Show Recap: January 9, 2019 (Amin Elhassan Hosts)

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What was Klay arguing here?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Can Ryan Saunders save Timberwolves season?

Ryan Saunders.JPG
Ryan Saunders notched his first career victory as an NBA head coach
Thunder vs Wolves.JPG
It was a nail-biter against the division leading Oklahoma City Thunder in OKC

Scene in the locker room after the game:

Social Media.JPG
Wolves players congratulated their new coach via Twitter

When an assistant becomes a head coach, particularly for the first time, there’s a honeymoon period and it’s that first win

Young Thibs.JPG
Being a head coach means much more than schemes and Xs and Os. If that were the case, Tom Thibodeau would still be the coach
Saunders 2.JPG
You got to be a psychologist, a salesman and a jerk (or disciplinarian). You have to make that transition from being a friend to being your friend’s boss

“He just has to stay pat. He has to understand who he is as a person and as a coach” – Scott

“You go from being one of the boys to being that guy” – Scott

“He’s 32 years old. He can grow with the players, especially for the rest of this season. This was a fundamental shift in their organization and how they are being run” – Ogwumike

Klay’s shooting slump officially over?
Scored 43 points on 4 dribbles! FOUR!


“There was never a real slump. You have to guard that man. He simplified the game. He went back to what he does best: Catch and shoot (two feet set, let it fly)” – Ogwumike

“There was never really a slump. He’s back on target, playing like the Klay Thompson that we know that he can play like” – Scott

Boogie Watch

Boogie, Warriors eyeing January 18 return [vs Clippers in LA]

“He probably won’t feel fully healthy like himself this entire season. But he’ll still be good enough. It’s still going to be a process for him, the pace, the space” – Ogwumike

“I’d give him another month or so once he starts playing to get fully acclimated to the Warriors. He’s got to find his niche” – Scott

“The Warriors are looking to Boogie as a bonus, not a savior. He’s going to help them with rim protection, rebound the ball and make the paint a fearless place against for the Warriors” – Ogwumike

“He can really best serve this team by being on that block (mid-post)” – Scott

“You have to. I don’t see Boogie guarding CP3 or Harden on the pick-n-roll. On the defensive end, you have to make adjustments when he is on the floor” – Scott

January 9, 2002 – Kobe Bryant with the amazing reverse layup vs the Pacers


Make or Miss league

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Commotion; More jarring: The move or the defense?


Miss Logo
Settling; Did any of Jokic’s makes even hit the rim last night?


Make Logo
FG%; Should we not penalize end-of-quarter heaves?
There was less than 2 seconds left in the 3rd quarter


Miss Logo
Dribbling; Like Mudiay’s honesty?


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Bounce; Do you wish we saw more reverse alley-oops?



Run it Back

Favorite reverse alley-oops of all time:

3) 2013: JR Smith vs the Spurs2qtqhz.gif

2) 2000: Starbury vs the Timberwolves2qtqmr.gif

1) 2005: Vince vs the Magic

Moving on…

Zion hates being classified as “A dunker”?
First Duke Freshman ever to put up 30 points, 10 rebounds and 5 assists in a single game


“It’s probably elevating his draft stock. He should not worry about that one bit. If anybody really seen this kid play, he has the whole package” – Scott

“Zion more than just a dunker” – Scott

“You are a dunker. But I do understand where he is coming from. He’s trying to remain focus. He’s a capable player to expand in the NBA with his skillset” – Ogwumike

“There’s nothing wrong with being a dunker. It’s up to him to work on the other parts of his game, his shooting, his playmaking” – Elhassan

RecommendsWhy GM/Coach role won’t go away by Brian Windhorst

Second Half

Steph: “That chip on my shoulder has never gone anywhere” (The Players Tribune)
Click here to read more about this topic



“I don’t think it’s surprising at all. He looked like a baby face assassin [when he first came into the league]. He revolutionized the game” – Ogwumike

“I’m a little surprised, but not surprised. But that’s why he’s great: it’s not enough” – Scott

“In Phoenix, we were so high on him because we thought he was going to be the next Steve Nash” – Elhassan

NBA to investigate Patrick McCaw’s short tenure with Cavs (Via Marc Stein of the NY Times) | Warriors have legit beef with Cavs waving McCaw?


“They might but you know what, you had a chance to sign him, you had a chance to match the deal. You chose not to. For me, move on” – Scott

“You guys have your hands full. You guys are getting Boogie back” – Ogwumike

Kuzma: Lakers have “Death Lineup” when healthy

Lakers Death Lineup:

FYI: That lineup has played exactly one minute together this season and have 0 points!

“I’m not buying this. I’m trying to figure out what death lineup he’s talking about. Don’t start trying to be a coach, stay in your lane” – Scott

“My question is: Who’s going to have the ball in this death lineup? You got Rondo, Lonzo and LeBron” – Ogwumike

Do Lakers have a true second option?
Click here to read about this topic by Dave McMenamin


“They do have a No. 2 option, but it’s not the guy that they expected it to be. Right now, it’s Kyle Kuzma. Every time, he comes to play – Ogwumike

“Everybody wants it to be Brandon Ingram. He just has to be more aggressive. When LeBron James is not playing, he is more aggressive” – Scott

Have we seen the end of coach/GM dual role? (Via Brian Windhorst)

“I do. It’s just too hard of a job to try to do both and I think a lot of guys are finding that out. We’re going to get back to where we have just coaches being coaches and GMs being GMs” – Scott

“If it’s going to stay, it might be with tenure coaches (ex. Erik Spoelstra in Miami, Gregg Popovich in San Antonio). It has to be a tenure coach that understands the entire scope of the franchise, not someone that just got the keys [to the franchise]” – Ogwumike

“The reason why it works in San Antonio is because everyone’s role is already defined, same thing in Miami” – Elhassan

January 9, 2004 – Jason Kidd with the no look alley oop pass to K-Mart!


Blake’s best Staples Center moments:

3) Blake dunks all over Kendrick Perkins2qtqu0.gif

2) Blake catches Pau Gasol slippin’2qtqxj.gif

Pau’s face:Pau Gasol.JPG

1) Blake posterizes Timofey Mozgov2qtr1i.gif

Is Blake Griffin the greatest Clipper of all-time?
Click here to read more about this topic by Kevin Arnovitz





“No. I got Chris Paul. He was the greatest leader they ever had. You got to look at the numbers: This man, what he brought to the table on a night to night basis, he was the greatest Clipper of all-time” – Scott

“Chris Paul. Who was throwing out those lobs? It was Chris Paul. This was the most successful time for the Clippers” – Ogwumike

“Blake Griffin. The only reason Chris Paul agreed to come to LA in the first place was because Blake had already started rehabilitating that image. It made it an attractive destination for players to come” – Elhassan

January 9, 2015 – Trevor Booker with the granny/volleyball shot vs the Thunder!


More deserving mid season MVP: Giannis or Harden?


“The bearded one. He is unanimous MVP. Nobody can guard this guy. He has taken this team on his back” – Scott

“Giannis. He has been consistent [from the jump] and how he scores in the paint [18 points per game in the paint]. Largely, winning to me matters” – Ogwumike

“Giannis. I give it to the guy who has done it every single night” – Elhassan

League PassPacers at Celtics

Kyrie stepping up on defense this year?
Leads the Celtics with 17 charges this season. Says he’s been watching Marcus Smart


“It definitely is. He is putting his body on the line. This is where leadership is really shown” – Ogwumike

“I got to say this: I’m proud of him that he has developed into a very good team defender. He’s still got ways to go on the individual basis but that’s the development of Kyrie Irving too” – Scott


OKC’s Nerlens Noel diagnosed with concussion

Buzzer Logo
Report: Devin Booker doubtful to play tonight at Mavs (Back spasms)

“I’m not necessarily concerned. This is the midway point of the NBA season. I hope he gets back soon” – Ogwumike

“You get back spasms and things of that nature, when you have to carry the load so damn much. If Devin can get a little help from some of the guys on the Suns, his back wouldn’t be hurting so much. Help the young fella out” – Scott

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