Show Recap: January 18, 2019 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Feel bad for the Bulls, Scottie?


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Look out, Coach!

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First Half

Monologue: How much can we read into Lakers beating Thunder?

Lakers Thunder.JPG
It is always tempting to take one basketball game and turn it into something more meaningful. One team blows another out and the victors are suddenly tagged as dangerous contenders
While the losers are basically told that they might as well all quit the NBA and start a knitting club

Or that one team suffers a heart breaking overtime loss and it either sends them spiraling or it galvanizes them:

Warriors wake up.JPG
James Harden’s game winning three in OT in Golden State earlier this month woke up the Warriors to such a degree that they haven’t dropped a game since
Ball and Westbrook.JPG
Nobody will know for a while which category last night’s Thunder/Lakers game fits into. But it did felt like something
Luke Walton.JPG
Lakers head coach, Luke Walton was frustrated enough after the whole affair that he went deep into his bench to start the 2nd quarter and the move paid off big

The Lakers outscored the Thunder 40-16 over the next 12 minutes, thanks in part to Ivica Zubac:

Lakers smart.JPG
By the time the end of regulation came, it looked like LA was going to actually pull out the win. All they had to do was to play smart in the game’s final 5 seconds

LeBron James, who was not with the Lakers on their road trip tweeted this out:

The league’s officials announced recently that they actually will be taking Twitter questions during high profile games

Even though LeBron didn’t get a response from the NBA Referee’s Twitter handle, he did get a response from his young teammates, despite being forced into OT on what could have felt like a deflating mistake, Lonzo, in particular, balled out!

In a pool report after the game, the referees acknowledged that the ‘whole sending Russ to the line thing…that was a mistake.’ Ball had in fact fouled him before he was in the act of shooting
Lakers young core.JPG
The Lakers winning and overcoming the bad call just became part of this whole wave of proclamations: Was last night’s win for the Lakers a turning point for the young core that has struggled so much without LeBron? Are they coming into their own?

The Thunder also have their own proclamations too, who have now lost 5 of their last 6 games, who have seen their once league leading defense flounder, PG-13 not taking a shot in the 4th quarter and struggled in OT. Maybe all the grand statements will turn out to be true. Or maybe they’re all overstatements and this will turn out to be just 1 of 82

Michael Beasley.JPG
The truth is, no one will know for a little bit. At least Michael Beasley doesn’t have to take up knitting!

More disappointed by Thunder or encouraged by Lakers?

“More encouraged by the Lakers. Zubic has been a closer down for them down the stretch of games. They look like they are having fun and when you’re winning and having fun, it means a lot. Especially when you got a leader there like LeBron James who’s waiting in the wing” – Pippen

“This is just more evidence that we just really have no idea what the Lakers are going to be because at times, they do look like they can really do special things” – Windhorst

“Any win without LeBron is a great win” – Windhorst
5-7 without LeBron James since his injury

What happened to PG-13 down the stretch?
Didn’t take a shot in the 4th and was 0-5 in OT

“He just really didn’t have it going. Credit a lot of it to the Lakers game plan on the fact that they defended him well” – Pippen

“In his whole career, he’s had times where he’s been inconsistent down the stretch. It has happened before. He didn’t have aggression” – Windhorst

“The reason they lost this game was because of the defensive end” – Windhorst

January 18, 1998 – Tim Duncan finishing the monster one-handed alley-oop dunk vs the Bucks!


Make or Miss League Pop
“Really?” – Popovich

Make Logo
Creativity; Better move?



Miss Logo
Basketball; Bulls season summed up in one sequence?

Make Logo
Blowouts; Could the Kings have used a beer last night?


Miss Logo
Chill; Is JA Morant (Murray State) going to be a problem in the league?
Averages 23ppg, 55% shooting, 10apg

“He’s definitely a HUGE problem. Athleticism, court savvy, speed” – Pippen


Moving on…

Rick Carlisle: “Mavs want Dennis Smith Jr. back”

Can Mavs-Dennis Smith Jr. relationship be fixed?

“He’s been on the trading block for quite some time. Once that report came out, he started calling in sick” – Windhorst

“What we have here is an exile situation” – Windhorst

“I know who exactly to point the finger at: This is where it all goes back to being loyal to your organization and the loyalty has to work both ways” – Pippen

“If the organization is showing that they don’t want you, I’m not going to come back unless I’m 110 percent” – Pippen

“When you see a team wanting to trade [a 2nd year player] a guy like that, there’s something else going on” – Windhorst

“The whole organization changed when they got Luka Doncic. It changed the way with Dennis Smith Jr.’s future was going to be in this league and that more than anything is probably why they’re looking to move on from him. The way they have handled this has not been ideal” – Windhorst

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Second Half

New feature: The Jump OT!

Over/Under 50 points for Harden vs Lakers?

“Over. He’s home and they’re coming off a loss” – Windhorst

“Right now, what we are seeing is special. I’m not taking anything off the table for this man” – Windhorst

“Under. Lakers have the length and size. They can defend him out on the perimeter. They can poise him into the lane” – Pippen

LeBron’s injury worse than we know?

“What we have here is failure to communicate, which is putting it kindly. What we also may have is straight up obfuscation. The Lakers never used the word ‘week’ Ever. They said ‘day-to-day'” – Windhorst

“When you have the team saying one thing and you have his agent, Rich Pau,l on the record saying this was a 3-6 week injury from day one, especially in the era right now where there is a more of a demand for transparency because of the betting on these games, over/under totals that the NBA is fully embracing, this is a worrisome thing. This whole thing has been handled oddly” – Windhorst

“For the Lakers, they’re just playing this by feel. As we get older in this league, we don’t heal as fast” – Pippen

“It wouldn’t be surprising if they shut him down until the All-Star break. He can use the rest” – Pippen

“It’s totally fine if this injury is just more serious. Just say that. Don’t try to go back and change the narrative because that makes people start to scratch their head a little bit” – Windhorst

Bad look for 76ers to let Embiid play hurt?
Stat line last night: 22 points, 13 rebounds, 8 assists

Last night during halftime, Barkley had this to say (Via TNT):

“I’m willing to give the Sixers the benefit of the doubt. Embiid realizes his importance on being with his team and playing right now. I’m all for it especially if he was down for it” – Pippen

“At times this season, we’ve had to see the Sixers sort of save Joel from himself” – Windhorst

“He’s so good, but because of his past with injury, he is now almost gone the another direction and wants to push it” – Windhorst

“Considering the way they announced it during the day, I was surprised he was in the starting lineup” – Windhorst

“It’s all about his competitive fire. He wanted to go out and prove something. This is a team that they could be facing in the playoffs. You want to send a message” – Pippen

Q Rich.JPG13-year NBA vet and sharpshooter, Quentin Richardson joined the show!

The season finale of…

Boogie WatchExpectations for Boogie’s return tonight?
Warriors coach, Steve Kerr says they won’t slow down the offense for Boogie

“I don’t expect him to come out and light the house on fire. He’ll build up his endurance and health. The biggest thing for him is showing that he’s healthy” – Richardson

“It’s going to be a great fit. If he shows up, he’ll look good. He can only enhance what they’re doing offensively” – Pippen

“Let’s not expect him to go out and score 20 [points] and 10 [rebounds] tonight. If he does, we’re all going to applaud” – Windhorst

“2 playoff games, he helps them against Steven Adams or Jusuf Nurkic or Nikola Jokic, he will have served his role on this team. That’s the fair way to look at it” – Windhorst

What were you thinking with Q Rich.JPG

What were you thinkingJPG.JPG

“I didn’t know that I won it. I knew I got hot. I thought I tied Kyle Korver. It was a surprise” – Richardson

What were you thinking 2.JPG

Q-Rich tells the story:

Q Rich and Darius Miles.JPG
Q-Rich and Darius Miles were drafted by the Clippers in 2000

MJ.JPGAnd 1 shoe.JPG

Richardson guarding MJ.JPG

Q Rich Clippers.JPG

What were you thinking 3.JPG

“First: I’m from Chicago. He hit the shot and Jameer Nelson was yelling something from the sideline and he went to say ‘He’s too little.’ So at that point, the Chicago came out of me. You’re not going to tell me I’m too little. I was surprised he actually shoved me” – Richardson

January 18, 1997 – Grant Hill banks in the three at the buzzer to send the game into OT vs the Lakers!!!



Light-years ahead?
Are Knicks light-years ahead in tank wars?


Siakam FTW!
Raptors the deepest team in the league?


“They’re right there with the Denver Nuggets” – Pippen

“They are probably the deepest team in the league, but they had the deepest offense last year. They need to finish games better” – Windhorst

Streak Buster?
Will 76ers break 18-game losing streak to Thunder on ABC Saturday?

Sixers Thunder matchup.JPG

“They’ll break it this time. Hopefully” – Pippen

Melodrama reboot?
Market for Melo better than we thought? (Via Sam Amick/The Athletic)

“It’s possible [that he’s played his last game]. He’s available for next to nothing” – Windhorst

“I’d rather see him leave the game on his own terms. I hope there’s at least one team that will give him another shot” – Pippen

“He’s been available on the trade market literally for nothing for months” – Windhorst

Rather have Spurs or Timberwolves roster?

“Spurs. In terms of production, they are better well-coached, more chemistry, everything” – Pippen

“Wolves. 1 through 13, they have more talent, I would take their roster but I’d like Pop to coach them. No offense to Ryan Saunders. Their roster has not met it’s development” – Windhorst

League PassPelicans at Blazers

Should Trail Blazers be trade deadline buyers or sellers?

Windhorst: Buyers
“They are trying to buy. [Al Farouq] Aminu has been available, Meyers Leonard has been available”

 Pippen: Buyers
“They need to go shopping”

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