Show Recap: December 17, 2018

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La La Lance
Did Lance deserve a tech for “air guitar” celebration?


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First Half

Monologue: Recapping a truly bizarre weekend for the Wizards

Wizards History.JPG
The Wizards had one of their most bizarre moments in their franchise’s history
DupNrUUW0AAiLeO.jpg large.jpg
The trade that didn’t go down. It was chaos on Friday night!
On Sunday night, the Wizards beat the Lakers, while holding LeBron James to 13 points and John Wall dropping 40 points
Judge Wall.JPG
Judge Wall. You know what that means do you?

Another episode of…

Wall and Order


“In the National Basketball Association, the people of Washington are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The guys who are finger pointing inside the locker room and the guys who are playing for their next contract. These are their stories…”

Wall and Order.JPG
America’s favorite basketball crime series is recasting!
The trade is official (Finally)! Trevor Ariza is back on the Wizards
This was supposed to be a three-team trade between the Grizzlies, Wizards and Suns


Fingers crossed.JPG
Woj: “The Grizzlies and Suns insisted each had been double-crossed”
MarShon Brooks.JPG
Memphis believed the deal included MarShon Brooks
Dillon Brooks.JPG
Suns believed the deal included Dillon Brooks

Hold my beer.JPG
The Suns have spent the past few seasons as the NBA’s most prominent ‘Hold my beer’ franchise. And while negotiating with them, the Wizards out did them
By Saturday, things were mercifully cleaned up and Phoenix can move forward and fully embrace another season playing for a high draft pick

The Wizards think they’re still in it, which is why they acquired Ariza instead of trying to deal either Beal or Wall. But are they? Don’t even think about making any prediction on the Wizards. This weekend was a great example of why

Trading for Ariza the shake-up Wizards needed?

“Ariza could have that same influence on them, as well as giving them a veteran guy who can tell them to shut up and play. He can bring a lot of the intangibles that Paul Pierce brought that was successful for them” – Spears

“The case for the trade makes sense. Oubre and Rivers aren’t in their (Wizards) long-term plans. If Porter comes back healthy, if I’m a 2 or a 3, I don’t want to face Wall, Beal, Ariza, Porter and whomever. This does stabilize an unstable situation” – Arnovitz

“Kudos to Ariza because he went and got Phoenix to give him some money and then got traded to a team that’s pretty good” – Spears

76ers brass split on what to do with Fultz? (Via Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer)

“What they need to do is assign what is the value of Markelle Fultz to the franchise. You have to forget about ‘he was our #1 pick.’ That is a sunk cost. He is a player on their roster with developmental issues who has great potential. The question for the other 29 teams: Would we take Fultz with the draft pick that we would be surrendering?” – Arnovitz

“The Sixers need to figure out whatever he [Ben Uzoh] did because it was successful and bring it to this kid [Fultz]. Try to rehab him and perhaps giving up on him could be a mistake” – Spears
More of this story can be read here on The Undefeated

“He is a number 1, 2 or 3 issue for that franchise. It is something that needs to be managed” – Arnovitz

December 17, 1997 – Kobe Bryant (with the afro) with the windmill dunk vs Michael Jordan’s Bulls!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

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Unicorns; Jokic goes off, Nuggets back at 1st in West
26 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists in a win over the Raptors

Miss Logo
Placement; Whose fault is this?


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Optimism; De’Aaron Fox the most impressive NBA sophomore this season?
28 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists

Make Logo
Elation; Think Kawhi would be fun to party with?

Kawhi Partying.JPG

Kawhi Partying 2.JPG

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Originality; Think Zo and LeBron practiced this?


Moving on…

More significant for Lakers: Blowout win vs Hornets or blowout loss vs Wizards?

“You want the real: Always bet against a team in a big city on a Sunday. Marcus Camby never played on Sunday in Toronto” – Spears

“Blowout win vs Hornets. It was another great defensive effort. The Lakers will go as far as their defense takes them. They’re kind of a top 10 defensive team and that to me is going to be the barometer of their success” – Arnovitz

Pacers hire Kelly Krauskopf as first female assistant GM in NBA History!

“I love to see our league leading the way on this among all the American sports leagues. It is awesome” – Nichols

Second Half

The Jump’s longest running show from within a show…

As The Kings Turn
Joerger’s praise for Doncic a shot at Kings front office?

“Yeah. I do. Because that’s what Vlade believes that they’re might have been a ceiling on Doncic. Vlade loved Bagley big time. But why are we killing everybody else in this draft?” – Spears

“Bagley is playing, when he’s healthy” – Arnovitz

“My concern about Luka Doncic and the teams that skipped on him, it felt in the moment as if it was teams who were afraid of being wrong. Being afraid of being wrong is a reason to make decisions” – Nichols

“I got the sense that Vlade thought Bagley would be better” – Spears

Did Nick Nurse go too far in criticism of officials?

“Of course he has a point. His job is to stand up for his star, especially when that star is on a one year [contract] and is going to be recruited by the organization to stay. Nick Nurse cannot do enough to defend Kawhi Leonard” – Arnovitz

“The volume has been up on the officiating for 2 seasons now. It’s what I hear from guys around the league over and over again. There’s a feeling among players that it is never fair and there’s a feeling among officials” – Nichols

Condolences go out to Raptors coach, Nick Nurse who lost his mother. She was 94 years old.

RecommendsJames Dolan, unplugged by Ian O’Connor

All’s well that ends well for Steph and NASA?

James Dolan open to selling Knicks? (Ian O’Connor)

“If you get a 4 billion dollar bid, you got to look at it” – Arnovitz

“I’m glad he’s saying something about their front office now, which is pretty historical (Black President, GM, Head Coach, Assistant GM). But the talent on that group is so good that you don’t see black. You see talent” – Spears

Dan Gilbert: “Cavs will be good again within 4 years” | Share Dan Gilbert’s confidence in Cavs? (Via Joe Vardon of The Athletic)

“He knows something we don’t” – Spears

December 17, 1997 – Tracy McGrady (Raptors) with the big one-handed block on Eric Williams (Celtics)!


How attractive is Jabari Parker in trade market?

“Here’s the problem: You’re only getting him for one year. You don’t have his bird rights. I can’t think of a scenario where a team says ‘Let’s bring this guy in and is a a part of our long-term future? If so, we have to pay him'” – Arnovitz

“I love Jabari but it’s just a weird red flag because Milwaukee basically said: ‘Go ahead and go.’ Now Chicago a month and half in, a hometown guy, you want him gone? What’s the real story?” – Spears

“You hear Utah, there’s a Mormon connection there” – Spears

Iguodala, Livingston expected to play tonight vs Grizzlies
First time since Oct 26 that the Dubs will have their top 6 guys

League PassBucks at Pistons

Pistons looking to add a star to help Blake?

“The problem is their cap sheet is not terribly amenable to adding a star. Their top 5 players are going to make $96 million next year. It makes it very difficult to acquire the kind of player who commands the salary that means he is a major complement to Blake Griffin” – Arnovitz

“John Wall. They want a star” – Spears

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How much do you think MJ hates camera phones?

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