Show Recap: December 20, 2018

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Think Vonleh hit the weight room after the game?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Could PG-13 earn some MVP votes?

“He should be. This is the best I’ve seen PG play. He’s really reinvented himself. He looks better than ever” – T-Mac

“He’s having the best shooting season of his career. He’s better than he has before, he looks great out there defensively. Russ is really invested in making sure that he plays well” – Windhorst

“If they are in the top 2 spots of the West and they have a top 3 defense, he will inherently be in the conversation” – Windhorst

“Billy Donovan has a lot to do with his growth. They are really doing a great job in utilizing Paul George as who he is as a player when he was in Indiana” – T-Mac

Think De’Aaron Fox regrets saying he’s faster than Westbrook?

“No. Not at all. The kid is pretty damn fast. I like the confidence within him” – T-Mac

“Don’t back down, De’Aaron. You are right. He is really, really fast” – Windhorst

Should a foul have been called at end of Pacers-Raptors?
Pacers led by as many as 17 points in this game

“Yes. They should have gotten the foul call” – T-Mac

“What tells me everything: The Raptors players didn’t immediately celebrate. They assumed that it was a foul. That to me just said all I needed to see” – Windhorst

December 20, 2002 – Amar’e Stoudemire soaring in the air with the nasty one-handed dunk on the Clippers!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Footwork; Should DeRozan star in the nutcracker?

DeRozan the nutcracker.JPG



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Selfishness; Which pass was better?
Solomon Hill’s pass to Jrue Holiday or Holiday’s pass to Anthony Davis for the dunk


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Confidence; Is there anyone Joe Ingles is afraid of?


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Complacency; Is Dame having his best season yet?
Lillard had 15 points in the 3rd quarter and 24 points overall in a Blazers win vs the Grizzlies. Averaging career highs in points, FG%, 3P% and rebounds

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Body Control; Anything prettier than an up-and-under layup [by Derrick Rose]?



Throwback Thursday! T-Mac with the up-and-under move:



Run it Back

Top D-Rose under the rim finishes:

3) 2016: vs Knicks 2ph8dc.gif

2) 2012: vs Celtics 2ph8ga.gif

1) 2010: vs Bobcats2ph8im.gif

Moving on…

Giannis to AD after the game: “Come to the Bucks” | Is AD’s uncertain future coming a distraction for Pelicans?

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“He has a year and half left [on his contract]. He has a lot of room to talk. Until after this season, things will start to get intense on what type of move are you going to make to get some pieces back for him because you don’t want to lose this kid for nothing. He’s too valuable for your franchise” – T-Mac

“Absolutely, AD has thought about it. It’s probably one of the reasons why he switched agents last year” – Windhorst

“LeBron just made it a bigger headache by talking about it” – Windhorst

“It seems to be a distraction for this organization because it keeps coming up” – T-Mac

Second Half

Working TogetherRockets set NBA record with 26 3-pointers!

Rockets setting 3-point record a turning point in the season?

“They look like the team of last year. They’re not on that level as far as the defense, but offensively, they look stellar” – T-Mac

“They got bodies back and are getting healthier” – Windhorst

Bays of Our LivesWarriors struggles more than just boredom?

“This is something. This is definitely not boredom. Their bench is not as strong as it has been in the past. It’s basically 5 on 4 out there: These guys are leaving Draymond open, he’s not making shots. If they want to win a championship, getting back to that championship level, Draymond has got to make shots” – T-Mac

“If Draymond wants to get paid, he’s got to make that shot. He needs to be a two-way player” – Windhorst

Minnesota fan ejected for arguing with Blake Griffin:

Last night in Utah…

Kevin Durant yelling obscenity at a fan after a trip to the free throw line:

Are fans crossing the line by talking trash to players?

“At times, they do. These fans have to know that these are young men you are talking to or talking about. You have to respect these guys” – T-Mac

“Part of this is because of social media. We tend to see interactions that happen more than we saw in the past” – Windhorst

“Because of social media, people are more emboldened than they’ve ever been to shout things at people they don’t know” – Nichols

“It doesn’t bother me until you cross the line” – T-Mac

December 20, 2007 – Chuck Hayes at the free throw line shooting an ugly shot, which he misses badly!

Allen Iverson afterward: “That’s a travel!”

Per T-Mac, Rockets won that game!

Most of the talk about the Suns these past few weeks haven’t been so flattering

Suns logo.JPG

A fan on Twitter reached out to Rachel Nichols and suggested this idea for new Jump TV show for the Suns:


You get the show

The world premiere of The Jump’ new show from within a show…

Suns heading in the right direction?

FWIW: The Suns have been 4-0 since Arizona resident, Greta called out Robert Sarver!

“Booker, since he’s come back from injury, has been playing great basketball. Ayton has stepped his game up and playing out of his mind over the last couple of weeks. That’s why I picked him to be rookie of the year because I thought he was going to put these numbers up” – T-Mac

“Ayton’s production and their defense” – Windhorst on why the Suns have been on a roll

How worried should Celtics fans be after losing to Suns?

“They should be worried. This team has lost their mojo. I’m afraid that they won’t get it together and it maybe because they have too much pressure on them to duplicate what they did last year and exceed past that because they have everybody back healthy” – T-Mac

“Their offensive rhythm has been off” – Windhorst

“They’re waiting for developments in New Orleans” – Windhorst on the Celtics possibly making a move this season

RecommendsLuka Doncic isn’t your average rookie and he knows it by Tim MacMahon

Doncic’s confidence the secret to his early success?

“Yes. He gets that from playing with grown men over in Europe. They threw the rings to this kid and he’s answered the bell. He is 19 years old and playing like this? It’s scary” – T-Mac

“He’s the most experienced teenager ever to play in the NBA” – Windhorst

Pacers and Kings to play 2 “Historic” preseason games in India in 2019!

“There’s no American sport that has a foot hold there, the NBA wants to get there first and there is potential players over there. They want to grow the game there right now. They’re also looking for an Indian player to potentially come over” – Windhorst

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Actor, Billy Crystal to call Lakers-Clippers game with Ralph Lawler on Jan. 31

Billy Crystal.JPG

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