Show Recap: December 18, 2018

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Opening Tip
Is Taj Gibson allowed to do this?

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Bulls are fighting. For something. I think.

There has been a lot of talk of fighting around the Bulls this month
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Bulls management says the team needs more collective “fight”
Pro tip: You never want the word ‘Mutiny’ in the headlines about your franchise
An actual fight took place last night between the Bulls and Thunder

Boylen’s mission is to improve the Bulls toughness and unity. This team could use a lot more of both
Jim Boylen.JPG
But the question that remains is whether Boylen’s methods of getting there are going to work


Jim Boylen college.JPG
Before the NBA, Jim Boylen coached in the NCAA, coaching the Utah Utes. But didn’t end well during his tenure there
Jim Boylen college 2.JPG
Per the Deseret News: Boylen’s style was so severe, more than half a dozen players transferred out of the program


‘Torched’ is another word that you don’t really want in headlines about you

Coaching tree.JPG
Aside from being fired at Utah,  Boylen has been a very successful assistant coach to a lot of very respected coaches

Which direction are Bulls going?

“He just inherited a very young core of guys. They have to do a great job of really helping these young players understand how to play together, how to play the game and how to really go out there and compete every night” – TMac

“They have just to continue to stay competitive and keep grinding every night. Where they’re going? I don’t know” – TMac

“It’s a lot broader than Jim Boylen, it’s deeper than Fred Hoiberg. After 15 years of Gar [Forman] and Pax [John Paxson], it’s time for a change, a new set of eyes within that organization. Things have kind of gotten stale internally. The issue here is: It’s not just the coaching. The roster isn’t very good” – Friedell

“Right now, the Bulls are a laughingstock throughout the league. People are laughing at what’s going on the floor and off the floor” – Friedell

“If they don’t turn it around this year, it really wouldn’t surprise me if he (Michael Reinsdorf) finally looked around and said ‘You know what? It’s time for somebody else to come in and change things up'” – Friedell

Jim Boylen on breaking up Bulls-Thunder scuffle: “I just don’t want guys to get hurt”

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“There’s always so such drama around the Bulls. They’re always in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The roster isn’t good” – Friedell

“They have too many young guys around them” – TMac

Who is benefiting from PG-13 more: Westbrook or [Billy] Donovan?
Donovan had his option picked up by the Thunder for next season

“Westbrook. Russ has learned from that experience of playing with KD. He’s taking a backseat. He’s sacrificing a little bit more to allow PG to be who he is and it’s working for these guys” – TMac

“Donovan. This has solidified him as an NBA coach on one of those top tiers” – Friedell

December 18, 1996 – Hall of Famer, Grant Hill with the facial dunk on the Knicks!


2019 WNBA schedule is released!

“It’s a shame that we don’t get a chance to see enough of them” – TMac

Make or Miss League Harden

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Dreams; Should Gallo have just gone with the floater?


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Reflexes; Think Troy Williams has been watching some T-Mac tape?



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Warmth; Is “Eskimo Klay” your favorite Klay so far?

Last Night:

Eskimo Klay.JPG

China Klay:


Scaffolding Klay:


Qatar Klay:


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Scouting Reports; Where does this rank in Harden’s all-time posters?





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Moonwalks; Excited for 2-minute report from this one?



Run it Back

Most egregious travels in NBA history:

3) Melo vs the Heat in 2015

2) Kendrick Perkins vs the Heat in 2015


1) Corey Brewer vs the Thunder in 2014



Moving on…

CP3 on Harden: “Best offensive player I’ve ever seen”

“No. Not even close. He is the best skilled at getting to creating fouls and getting to the free throw line, but he’s not the best offensive player I’ve ever seen. That has to be MJ, Kobe and KD” – TMac

“It’s KD and Steph above Harden. When Steph gets rolling, he’s even at a higher level than what Harden can do and he has lifted the Warriors so many more times compared to what Harden has done in those big games for Houston” – Friedell

Second Half

Klay on Warriors health:

Working TogetherWhat should Warriors prioritize now that they’re healthy?
Note: Not counting DeMarcus Cousins

“They just have to stay healthy. This Warriors group is so confident” – Friedell

“Their bench is not as strong as it was before. They still have [Shaun] Livingston and [Andre] Iguodala, but they’re getting much older. I’m not sure they can contribute the way they have in the past to help these guys win another championship” – TMac

“Jonas Jerebko. Steve Kerr loves him. He has been everything the Warriors hope he would be” – Friedell

“The thing I worry about though: The Warriors play faster more than anybody. They love getting the ball up the floor and the movement. Boogie is used to slowing things down and getting plays for him. They want to weave him in, but they’re not going to lose the core of what they built over the last few years” – Friedell

KD on passing Bird on scoring list: “I want to keep going” (Via NBC Sports Bay Area)

KD on where he wants to go from here:

“I got KD as being one of those guys to break the [all-time] scoring record. He has that type of ability, he doesn’t get hurt” – TMac

Did Devin Booker get the last laugh on Enes Kanter?
Booker scored 38 points at MSG

Flashback from this past January:

“He had that on his mind for a whole year. Book gets the last laugh. He exposed Kanter a little bit” – TMac

RecommendsHow ‘4-pt line’ and other court markings are changing NBA by Malika Andrews

Something Nothing or Everything?!

LeBron and Melo.JPG

TMac: Nothing
“Two friends going out and enjoying each other’s company. These guys are best of friends”

Friedell: Nothing
“If LeBron really wanted Carmelo, he would have already been there”

Big Jump.JPG

Friedell: Something
“When Westbrook is engaged when he wants to play, he is an unbelievable player. We’ve all been waiting to see more effort consistently on the defensive end. So far this season, he’s doing it”

TMac: Something
“He is playing with a guy that’s always on the All-NBA Defensive Team. It’s rubbing off on him”


TMac: Nothing
“I like these two guys, but I don’t see them reaching that potential”

Friedell: Nothing
“You can’t take it to that level”

Nichols: Something
“It is interesting to me that he felt the need to go so clearly overboard in praising his own guys because there backlash about what he said the day before”

Blake Griffin.JPGAfter the game, Griffin was bothered more by the turnovers than the triple double made him happy

Friedell: Something
“Stan Van’s plan is finally coming together a little more than we saw last season. For him to continue putting up these numbers leads you to believe that everything together to a point where Detroit may actually get into the playoffs this season”

TMac: Nothing
“He was a little too aggressive”

December 18, 1996 – Eddie Jones (Lakers) takes off for the one-handed slam vs the Bucks!


Thibs leaning on Robert Covington too much?
Covington has been nursing a sore knee, which he’s missed time for

“It’s not worth it when you’re up by almost 30” – Friedell

“I think Covington went to him and told him to leave him out there. There’s no way Thibs did this on his own” – TMac

Expectations for Trevor Ariza’s Wizards debut tonight?

“I expect him to be himself. Come in there and be a veteran and have veteran leadership with this group. Trev is a true professional – TMac

“He’s a nice player. But the Wizards aren’t good. I don’t think it’s going to make too much of a difference either way. That’s the real issue” – Friedell

“He’s with the wrong team. He should be a Laker” – TMac

Best fit for Austin Rivers now?
Suns will cut him

“Clippers. Let’s see the reunion. Get him back with Doc and see what happens. Find a way to make it work” – Friedell

“Magic. Come on home. He’s from Orlando. He’d do well coming off the bench” – TMac

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Nick Nurse fined $15k for critcizing refs in defense Refs in defense of Kawhi

“That is a great investment. Anytime you publicly stand up for the guy you want to keep for years and years to come, go for it” – Friedell

Actress & Director Penny Marshall dies at 75. She was a die-hard Lakers fan. May she rest in peace

Preview of AD vs Giannis (Wednesday night)

“Just the competitiveness between the two guys. I want to see the back and forth between them. This needs to be a Christmas game” – TMac

“If Giannis develops that jump shot, nobody will touch him” – Friedell

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