Show Recap: December 19, 2018

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Luka raindrop floated more luck or skill?

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Lakers reeling after rough road trip

3 of their 4 losses came against teams with losing records
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That’s mostly due to either injuries or illnesses to their key guys
Seeing the Lakers roster lose players to injuries is like watching someone take a power drill to a piece of Swiss cheese. There were already holes to begin with

Of those 1,850 dunks, players have blocked his dunk…

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D’Angelo Russell, a former Lakers lottery pick, sticking the dagger into his old team

So where does this leave LA now?

AD and LeBron
“It would be amazing if the Lakers made a trade for Anthony Davis. Like, duh. That would be incredible” – James to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin
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The Lakers and Celtics are expected to go hardest at AD next summer
Yet the Pelicans don’t want to trade AD at all

Here’s the weird loophole: Celtics have Kyrie Irving on a kind of contract called the “Designated Extension.” Until that contract is up next summer, the Celtics can’t trade for another player on a designated extension, which is what AD is on

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For the Lakers, the February 7th trade deadline is their best, clearest shot at KD. And LeBron knows that

LeBron James on the Lakers possibly bringing in Melo:

New Orleans is in no mood to send away the cornerstone of the franchise

LeBron will be turning 34 later this month. This is the youngest and healthist the Lakers will ever have him. He only gets older from here. As this recent road trip showed, there are still holes in this roster, injuries or no injuries, and is nearing decision time on whether they are going to get filled

Do Lakers need to make a trade right now?

“They need some more shooting. This has been said since day 1. There’s no time to panic. For the short-term: They need to make a trade to get more shooting on this roster. Long-term: If they want to be champion-contending, they have to get a superstar on this roster and that doesn’t have to be this year” – T-Mac

“If I can get Anthony Davis in anyway shape or form, I’m making that deal. You have to” – T-Mac

“On the flip side, if I’m the Pelicans, there’s really not a trade the Lakers can make that I’d give Anthony Davis away for at this point” – T-Mac

“If they wanted to make a trade, it’d be in the short-term. Their most tradeable asset is KCP (has a defacto no-trade clause; can veto any trade)” – Windhorst

Was D’Angelo Russell the right player for Lakers to trade?

He also hit a game winner when he was a member of the Lakers…against the Nets!

“When you win a championship, it means never having to say your sorry. If your moves lead you to get LeBron James, it means not having to say your sorry” – Windhorst

“He was not that great in his time with the Lakers” – Windhorst

“I don’t think so. You got LeBron James on your roster” – T-Mac

“I got to give props to my old coach, Kenny Atkinson. He is doing a fantastic job over there in Brooklyn. It seems like he’s helping D’Angelo mature a little bit and he’s playing the best basketball of his career” – T-Mac

December 19, 2001 – Jason Richardson with the nasty right handed dunk on Ben Wallace (Pistons)


Make or Miss League Klay

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Acrobatics; Who did it better:

Joe Harris (vs Lakers):




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Fear; Think Jarrett Allen will tell his grandkids about this?


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Danger; Does Zion need to be more careful?


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Boxing out; Did Nance Jr. get away with a foul?


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Sharing; Nuggets had 31 assists through 3 quarters last night

Moving on…

Give Nikola Jokic a legit shot at MVP?

“I agree. He is a candidate for MVP. This guy is leading a young team and they are in 1st place in the Western Conference” – T-Mac

“If they win 60 games, get the #1 seed in the West and he is able to play at this level all the way through, he enters the conversation to be in the top 3” – Windhorst

Second Half

Is Nets 6-game win streak a big deal?

“He’s (Coach Atkinson) instilling a great deal of confidence in this team. You can see it when they play. I love seeing the energy that they play with. They compete” – T-Mac

“Kenny Atkinson’s seat was getting warm. They lost 8 games in a row, blew a huge lead against the Thunder at home. Not with Sean Marks, the GM. Marks has had support for Kenny” – Windhorst

“The Nets are calling around to be buyers at the deadline, not taking on bad contracts to get draft picks, actually getting players. We haven’t heard that in years” – Windhorst

Tyson Chandler: “Knicks can land ‘Big-time’ free agent this summer” | Share Tyson Chandler’s optimism for Knicks this summer?

“They’re hoping for the combo: To get a really good draft pick and get a big free agent. They’re hoping for the 1-2 punch. I agree with Tyson that the Knicks are closer now, then they have been in a while” – Windhorst

“I agree [with Tyson] because you have a star in Porzingis, a great coach and respected coach [David Fizdale] and then Scott Perry and those guys are running the show and making moves. From top to bottom, they’re making themselves a lot more attractive than they have been in the past” – T-Mac

“Let’s say they don’t get an impact player. Get KP back and play a year with what you have on your roster right now and see where you’re at and evaluate then” – T-Mac

How important is Khris Middleton to Bucks?

Bucks official (Via Yahoo! Sports):

“We’re gonna do everything we can to keep him”

“He’s very important. He is the Robin to Batman over there. They complement each other well. He’s the perfect guy to have alongside Giannis. It would be a shame if they can’t re-sign and keep him there” – T-Mac

“This is the problem for the Bucks: There’s more teams out there with max cap space dying for a big player than their are big players” – Windhorst

“If you look at the history with guys in situations like this [max contract], it’s not worked out well” – Windhorst

“Khris Middleton is not a five-year max player” – Windhorst

December 19, 1989 – Karl Malone with the poster dunk on Patrick Ewing!


Goran Dragic out 8 weeks (Knee Scope)

“The Heat have been so snake bit on injuries, especially to their premier [players], over the last 2 years. It’s almost unbelievable. This is already a season that has gotten sideways on them” – Windhorst

“It’s really the first time that Pat Riley has not been ahead of the game. They got a bloated, average team and now that they’re injured, they’re in trouble” – Windhorst

“You should glorify and celebrate D-Wade. This is season is pretty much done for these guys” – T-Mac

Dion Waiters cleared to practice

“For him to get the money, he played his way into that contract. It just sucks for him that he’s dealt with the injury. That’s out of his control. His confidence can’t waiver of who he is” – T-Mac

“He had the injury and played through the injury. He was playing too hard for the team” – Windhorst on why Waiters has been out for this long

“The criticism has mostly been on the Heat for giving him a $52 million contract when they knew his ankle was in bad shape. What they are hoping for is he’s only 27 [years old], when it’s all over that everybody will forget about this and that their investment made sense” – Windhorst

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Trevor Ariza’s shot at Suns warranted?

“No. That’s not a shot. He was telling the truth. He’s in a better situation than his previous team. He’s gone from worst…to bad” – T-Mac

“He’s the big winner here. He knew what he was doing” – Windhorst

Is Dwight Howard being realistic about Wizards chances?

“He couldn’t even say it with a straight face. He was laughing when he said this” – Windhorst

“There’s a chance Dwight Howard has played his last game. This is a severe injury” – Windhorst

League PassPelicans at Bucks

Rather build around AD or Giannis?

“Giannis. He has never been hurt. Also, in a league where perimeter players and guys who can play multiple positions on the wing are valuable, he edges AD out” – Windhorst

“AD. I can give him the ball on the perimeter and can count on him in a game closing situation to knock down a jumper. I can’t trust Giannis to do that because he hasn’t developed an outside shot yet” – T-Mac

“I want to see how the Pacers rebound [from last night’s last second loss to the Cavs]. It’ll tells us a lot about them” – Windhorst

Zach LaVine out 2-4 weeks with ankle sprain

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Steve Kerr will tinker with rotation; Steph Curry will open 2nd & 4 quarters

“He doesn’t see them playing at their highest level” – Windhorst

“Doesn’t matter. They’re bored. They’re just trying out different things” – T-Mac

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