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First Half

Monologue: Rockets building case as 2nd-best out West?

Clemson’s Trevor Lawrence and his fabulous hair was busy winning the hearts of America with that beatdown of Alabama
clemson beard
But deep in the heart of Texas, they spent last night watching a different kind of hair heavy hero
jamal murray
James Harden and the Rockets played ball on the same night of the national championship game and they too had their own No. 1 of sorts as an opponent, the Denver Nuggets
measuring stick
This was supposed to be something of a measuring stick game for both teams and for much of the 1st half, it indeed looked like a fair fight

And then, this happened…


harden fire
Harden finished the 1st half scoring 10 points in 109 seconds, including three stepback threes
harden in the mud
Unlike earlier in the season, when the Rockets showed the depth of a puddle, this time the supporting cast made the Nuggets pay
It has been a weird year for Houston. They spent much of first third of the season as the league’s most disappointing team playing such bad defense
daryl morey
Because of their early struggles, there has been significant pressure building on GM Daryl Morey to do something drastic to shake up the roster. It was so dire that at one point he offered 4 first round picks to Minnesota to get Jimmy Butler
harden fire
But then Harden began raining hellfire on all who dared to come before him and the Rockets have suddenly have won 12 of their last 14 games and have certainly making the case that by the time the playoffs come around, they could once more be the NBA’s greatest challenger to the Warriors
harden gas tank
In the past, when Harden has had to push himself like this during the regular season, the bill comes due in the postseason. He can run out of gas
It would be nice if Chris Paul and his hamstring can stay healthy through the playoffs, but are you willing to bet everything on that happening?
It is a complicated puzzle. The Rockets are running short on days to make some big decisions
harden with hair
In the meantime, they are winning. And everyone’s hair looks magnificent

Rockets need to make a move before trade deadline?

rockets ranks

“They need to make a move to add more depth to just get guys some rest” – Jefferson

“If they’re going to get someone, get someone that can play defense” – Ogwumike

More disrespectful Harden crossover: Jamal Murray or Wesley Johnson?

“It caught me off guard how far he fell” – Harden


harden crossover shirt
Harden’s crossover on Johnson last season were eventually made into T-Shirts that looked like this!

Wesley Johnson. In the history of the NBA. That is the most disrespectful – Jefferson

Wesley Johnson. It’s definitely worse because it really cemented his MVP season – Ogwumike

January 8, 2004 – Kevin Garnett with the one handed dunk on the original Sabonis!


Make or Miss League Kawhi

Miss Logo
The Rules; Was Giannis inspired by Clemson?


Make Logo
Hot Potato; What chance do you give Kings to make playoffs?

Miss Logo
Decisions; Should they just take the turnover next time?


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Aggression; Are Fox & Russ more alike than we thought?



Run it Back

Most explosive PG dunkers of all-time:

3) Russell Westbrook

2) Derrick Rose

1) Baron Davis

Moving on…

Was Lonzo & Ingram’s big night a blip or a trend?
Ball had 21/7/5 | Ingram had 29 points and 6 assists

lonzo quote

bi's numbers since lbj injury

It’s both, which is a random thing to say. As a coach, you challenge your players. These guys just need to take this opportunity with all these guys out and it’s not coaching. This is your opportunity – Jefferson

The issue that these young guys have is not only efficiency when they play, but also consistency when they are playing. They need to be able to shoot consistently – Ogwumike

RecommendsBlake Griffin doesn’t need to be relevant by Kevin Arnovitz

Second Half

Draymond Green: “You can’t play defense anymore” | Does Draymond have a point about defense today?

“Two things: No player has benefited more from the new rules than James Harden. No team has benefited more from the new rules than the Golden State Warriors. You got Steph Curry and all those guys. No one can touch them” – Jefferson

“The game has changed, especially with how they protect the shooter on the perimeter. But it’s still a whole new world when it comes to the paint” – Ogwumike

James Dolan: “Knicks will never tank” | Buy James Dolan saying Knicks will “never” tank?

dolan quote

dolan quote 2

cuban quote

knicks by the numbers

“I don’t really worry about what James Dolan says that much. I’m not so concerned about the external. I’m really excited about the internal. They finally have a coach in which the players really listen to, they’re playing hard and making progress. They are still a good free agent destination” – Ogwumike

“He should have just stopped when he said about the draft pick” – Jefferson

“Knicks fans are intelligent enough to know every time they lose, this is a great draft class” – Jefferson

“I haven’t seen people this excited [for Zion Williamson] since LeBron. I’m not saying he’s going to be the next LeBron, but I had not seen people this excited about an incoming freshman in 16 years” – Nichols

Kevin Love still weeks away from return | What’s Kevin Love’s future with Cavs?

love's salary

“They’re just kind of in a flux” – Jefferson

“Kevin Love is a safe bet in the NBA. The question here is: Is he still a guy that is a primary option? To me, his body of work, he’s an efficient player, someone you can rely on, he’s consistent, he may not be a primary, but he’s somebody you can build around” – Ogwumike

January 8, 1993 – Shaq dunking on Patrick Ewing vs the Knicks


kemba walker

Expect to be an All-Star this season?

“It’d mean the world to represent my organization, to represent the city of Charlotte. I’m excited to to try to get back to that game. Not a lot of guys get a chance to be in the All-Star game and represent their city at the same time” – Walker

How difficult is it to get your shot off?

kemba walker by the numbers

“I love it. It’s all about creating space and being able to get your shot off” – Walker

What will determine your free agency decision this summer?

kemba quote

“Right now, I don’t think about it as much just because nothing that can be done right now. I want to be able to enjoy that process and just wait for it over the summer. And I do want to be in the playoffs and I think we can with he team we have now” – Walker

On the trade rumors:

“At first, it was pretty tough just because I’ve never been involved in trade talks. So to hear it, I heard it through social media. From that point on, I was pretty upset, but you can only control what you can control” – Walker

On should the Hornets be active during this year’s trade deadline:

“They know what they got to do. I have a lot of trust in him [Mitch Kupchak]” – Walker

Favorite Michael Jordan story?

“To this day, it’s still super surreal for me. Every time I see him, I’m like ‘Wow.’ He loves being around us, loves to help us give advice to not just me, but everyone” – Walker

“Just to be myself” – Walker on advice he has gotten from MJ

what were you thinking

what were you thinking 2


“I wanted to get to the basket” – Walker

Bonus: Favorite ankle breaker in your career?

“The one on Nikola Mirotic” – Walker

what were you thinking 3


“I thought it was good. It was a close game. I looked over to my teammates and they were like ‘It didn’t go in'” – Walker

what were you thinking 4


“For the most part, I hope I didn’t offend nobody. I really just wanted to get rid of the basketball because I thought the guy was going to foul me. I probably should have just threw it to the rim. It just happened” – Walker

Klay Thompson and the things he likes:

Dances with TWolves

How will Timberwolves respond in 1st game of post-Thibs era?

“It all falls on two players. You got two No. 1 picks [Wiggins and Towns]. They’ve proven to be good, the next step is for them is to prove that they can great. They have to deliver. You have a 1-2 punch” – Jefferson

“This is a good opportunity for people to say: Who’s also going to step up? And if your head coach getting fired doesn’t get you in formation, then what are you playing for here?” – Ogwumike

League PassWizards at Sixers

Jimmy Butler’s discontent in Philly overblown?

butler quote

butler quote 2

“I’m not mad at him because I do think he has a right to be angry” – Ogwumike

“76ers big 3 reminds me of the Heatles” – Ogwumike


John Wall undergoing surgery on his left heel (Washington Post)
Trade Wall/Beal or try to build with both of them?

wall's salary

“They both gotta go. There are people who would take that [John Wall’s] contract” – Jefferson

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Admire Tatum’s honesty in response to hypothetical trade for AD? (Via CLNS Celtics Beat Podcast)

Tatum: “I’d trade me for Anthony Davis too”

ad and tatum

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