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Michael Jordan too hard on Malik Monk for premature celebration?


Michael Jordan told the AP: “This was a tap of endearment”

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: AD is a generational talent, but he can’t do it alone

AD some help.JPG
Can somebody get Anthony Davis some help? Please?
AD's teammates.JPG
This is not a knock on Jrue Holiday, Julius Randle or Nikola Mirotic
KD Pelicans.JPG
This is not some pie in the sky where the Pelicans should trade for Kevin Durant kind of plea

AD needs that all-star level of help that fans regularly see in other places around the league:

Statline for AD.JPG
AD’s statline vs the Thunder

Statline for AD.JPG

Last night was the 2nd time in as many games where Davis has just torched an elite defense like dropping 41 against Boston on Monday night
What can the Pelicans do to get Davis some real all-star level help?
They already did this once when they got DeMarcus Cousins, but just had bad luck when Cousins got injured
Dell Demps.JPG
If the Pelicans aren’t willing to use it’s upcoming 1st round pick or just do some significant before this year’s trade deadline, Pelicans GM, Dell Demps wouldn’t be able to look at Davis with a straight face when he offers him that supermax this coming summer
Bidding wwar.JPG
Conventional wisdom says that if he does go on the market this summer, it would be a bidding war between Danny Ainge’s Celtics and Magic Johnson’s Lakers

A bidding war with the Celtics would be handicapped to win because they’ve got the most to offer

AD on the Celtics.JPG
Will AD be a Celtic in the near future?
AD Lakers.JPG
Since he signed with LeBron James’ agent Rich Paul, it has been widely speculated that AD might want to team up with James in La La Land. He should at least considering pushing for a trade…now

Why would he do that? Because the Celtics can’t trade for him now due to, per the CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement)…

Designated Rookie Exception

Due to Kyrie Irving’s current contract, Boston wouldn’t be able to trade for AD until Irving’s current deal expires

But the best scenario would be for AD to get enough help in New Orleans that wouldn’t make him want to leave. That has to happen

What should Pelicans do to try to keep AD?

“This team got to get more committed defensively and part of that starts with Anthony Davis quite honestly. I don’t know that he’s doing enough defensively to help them win either. Sometimes, these stars have to take it upon themselves” – Van Gundy

“When you’re a market like New Orleans, free agents are flocking” – Elhassan

“They’re not going to attract high level free agents. It’s going to be hard with them in the draft. But I’m not giving up AD right now” – Van Gundy

“He’s not going to turn down the supermax” – Van Gundy

“You’ve got to take that chance because you’re not going to get fair value back” – Van Gundy

“New Orleans could very well being heading into the abyss, which they never recover” – Van Gundy

Latest episode of…

Bays of Our LivesRaptors blowing out Warriors without Kawhi mean anything?

Durant after the game on the Raptors:

“They’re not an up and coming team, they are here”

“They’ve been great. But the bigger issue though, heading into the playoffs, can they get that kind of production out of Kyle Lowry when Kawhi is playing, not in his place?” – Van Gundy

“I’m gonna go with what Kevin Durant said: This team is here. It’s complete. Everyone knows their role. This was an important victory not because they beat the Warriors but because they are continuing to build on this reputation that we are the best team in the league right now” – Elhassan

December 13, 2003 – Stromile Swift (Grizzlies) finishing the monster alley-oop vs the New Jersey Nets!


Make or Miss League Rondo

Make Logo
Bad Passes; Why is this happening so much Lately?

Miss Logo
Order; Should Kyrie play all 48 minutes with his jersey untucked?


Make Logo
Anger; Favorite dunk last night?







Miss Logo
Anger; Did Trae and DJ really deserve techs?

Make Logo
Last Resorts; Like the effort from Kyle O’Quinn?


Make Logo
Replay; More embarrassing for Luka?

The flop:


Being left hanging by Wes Matthews:


Moving on…

Seattle, Las Vegas realistic options for Suns? (Via Laurie Roberts of The Arizona Republic)

The Suns do have an opt-out in their arena deal to leave that place in 2022 (Not the state of Arizona)

“This is the team that made Phoenix from a dusty outpost in the old west to a major American city having an NBA team. He’s [Robert Sarver] not very well liked in the city of Phoenix” – Elhassan

“In Phoenix, this is personal. This is a city saying: ‘Will give money. But not to you'” – Elhassan

“The question is: When is Robert Sarver going to bring an NBA team to Phoenix?” – Van Gundy

Second Half

Mutombo.JPGHall of Famer, Dikembe Mutombo joined the show!

Mutombo is with an 8 year old boy from the Congo who needs special medical care. He has a growth of a tumor on the side of his face. He can only get care for that in the United States

Shaq-Kobe Lakers or Current Warriors: Which dynasty wins?

Liked comment by Mutombo.JPG

Shaq says that his peak Lakers team would defeat this current Warriors dynasty “easily”
Also cited their 15-1 playoff run as evidence

Steph Curry answered back: “Dead wrong!”

“I love this Golden State team. They are very different. It would be very difficult to match up with them. Shaq is just talking” – Mutombo

“They got no way to guard Shaq down on the low post. He was a great passer. You put shooting around him and you’re trying to double team, you’re going to have a hard time there too. It would be a contrast in styles” – Van Gundy

“The big thing is: Derek Fisher can’t put any pressure on Steph Curry. There’s no way for the Lakers to take advantage of Steph Curry as a ‘weak end.’ I don’t think it would be close at all” – Elhassan

What were you thinking.JPG


“It took Michael 7 years to get one dunk. I’m in the Hall of Fame for blocking shots. Give me some credit” – Mutombo

Current player most worthy of using the finger wag?

“Serge Ibaka and Bismack Biyombo. I let them use it. They’re just making me famous” – Mutombo

RecommendsIs Luka Doncic the next James Harden by Mike Schmitz (E+)

Schmitz.JPGNBA Draft Insider, Mike Schmitz joined the show!

Doncic’s game comparable to Harden’s?

“It’s not the perfect comparison. James is more dynamic to the rim. Luka a little bit more versatile” – Schmitz

“He’s not slow, he’s quick. He uses his body. And that got me thinking about James Harden” – Schmitz

“The one similarity these guys have is kind of their secret sauce (hidden athleticism): It’s their ability to stop on a dime. These are two of the best decelerators in the entire NBA” – Schmitz

“That’s a great comparison. If you’re comparing somebody to James Harden, pretty darn good smart. The other guy I thought of was Joe Ingles, body type, athleticism. Doncic is a lot better off the dribble than Joe Ingles, who is a better defender” – Van Gundy

“I’m going to go out on a limb here: Larry Bird. I see a guy who can be like Larry Bird” – Elhassan

Should Luka Doncic have been No. 1 pick?

“He’s the best prepared to be the best rookie based on his international play” – Van Gundy

“If he doesn’t get a bit better, he’s going to be a damn good pro for 15 years in this league” – Van Gundy

Sources: Dirk Nowitzki returning tonight at Suns (Via Tim MacMahon)
Will set the record for most seasons played with one team (21 seasons)

“Let’s be honest: He’s not going to be on the court a whole lot. This is more of his version of #OneLastDance, in terms of playing in the games. I don’t know if he’s going to factor in as far as their on court success that much” – Elhassan

“I don’t like to see those guys in a severely diminished role and play. I hope he can play well in the minutes he has. If not, I’m not going to be as happy about it because I remember the greatness of Dirk and don’t want to see it diminished” – Van Gundy

“He’s the perfect guy to usher in the Luka Doncic era” – Schmitz

December 13, 2005 – Baron Davis with the game winning three pointer in Seattle!


Jeff Van Gundy addresses Stan Van Gundy on Raptors-Warriors broadcast

“I missed that last night because my flight got delayed. Will have to have a talk” – Van Gundy

Can you blame fans for chanting “MVP” at Kyrie on the road?

“New York would. That’s what happens. He’s a free agent” – Van Gundy

“It’s them trying to get at their own guys” – Van Gundy

“Everyone in DC is not from DC. That arena is filled with people from Boston and those other places” – Elhassan

Bulls vs Magic in Mexico City
Chicago playing in Mexico City for the first time in franchise history. Orlando last played in Mexico City for a preseason game in 2012

John Paxson: “It’s been a good week for Bulls long term”

“Not much John Paxson says or does lately do I agree with, but that might be the worse” – Van Gundy

“The chest beating kind of makes it kind of upsetting” – Elhassan


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