Show Recap: January 16, 2019

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Opening Tip
Anyone enjoy dunking more than Klay?
Dunked the ball 4 times last night vs the Nuggets last night!

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4 of em!? Neeeever seen it!! (@brush_4 voice)

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Today’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Brian Windhorst & Tracy McGrady

First Half

Monologue: Jimmy Butler vindicated after blowing out Timberwolves?

Butler Curry Oladipo.JPG
Blowouts happen in the NBA. They happened all over the place during last night’s slate of games

Sometimes they are like…


Sometimes they are like…

Blowout 2.JPG
Golden State reminded everyone last night that ‘Yes. It’s adorable isn’t it? When we see a franchise with a promising young core turn into a contender’
Road Runner.JPG
The Warriors dropping 51 points in the first quarter last night in their win vs the Nuggets is like one of those giant anvils falling from the sky in the road runner cartoons

Then there was also this beat down…

Blowout 3.JPG
The Sixers 42 point win over Butler’s former team, the Timberwolves, felt so extremely personal, it was almost uncomfortable
Jimmy Butler.JPG
Everyone knows the history here, not just that Jimmy Butler was playing against his old team, but that some of the reasons he wanted a trade in the first place we’re his frustrations with Minnesota’s young stars

Since Butler left, Towns has been playing terrific basketball and Wiggins dropped a 40 piece. That the Wolves fired the coach [Tom Thibodeau] that brought Jimmy to Minnesota in the first place. But not everything has been smooth for the Sixers since Butler arrived in Philadelphia

Wolves opportunity.JPG
This was the Wolves moment to show Butler that they’re better off without him, perhaps he was the problem, not them


They did not.JPG

Instead, the Wolves came out flat and it only got flatter:

The bullying didn’t end at the final buzzer

Butler posted this on IG after the game:

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looking right through the past.. to the future!

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Embiid’s post:

Butler fire.JPG
Embiid’s post was a reference to that infamous preseason practice scrimmage where Jimmy charged in and lit the franchise on fire

The trolling was not as cutting as what the Wolves were saying postgame:

As fans saw last night, there are actually a lot of ways to get your butt kicked in the NBA, but also, KAT is correct: This is one of the most embarrassing

“The bigger picture here is about Minnesota, not Jimmy. This is why these guys get the rap that they get, I’m talking about Towns and Wiggins. This is what Butler was talking about. When there is competition at it’s finest, when there is a challenge on the line, these guys don’t come up and accept the challenge. They laid an egg. You got to come out and you got to compete at your highest level. These type of games really matter” – T-Mac

“This game reminded me a little bit of back in Miami, the night that the Heat effectively killed ‘Linsanity.’ One team was playing at a completely different level, like a totally different intensity than the other team. That’s what we had here. This game mattered more to one team” – Windhorst

“It was a really good sign that they [Sixers] played for him. They knew it was a big game for him” – Windhorst

Did last night bring Sixers together?

“They are having some chemistry issues. They are going to be tough if they can figure that out” – T-Mac

“They need something to fire them up during through this schedule” – Windhorst

“They signed Corey Brewer to a 10 day [contract] and part of the reason was to get better chemistry, get a locker room presence, a guy who everybody loves in the NBA and just give everyone a little more space with each other” – Nichols

Expect Warriors to cruise for rest of season?

Cruising Warriors.JPG

“If they do that, nobody is going to beat them. Cruising through, I think Houston will have something to say about that. I’m sure Denver learned their lesson” – T-Mac

“I don’t think they are going to run through until they figure out how to utilize Boogie” – T-Mac

“Because of the DeMarcus arrival, even if everything goes swimmingly, it’s going to throw them off their rhythm, which they knew when they signed him in July” – Windhorst

January 16, 1998 – Michael Jordan spins, goes baseline and finishes with a tough reverse layup vs the Bucks!


Make or Miss League Klay

Make Logo
Encouragement; T-Mac, what if an opponent “Good Gamed” you?



Miss Logo
Looking; Better Pass?


Bogdanovic (Pacers):

Make Logo
Trolling; Is Brook Lopez messed up for this?


Miss Logo
Happiness; Why does Jim Boylen hate free tacos?
There is a promotion where if the Lakers hold their opponent under points 100 points for the entire game, the fans get a free taco!

“It’s really messed up that you’re trying to stop us from getting tacos!!!” – Lakers Fan

Moving on…

Kuzma’s tweet during halftime a bad look?!

“I don’t care about it. He’s going to get slapped on the wrist with a little fine and we move on. It’s not a big deal” – T-Mac

“I’m going to have Kuzma’s back here because Ball is Life is a Twitter account that shows NBA highlights. Maybe Kuz was just watching some film at half” – Windhorst

Back in the day before NBA Twitter really took off, a former NBA player tweeted this at halftime during one of his games:

It is because of this tweet, David Stern passed a rule that 45 minutes before tip-off, players cannot tweet up until the end of the game

LeBron not traveling with team on 2-game road trip, per his agent Rich Paul to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin| Lakers need to reset expectations for this season?
Lakers have the 2nd toughest schedule from here on out

“They are a team where they have a very large, what I call a ‘cone of uncertainty’ They got to make sure LeBron is healthy [based on their upcoming schedule, seen above]” – Windhorst

“Expectation for Lakers should be playoffs ” – T-Mac

“If they great seed in the playoffs, not having to face those two teams [Warriors & Rockets], they can beat anybody” – T-Mac

“Anytime you are on a LeBron James team, the schedule is a little bit rigged. The beginning of the schedule for a LeBron team is always pretty soft because the way television networks pick their schedules is that they get to have input with the league on what teams they want on what days. It is better for TV networks [ABC, ESPN, TNT] to have LeBron teams after football season is over” – Nichols

Second Half

Woj.JPGSenior ESPN NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show!

Rockets need to make a move after Capela injury?

“They’re not going to make a trade for a month. Hopefully they can get Capela coming out of the All-Star break. They got to get some better play from their bench and ask more out of James Harden” – Woj

Danuel House Jr. to G-League after turning down Rockets offer
Click here to read more about this topic by Tim MacMahon

“He has become a really important player for the Rockets. The Rockets want a longer term commitment so that they don’t lose him this summer” – Woj

“What he does so well is shoot. The Rockets want a 3-year minimum, which is $4M. If I’m him, I don’t take that 3-year minimum deal” – Windhorst

Trade Deadline Buyers or Sellers.JPG
February 7 at 3pm ET

Grizzlies: 19-24 (14th in West)

“They want to be buyers. They are falling. By the time the trade deadline comes, they may be so far out of it” – Woj

“Their core, the league is just past them. There’s no way they are going to catch up where the league is right now with Marc Gasol as their best player” – T-Mac

Wizards: 18-26 (11th in East)

“Otto Porter will be the interesting player between now and the trade deadline. There is interest in him around the league, especially in the Western Conference” – Woj

Windhorst: Two teams to watch on a possible Otto Porter Jr. trade: Jazz and Kings

Knicks: 10-33 (13th in East)

“They are still trying to create more cap space in New York for free agency. Getting salary off is a priority for them” – Woj

“They do not have the cap space right now to get Kevin Durant [this summer]. They have to offload Courtney Lee or Tim Hardaway. They need to make a move at the trade deadline” – Windhorst

Lightning Round!

Mavs: 20-23 (13th in West)

“On the fence. Largely sellers” – Woj

“Dennis Smith Jr. is a player who’s really fallen out of favor there. He doesn’t fit with Luka Doncic and Rick Carlisle. His future is going to be elsewhere” – Woj

Thunder: 26-17 (3rd in West)
Have a $10M trade exception

“They want to go for it this year. If there’s some shooting out there that they can find, they’ve got to shore up their ability to shoot the ball. Right now, ownership is committed financially” – Woj

Pelicans 21-23 (T-11th in West)

“They are in desperation mode to try to get anything to help with Anthony Davis. They are out there in total buying mode. They are feeling the pressure every single day on AD” – Windhorst

Magic: 19-24 (9th in East)

“Buying. We need an athletic PG and Dennis Smith Jr. would look good in a Magic uniform. We just haven’t identified that position in quite some time” – T-Mac

January 16, 1998 – KG to Tom Gugliotta who taps in the game winner vs the Rockets!!!


ESPN’s Kirk Goldsberry on Curry’s shooting:

RecommendsBrian Windhorst: What’s Plan B for Warriors if KD leaves?

“They cannot afford to mess around” – Windhorst

“Green has made it very clear that he wants to be paid, maybe even overpaid” – Windhorst

“If they [Green] are far apart [on a contract extension], we might see a future without KD and Draymond a year from now” – Windhorst

“If I’m him, it would mean more to me if I go somewhere else and try to win a championship” – T-Mac

Terry Rozier on Celtics: “Too talented” | Celtics struggling because they’re “too talented”? (Via Vincent Goodwill of Yahoo! Sports)

“These guys last year had a lot of room for error. They got the bulk of the minutes. Now, there is very little room for error with these guys. You have to do more with less. I don’t think they’ve quite figured that out” – T-Mac

“The ‘disease of more’ is happening here” – Windhorst who was referring to something Pat Riley once said

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