Show Recap: January 15, 2019

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Will anyone attempt to take another charge from Zion?


Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: James Harden is enduring it all

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This has to be a science experiment for James Harden at this point, right?
Astronaut Harden.JPG
Like when astronauts are put through an endurance test to see how much they can withstand. Take Chris Paul away from James Harden. Take Eric Gordon and Clint Capela away to see if it phases him. Pretty soon, they’re just going to take the actual basketball away and yet somehow, Harden will be that game’s leading scorer

Last night, the Rockets took the court against the Grizzlies with only 9 healthy bodies, including a G-League callup and a real replacement for Capela [in Isaiah Hartenstein]

Harden and a dog.JPG
Harden was in coach Mike D’Antoni’s words “Dog tired” after playing 43 minutes the night before in Orlando
57 points for Harden.JPG
Harden’s 57 points (season-high) outscored the Grizzlies starting five, who had 53 points total for the game!
AD and Curry.JPG
In the past 48 hours, Steph Curry and Anthony Davis have dropped 48 and 46 respectively. And Harden still managed to increase his lead over both of them for this year’s scoring title

Kobe Bryant had a streak of 30+ points 16 times, while Tracy McGrady had a streak of 14 games like that. Harden passed both of those marks with 17 games and counting

Harden's energy bill.JPG
How much longer can he go on like this? Harden is averaging more than 37 minutes a game, the most in the entire NBA and they are hard minutes. In the past, when he has pushed himself in the regular season, the bill comes due in the postseason. He is better at the beginning of playoff series than he is at the end of them
DAntoni and Morey.JPG
Both Mike D’Antoni and GM Daryl Morey know this all too well. But until Morey can get some help via trade or until some of Houston’s injured players come back, this is the situation they are stuck in

The science experiment continues. And at least so far, Harden is enduring it all

Harden’s scoring surge sustainable?

“No. I don’t think this is sustainable. It’s crazy to see him doing what he’s doing. He’s doing a great job of pacing himself” – T-Mac

“He can sustain this for himself as an individual. It’s because of the way he plays in Mike D’Antoni’s system” – Pippen

“There is more iso in today’s game” – Pippen

January 15, 1996 – Michael Jordan picking on Brent Price (Bullets/Wizards), who spun around, as Jordan waves the ball around! Where did that ball go?!


Make or Miss league

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Legroom; Is this a normal sized 4-wheeler?


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Ambition; Should more centers call their own number?



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Inhibition; Joe Ingles the best trash talker we have in today’s game?



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Rack Attacks; At least Celtics are throwing down highlight dunks?





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Team Pictures; Is losing a tooth a badge of honor in the NBA?



Moving on…

Mavs giving up on Dennis Smith Jr. too quickly?
Click here to read more about this topic by Adrian Wojnarowski and Tim MacMahon


“I don’t think they’re giving up on him. They found their guy [in Doncic]. Rather than hurt Dennis’ development, they are looking out for him to find the best place possible. Luka could possibly be an All-Star in his rookie year. He’s playing that well” – T-Mac

“In order for him to mature as a basketball player, to develop as who he wants to be, he has to get out of there. Dennis Smith needs the ball” – T-Mac

“Luka’s development and coming in ready has definitely surpassed him and that makes him [Smith] very expendable as a player” – Pippen

“I like a Jimmy Butler type of player. I like Jaylen Brown. He’d be a great fit for that team” – Pippen

Should Grizzlies consider trading Marc Gasol? (Via New York Times)

“He has slowed down tremendously and the game has passed him” – T-Mac

“Grizz need to trade Gasol while he has value” – T-Mac

“It’s time. He’s had a great run there” – Pippen

“They don’t have the personnel around him” – T-Mac

Second Half

Tatum and Brown disagree on Kyrie’s leadership style?

“When things boil outside the locker room, it’s hard to bring it back in. This is a year, really, for Kyrie being tested as a leader and how he’s handled it as a leader. We don’t know who the leader is for the Celtics” – Pippen

“I look at Kyrie in terms of what he’s trying to do this year on his leadership role. He is trying to say the right things and sometime you’re going to rub people the wrong way. The most important thing is that you guys concentrate on getting better as a group” – T-Mac

Nets fans chanted: “Kyrie’s leaving” at Celtics last night:

Kyrie Irving to Celtics fans in October:

“I plan on re-signing here next year”

Should Kyrie remain loyal to Celtics?

“I think he can. The organization always go back on players and trade them. It’s time for him to step up” – Pippen on whether he’d ever go back on the promise he made to Celtics fans in October

“No. I don’t think he can” – T-Mac on whether he’d ever go back on the promise he made to Celtics fans in October

“There’s a lot of in-house pressure with these young players who want to play. Those players have grown. They want that last second shot” – Pippen

“I’m a little nervous about this team. I don’t know if they can get past the 1st or 2nd round [of the playoffs] the way they’re playing. It is that bad. They are too inconsistent with their play” – T-Mac
McGrady did pick the Cs to win the title before the season began

“I do not think you can sit in a middle of the arena, make a promise and then leave the next year. I think he put the pressure on himself” – Nichols

Another edition of America’s “longest running soap operas…”

As The Kings Turn
Vlade pushes back on Kings minority owners in conference call|Does Vlade deserve more credit from Kings brass? (Via Sam Amick/The Athletic)

“We just didn’t give him a fair shot. The pressure is on. No one really judged you about your personnel on your team, they judge you on your record. It’s taken them a little time, but his players have responded for him” – Pippen

“He’s done a phenomenal job” – T-Mac

Iman Shumpert stopped by security from going into Blazers locker room

Here’s what caused Shumpert to confront Nurkic:

Shumpert after the game:

“Some stuff needed to be between me and him, a conversation between two men. Some stuff happened out there that we needed to have a conversation about. That’s it”

“I respect what Iman said. That was a dirty screen” – T-Mac

“It was almost a flop. Things like that happen on the basketball court” – Pippen

RecommendsJimmy Butler “I don’t have regrets” by Marc J. Spears (The Undefeated)

Previously on…

Dances with TWolves

Jimmy Butler: “I don’t have regrets” | Timberwolves really better off without Butler and Thibs?

“In the short-term, everybody is better off. KAT has put up some huge numbers. Wiggins looks like the player that everybody expects him to be. In the long-term, I don’t think so” – T-Mac

“It’s more of a chemistry problem for them. I don’t think that they really found their identity that they needed to know who their leader was. Butler came in and wanted it. It’s been a win-win situation for both, more so for the guys on the Timberwolves and maybe even because of losing the coach, more so than losing Jimmy Butler” – Pippen

Make or Break stretch for 76ers?
Click here to read more about this topic by Tim Bontemps

“This is a great stretch for Philly in terms of them bonding together. Going on the road is when teams do come together” – Pippen

“They have the personnel to go out on the road and play some great basketball” – T-Mac

“Winning on the road is something you have to develop and Philly being a young team, they have yet to develop that” – Pippen

January 15, 2007 – Gilbert Arenas with the game winner vs the Jazz!



D’Angelo an All-Star?
D’Angelo Russell: 18.7ppg, 6.3apg in 29.5mpg this season
Was asked if he deserves an invite to the All-Star game and he said “For sure”

“Not this year but I do love how this kid is playing this year. If he keeps it up, he will be an All-Star” – T-Mac

“Not an All-Star this year” – Pippen

Jazz Resurgence?
Jazz: Won 6 of last 7 games (4 straight)

“Yes I am. They are a well-coached basketball team” – Pippen

“I’m not quite there yet” – T-Mac

Pelicans soaring?
AD drops 46 points on Clippers in road win
5th win in 7 games

“I love AD getting numbers in LA. That arena just fits him” – Pippen

“They should have never gotten rid of [Rajon] Rondo]. Should have paid him” – T-Mac

Expect Lakers to bounce back against Bulls tonight?

“If they lose to the Bulls tonight, Magic [Johnson] and Rob [Pelinka] need to get on the phones and make a move. You can’t lose to the Cavaliers and the Bulls in the same week” – T-Mac

League PassWarriors at Nuggets

Nuggets run as No. 1 seed out West ends tonight?

“Nuggets. They’re playing really well at home. They’re going to be up for this game” – Pippen

“Nuggets. This is going to be a very important game. I’m sure Golden State is aware of what’s at stake right now” – T-Mac

Zion already locked up No. 1 pick in NBA Draft?

“He’s definitely going to be the No. 1 pick. He’s done enough for college basketball that it’s more about him personally now. I would shut it down [and stop playing]” – Pippen

“He’s the best player in this draft” – Pippen

“RJ Barrett is a better player [than Zion]” – T-Mac

“Zion Williamson is more exciting. He’ll fill the seats” – T-Mac

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LeBron did the most work he has done at shootaround since injuring his groin Christmas Day. Set to be re-evaluated tomorrow

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