Show Recap: December 11, 2018

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Did LeBron do this for Kevin Love?


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First Half

Monologue: LeBron and Wade’s Hollywood ending

There is a conventional way that fans are used to two athletes bringing out the best in each other
It’s not that these legends were just rivals, both sides of the rivalry were so elite that each forced the other to dig deeper than they thought they ever could
LeBron and Dwyane first met at the NBA Draft Combine in a training room 15 years ago

They took vacations together:

Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would have never teamed up together in their day, let alone ride a large inflatable banana boat together
Banana Boat.JPG
The fact that LeBron and Dwyane would ride on a banana boat doesn’t mean that they weren’t still bringing out the best in each other

When they played each other, it was war:

But in the years that they played together, they won titles…

“Winning at the highest level, I needed him. And that’s why I made the jump (to Miami). I appreciate more than I can express in words what he did for me when I went down to Miami” – LeBron James

Wade and LeBron.JPG
That push and challenging each other continued last night when Wade’s Heat paid a visit to James’ Lakers at Staples Center. And once again, they brought out the best in each other
It’s not the “end end” for these two. They went out to dinner after last nights game, those same kinds of dinners that would make fans so mad
Jersey exchange.JPG
The best friends exchanged jerseys with each other after the game

In the end, it absolutely worked. Two kids who met on a training table at a draft combine pushing each other into the hall of fame

Biggest takeaway from LeBron vs Wade last night?

“Nothing had anything to do with the game itself. It brought back the memories of these two guys when they really joined forces and what LeBron was able to do when he teamed up with Dwyane Wade. What comes to mind to me is: Sacrifice on both of their parts” – TMac

“LeBron James will go down as one of the greatest players of all-time. There’s no way you can make that statement had he never played with Dwyane Wade” – McMenamin

“He got his motivation from D-Wade and what he was able to accomplish and the things that he learned from him” – TMac

Knicks fans reading too much into LeBron’s “Garden” comment?
Producer Steve is a Knicks fan, FYI

“LeBron was not talking about playing for the New York Knicks. He was considering himself as a performer” – McMenamin

“No I can’t [see LeBron looking good in a Knicks uniform]. He looks good in the gold” – TMac

Giannis smart for not wanting to workout with other stars?

“You want to be mysterious on your workout and what you’re bringing to the next season” – TMac

“You can see those tendencies in how that they could fit in to perhaps being your teammate in the future. This is the modern NBA” – McMenamin

“I would not workout with a guy that’s an All-NBA player. Guys that are not at that elite level, I’m fine with working out with those guys” – TMac

December 11, 1994 – Kenny Anderson of the New Jersey Nets drives to the basket and finishes with the tough reverse layup vs the Wolves!


Make or Miss League Pop
“Really?” – Popovich

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Elation; Anyone having more fun than Luka this season?


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Complacency; Was last night the Myles Turner breakout game we’ve been waiting for?
26 points, 12 rebounds, 5 blocks in a win vs the Wizards

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Punctuality; Impressed by Robert Williams’ timing?



Robert Williams.JPG

Robert Williams. 2JPG.JPG

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Layups; Favorite dunk last night?

Jaren Jackson Jr.:


Zach LaVine:


Jayson Tatum:


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Deadpanning; Perfect reaction from Luke?

Moving on…

Who wins in 1-on-1: Prime T-Mac or Prime KD?

“Nobody will ever know. You are talking about two guys that can score the best of them that has ever played this game” – TMac

“The team that I played for, the Orlando Magic, Evan Fournier chimed in!” – TMac

DuKY33oXcAAa_sj.jpg large.jpg

“I’d take KD because he has three or four inches on you” – McMenamin

“If you’re going to put me 1-on-1 in that box with KD, I was pretty damn good” – TMac

Second Half

“I’ve been going since 1999. I’ve seen the evolution of basketball, the fans on how they gravitate towards the players. The love and loyalty that they display is second to none” – TMac on China and their love of basketball

How long can 76ers be without Jimmy Butler?

“The other guys will be able to carry the load. This gives Embiid the opportunity to get back to that role of carrying this team. Jimmy Butler is out, he has a burden to carry and let’s see if he can do that” – TMac

“For the Sixers long-term success, is that a good thing? The only way they’re going to succeed in the Eastern Conference in the playoffs is to have all of them on the same page” – McMenamin on whether having Embiid take more of the responsibility again with Butler out for a time being

Have Bulls hit rock bottom yet?

LaVine quote.JPG
Credit: ESPN

“This is just growing pains from a young team. This is why you need veterans on your ball club so they can help these young guys understand how to maneuver through times like this. It’s going to get bad before it gets worse” – TMac

“The true rock bottom would be to have this time in their franchise history effect them when it comes to potential free agents. It could be affecting the future assets that could join that locker room” – McMenamin

“The Sacramento Kings is making a mockery of the Chicago Bulls. That’s how bad it is” – TMac

RecommendsTeam-By-Team guide to trade deadline by Bobby Marks (E+)

Derek Fisher.JPG

5 time NBA champ and the new head coach of the LA Sparks, Derek Fisher joined the show!



Who wins in 1-on-1: Prime T-Mac or Prime KD?

“They’re both so long that their might be one guy on earth that is actually long enough to contest each other’s shots. It would be fun to watch” – Fisher

Challenges of coaching in WNBA?

“Having 12 teams, compared to 30 teams There’s a competitive balance to it that pretty much every night, you’re playing against somebody that probably can beat you. Finding ways in the summer after the women have played overseas all fall/winter to still push the right buttons, get everyone motivated to come out and play great every night, that’s going to be hard” – Fisher

Expectations for LA Sparks this season?

“To be the best version of who we can be. I don’t think there is any question that that means that we should be capable of contending and competing for a title. The team is great” – Fisher

What were you thinking.JPG

When this shot left your hand?

“It was going to be way too hard. I was fading back to get the shot off and I thought I shot it too hard” – Fisher

When Kobe and Shaq were at the height of their beef?

Kobe and Shaq.JPG


Article 2.JPG

Shaq and Kobe.JPG

Shaq and Kobe 2.JPG

“It was never as bad as it was written to be in terms of being on the team. It felt weird to have people writing stuff about what we were experiencing and I was actually there” – Fisher

“One could argue that even for Kobe’s career, just new challenges, new opportunities to have to be greater than even what you were, that’s what it forced everybody into” – Fisher

When you saw Corey Brewer in open court on this date in 2009?


“That I’m about to take a charge. I was like ‘This is not going to work out well” – Fisher

December 11, 2013 – Stephen Curry with the game winner on Shawn Marion vs the Mavs!


Are Warriors primed to go on a run?

Steve Kerr quote.JPG

“They’re a juggernaut and they’re going to go through their times where they’re bored, they bicker or they have injuries. Steph is playing at a level that we haven’t seen yet” – McMenamin

Curry is scoring 1.4 points per shot this season

“They just haven’t been consistent and healthy this year. They haven’t been bored because these guys haven’t been playing all together. Everybody is healthy now. These guys are just going to run away with it in the Western Conference” – TMac on why he thinks the Dubs will go on a run

NASA responds to Steph Curry’s moon landing takes (Via “Winging It” podcast with Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter)


Moon 2.JPG

Via Tim Kawakami of The Athletic:

“Inquisitive minds ask inquisitive questions” – Curry

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Jimmy Butler on Blake Griffin: “He can’t score on me” (Via The Ringer)

“I love it! This can potentially be an Eastern Conference match up when the playoffs start” – TMac

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