Show Recap: January 14, 2019 (Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Is Kevin Knox learning from Harden?


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First Half

How demoralizing was Lakers loss to Cavs?

Ingram and Ball.JPG
Just when you think things couldn’t get any worse for the Lakers, they are now 3-7 since losing LeBron James
Cavs Lakers.JPG
In come the Cavaliers, James’ old team, who held the league’s worst record at 8-35 and a league worse 12 game losing streak entering last night’s game at Staples. They beat them, 101-95


“This has to be very demoralizing. This shows you how far they are away from actually being a contender. They just can’t put together a consistent run right now” – Pierce

“It has to break this young team’s confidence” – Pierce

“Lakers not as close to contending as you think” – Pierce

“They decided they weren’t going to get insurance on LeBron going down. I don’t think this is devastating. This is the Lakers without LeBron” – Arnovitz

Are Lakers players hurting their trade value?

“It doesn’t do anything for their value. They’re young players and are still trying to find their niche in the league and have shown their potential (Ingram, Ball)” – Pierce

“They [young guys] may not be able to fetch us a superstar. All those realities may be crashing down” – Sedano

“These guys may not have the value that we thought” – Sedano on Pelinka and Magic’s thinking on the Lakers roster

“Sometimes it’s about the situation you’re in, the coach. The perfect example of that is Victor Oladipo. He went to Orlando, OKC and then he goes over to Indiana and he’s a superstar. We all know the potential was there, but it’s about who’s going to allot that and maybe that’s Brandon Ingram’s situation” – Pierce

Durant on Curry: “We should just give him the ball”

“It doesn’t tell you anything about the relationship between Curry and Durant. It tells you everything about Kevin Durant’s philosophy on basketball: May the hottest guy shoot. You give the ball to the guy who is having the best game and let him work in isolation” – Arnovitz

“They have the best understanding of that and that’s why they’re the best team in basketball” – Pierce

“This is KD saying: ‘Ok. I can be a team player'” – Sedano

“A lot of us believe that the Warriors are at their best when they’re running the game through Steph” – Sedano

Did Curry re-enter the MVP race last night?

“He never fell out. He’s just still reminding people ‘I’m still here'” – Pierce

“He’s well within the conversation” – Arnovitz

Steve Kerr on Luka Doncic: “He’s already an All-Star” | Does Luka Doncic deserve All-Star invite?

“He’s deserving, but only if they invite 30 players. He’ll be there one day, but just not quite yet. There’s other players that’s deserving [and ahead of him]” – Pierce

“He is right in there in that mix, but it’s a really crowded frontcourt in the West” – Arnovitz

“He deserves to be in it because it’s a fan event. The fans are voting him in. This guy is taking the league by storm” – Sedano

“D-Rose & D-Wade deserve all-star invites” – Sedano

January 14, 2000 – Vince Carter with the nasty windmill dunk vs the Bucks!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make Logo
Ease; Think Embiid even broke a sweat during this sequence?

Miss Logo
Predictability; More disrespectful move by Luka?

The elbow:


The drive:


Make Logo
Influencers; Would you hire Steven Adams to promote your company?

Miss Logo
Control; Did these kids have an agenda?

Via Wizards:

Moving on…

Is Kyrie’s criticism of teammates fair?

“The criticism as a leader of this ball club, something has to be said because they’re just too up and down” – Pierce

“It’s the little things that they have to follow, the details that it’s going to take for them to win a championship and Kyrie is trying to show them that” – Pierce

“Kyrie understands what it takes to win a championship” – Pierce

“They have some shot selection issues. Some of that is their offense” – Arnovitz

“They got to bring their hard hats everyday because their expectations are here” – Pierce

Who’s to blame for Celtics chemistry issues?

Irving on his reaction to criticizing teammates:

“A combination of the coaching staff all the way down” – Pierce

“Over achievement is responsible for some of the chemistry issues” – Arnovitz

“The players have something to do with this” – Sedano

“I don’t think anything is going to happen until this summer” – Arnovitz on the Celtics possibly making a move soon

Clint Capela out 4-6 weeks with a thumb injury | How does Capela injury impact Rockets? (Via Woj)

“This is a damaging blow. He was one of the best pick–and–roll players in the league, he was a defensive anchor for them. Now, I don’t know what they do. If he’s out, you can see the defense struggle” – Pierce

“This is rough. They don’t have a lot of 4s [Power Forwards] who can upsize the 5 [Center]” – Arnovitz

“Robin Lopez is someone they may have to target” – Arnovitz

“I really worry about their defense without Clint” – Arnovitz

“He’s playing at an all-star pace right now” – Pierce

“The one thing that plays in their favor is that they do have 15 games until the All–Star break. Only 5 of those games are against teams above .500. Maybe that helps them out a little bit” – Sedano

Second Half


Buy Blake’s excuse for ignoring Steve Ballmer?

Griffin liked the tweet:

BG liking the tweet.JPG

“I buy it. He was locked in. He’s doing his pregame routine” – Pierce

“Blake Griffin doesn’t owe Steve Ballmer anything” – Arnovitz

“Maybe it does bother him and he needs it for fuel” – Sedano

Does Ben Simmons’ monster game make up for calling team “soft”?

From Friday night:

“They didn’t execute [in that game]. It didn’t have anything to do with softness. It’s good to see Simmons get off the snide” – Arnovitz

“The key is how you respond to the criticism. No one wants to be called soft. But it does open eyes” – Pierce

“It’s directed towards somebody. He might have been talking about himself and he came back and responded the next game” – Pierce

RecommendsInside Tony Parker’s return to — and departure from — the Spurs by Michael Wright

How much pressure is LeBron’s absence putting on Luke Walton?

“It depends on how much run way Magic Johnson and Rob Pelinka plan to get him. They did not furnish him with a roster that was designed to survive an extended absence of LeBron James” – Arnovitz

“There should be no pressure. A classic example is Cleveland’s roster without LeBron” – Pierce

“What expectations can you give the Lakers without this guy [LeBron James]?” – Pierce

“He’s getting evaluated at the end of the year” – Pierce

“Whenever you are a coach who was not selected by the current regime, there is always a certain vulnerability. It’s the Dwane Casey rule” – Arnovitz

Did Tony Parker & Spurs part ways at the right time?

“Apparently not. Parker has been very serviceable. I thought he should have retired there” – Pierce

“He’s been a good backup for the Charlotte Hornets” – Pierce

“Tony Parker should’ve been a Spur for life” – Pierce

“It was a sensible time to part. I don’t think there is any shame in finishing your career elsewhere” – Arnovitz

“The Spurs can use Parker right now” – Arnovitz

January 14, 2009 – Nate Robinson (Knicks) with the nasty block on Javaris Crittenton of the Wizards!



Kings extending Joerger?
Report: Kings looking at picking up Dave Joerger’s option

“Absolutely a no-brainer. They should extend him. Ask any of the hall of fame coaches in the league their opinion on Dave Joerger and you will get a resounding affirmation” – Arnovitz

“This team had no expectations. They may make the playoffs” – Pierce

Jokic’s best game?
Jokic: 40 pts, 10 reb, 8 ast vs Blazers in 116-113 win

“This is definitely up there” – Pierce

“He’s an MVP candidate” – Arnovitz

No Wall, no problem?
Bradley Beal since John Wall’s injury: 30ppg, 47 FG%

“More responsibility, he’s loving it. He’s showing his true ability. He’s more than a good passer” – Pierce

No Bulls Buyout?
Bulls have good reason not to buy out Robin Lopez’s contract?
Reports say he might join the Warriors

“You have to understand is that it’s not just the fans who are resentful of the Warriors, it is 29 other owners, 29 other front offices” – Arnovitz

League PassGrizzlies at Rockets

Is Harden’s workload too heavy without CP3 & Capela?

“Absolutely. He’s been doing it. He’s young enough” – Pierce

“I don’t worry about workload now. I worry about May” – Arnovitz

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