-less Raptors?

“No. It’s not a statement game. You don’t have Kawhi. The Raptors are pretty good without Kawhi (11-2 w/o him). It’s regular season” – T-Mac

“I like that they do because they haven’t done anything in the playoffs. It tells me that they should care about this game” – Lowe

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