Show Recap: January 3, 2019

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Who would win in guitar hero: Russ or Lance?La La Lance


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First Half

Monologue: The NBA can be a messy business

Fans like clean lines in sports: My team vs your team, wrong vs right, this guy is the hero, this one is the villain
It wasn’t a surprise last night when Paul George got booed by Lakers fans at Staples Center
Kawhi Leonard.JPG
Expect to hear some boos for Kawhi Leonard when he makes his return to San Antonio tonight

KD has been through this before too:

DeMar DeRozan.JPG
For the first time since being traded last summer, DeMar DeRozan will be facing the Toronto Raptors tonight

DeRozan was completely caught off-guard with the Raptors trading him and said it was “BS” especially after he re-signed there as a free agent without even visiting any other teams

It is sometimes true that the NBA is a business, but sometimes it’s not
DeMar DeRozan Team USA.JPG
At Team USA training camp last summer, he was asked about wanting revenge against the Raptors

DeRozan took it even further when he appeared on the YouTube cooking show that his former Raptors teammate, Serge Ibaka hosts. In that conversation, he said he’d drop “50 on Toronto.” It was that afternoon where Ibaka served DeRozan a traditional Congolese dish featuring cooked worms!

Meanwhile on the other side of things…

Kawhi Leonard Raptors.JPG
Kawhi Leonard was asked if he ever wishes things had worked out differently in San Antonio
Kawhi Leonard Spurs.JPG
Leonard said his time with the Spurs meant a lot to him

DeMar DeRozan Raptors.JPG
Like DeRozan with the Raptors, they felt caught off-guard, even though they also know it’s a business

Last night, fans chanted this at PG-13:

What could have been this season for the Lakers
Paul George.JPG
A player like Paul George, who had to overcome a horrific injury and thought it would take the game of basketball away from him, has the right to make his own decisions about where he wants to play in

The truth being is that all the way around, the lines aren’t clean, Players, teams and fans can be both wrong and right. Which is a whole lot more interesting anyway

More to prove vs former team: Kawhi or DeRozan?

“Neither one of them. They don’t have anything to prove. Their legacies, to me, have been set in those organizations” – Billups

“Both guys should have their jerseys retired in those cities” – Billups

“I get the sense that DeRozan is more hurt. This game means more to him to show to the Raptors that this is what you’re missing out on” – Elhasssan

Bonus: Chauncey on being traded from the Pistons to the Nuggets

“I wanted to win that game so bad. I was so hurt and mad by the trade that everytime I laced them up, no matter who we were playing against, I was playing against the Pistons” – Billups on being traded from Detroit to Denver and returning to Detroit as a visitor

“Kyle and DeMar remind me so much of Rip and I. When I was traded, Rip was never the same as a Piston. He was hurt [by the trade]” – Billups

Bad look for Lakers fans to boo PG-13?

These guys don’t look too happy!

Should Lakers regret not trading for PG-13 in 2017?

“They did it on the highest level possible” – Elhassan

January 3, 1984 – Jeff Malone falling out of bounds and hitting the insane shot in the corner for the win!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Block Parties; Is there anyone Jarrett Allen can’t block?

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Validation; Are you disappointed in Westbrook’s water bottle smack?



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Timing; Like the approach from Terrance Ferguson?


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DVR; Does Terry Rozier need to watch more TV?
Little known fact about Kyrie Irving: He can name show tunes on the top of his head

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Range; Will the Mavs make the playoffs?
Mavs won by 38 points against the Hornets. They made 10 3 pointers in the first quarter

“Not if they’re the worst road team in the NBA, which they were up until last night” – Elhassan

“They got to win some road games” – Billups

Moving on…

Can Luka do better than “Matador” nickname?
An assistant coach gave him this nickname and the Mavs are trademarking it

“It’s fitting on both sides” – Elhassan


Run it Back

Honorable mention: Chauncey “Big Shot” Billups

Billups on remembering Rick Mahorn giving him the nickname:
“I do. It was after some game winners. I think I hit like 4 [Game Winners] in 2 weeks and he gave me that name”

5) Pierce 4) Kemp 3) Iverson 2) Erving 1) Johnson

“Rick Mahorn gave me the ‘Mr. Big Shot’ nickname. He didn’t file for the trademark. It’s my name” – Billups

Second Half

Anthony Davis at breaking point?

“Sure. I think he is. He wants to win. But at the end of the day, he’s showing nothing about commitment to these guys on this team” – Billups

“Don’t waste his prime. Put the pieces around him to give him a chance to really win or let him go try to find somewhere else to win. This guy is just too special” – Billups

“He’s either got to have the confidence that management is going to get that sorted out or ‘I got to get outta here'” – Elhassan

“I don’t think he’ll ask for a trade” – Billups

“Legacy [for him] is winning” – Billups

“He’s going to give them a chance. Once this season runs out, it’s pretty much apparent” – Elhassan who thinks AD won’t request a trade

Did Joel Embiid drop the mic on Deandre Ayton comparisons last night?

“I’m standing by what I said. This young boy is ballin’ man. He’s going to be a problem in the league. He reminds me a little bit of the skill set of Embiid” – Billups

“Embiid was always a plus-defender and Ayton has been not good [on defense]” – Elhassan

RecommendsWhy Toronto believes it can convince Kawhi to stay by Tim Bontemps

Grizzlies meeting ends in altercation between Omri Casspi & Garrett Temple (Via Shams Charania of The Athletic)

Where do Grizzlies go from here?

“I like when losing makes you mad. You keep it in the locker room” – Billups

“Sometimes you need a guy that’s going to be a good locker room dude” –  Elhassan

Porzingis re-signing with Knicks a no-brainer?
KP is “Skeptical” about the Knicks (Via New York Daily News)

“Maybe it’s not all good between them. He’s still probably hurt from the stuff that happened in the Phil Jackson regime” – Elhassan

“You want to see him healthy first. But I think he’s going to be a Knick” – Billups

January 3, 2013 – JR Smith finishing the insane reverse alley-oop dunk vs the Spurs!


Harden on volume of free throws: “Stop fouling. It’s simple”

Harden on winning another MVP:

“I need it for sure and I’m going to get it”

“I feel the same way when people complain about teams running up the score. You don’t like it? Stop me. Defend” – Elhassan

“I’m with James Harden all day. STOP FOULING! Be a savvy defender. It is what it is. Stop hacking” – Billups

Expect Spurs fans to cheer or boo Kawhi tonight?
“Let’s celebrate what we had here” – Popovich at shootaround

“They should appreciate what Kawhi did in that city. They witnessed greatness with him. They should cheer him” – Billups

“That championship [in 2014] is because of him. Kawhi should get a standing ovation” – Elhassan

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