Show Recap: December 10, 2018

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Nick Young signs with Nuggets | Is Swaggy P a good fit in Denver?

“He’s a good fit anywhere he goes, but there’s a reason why he was unsigned as long as he was” – Shelburne

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First Half

LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will faceoff in their final game against each other

Rachel Nichols’ convo with LeBron and D-Wade where they talk about their longtime friendship from last season:

Legacy of LeBron-Wade duo?

“The respect that LeBron had. He respected Wade County. He let his aura just naturally be there, instead of walking in and saying that he was the face of the franchise, which he could have done. That showed a lot of respect for Wade and his legacy in Miami ” – Spears

“Flat out, they changed the league” – Shelburne

“They [Miami Heat] need to retire LeBron’s jersey at some point” – Spears

Lakers eyeing trade for Trevor Ariza? (Via Woj)
Note: Ariza cannot be traded until December 15th

“Ariza would help them, but would also complicate some things because there’s already not enough minutes to go around on the perimeter” – Shelburne

“I thought they were going to get better at the trade deadline (and after). They’re getting guys now. I hate to say it, they are becoming a Western Conference Finals contender. I didn’t see that before the season started” – Spears

“They’re playing so much better than they have throughout the season and they’re not even good yet” – Shelburne

December 10, 2005 – Allen Iverson breaking Jacque Vaughn’s ankles and hitting the jump shot vs the New Jersey Nets!


Make or Miss League Klay

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Awareness; Give John Collins a pass for slapping dude?


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Sabotage; Are we about to see a new taking strategy?


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Aggressiveness; Anyone more locked in than Blake Griffin?


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Ambition; Does Lance Stephenson deserve an “A” for effort?

La La Lance


Moving on…

Luka Doncic running away with ROY?
Went on an 11-0 run on Saturday night in the 4th quarter against the Rockets…by himself!

Mavericks coach, Rick Carlisle after that game said:

“It was special. It’s pretty clear that he’s got a flair for the moment. He’s unafraid. You don’t see that every day.”

“This kid is special and he has a better supporting cast to play with [at 19 years old]. Dallas has a shot at making the playoffs. The winning that Dallas is doing could push him for the reward along with his great play” – Spears

“Preseason, I picked [Deandre] Ayton as my rookie of the year pick, just in the sense that I thought he was going to put up [big] numbers. There’s not many centers in the league who can do what he can do. But he has not translated it into wins like Luka has” – Shelburne

Second Half

Draymond Green returning tonight vs the Wolves (Toe) | Can Warriors get back their joy?

Credit: Sports Illustrated

Only the 4th time ever in the history of SI that a team has received the honor of Spokeperson of the year

“I think they’re back and fine. The only thing that’s bothersome to them is fans talking trash about Draymond and KD, which that’s not going to stop” – Spears

“This dynasty could last 5, 6 or 7 more years. The only team that really looks like it can knock them off is themselves. Now, they have some competition out there” – Shelburne

Latest episode of…

Boogie WatchDeMarcus Cousins joining Warriors G League team for practice (Via Marc J. Spears)

“There definitely is some rust that he has to get out. There’s some word that he was dragging his leg a little bit. These two practices are very important for him” – Spears

“He’s a 4-time all-star. He’s got to dominate these practices. The Warriors are being cautious, they’re not pushing him. Come back when you’re ready” – Spears

Worried about Kyle Lowry’s aggressiveness?

“This is kind of peculiar for him. I’m a little surprised. Kyle has to be Kyle. He’s the leader and face of the team” – Spears

“The part that I’m concerned about is just who these games have been against. They’ve been against good teams (Celtics, Bucks, Nuggets). Just for his confidence, you don’t want to have your bad games against the good teams because that’s what you draw upon when you get back into the situation. That said, it’s still kind of early” – Shelburne

Bulls suffer largest loss in franchise history Saturday vs Celtics, then held 2-hour, players-only meeting on Sunday

Where do Bulls go from here?

“They made a coaching change for a reason. They brought in Jim Boylen to be the heavy. He’s going to change the culture, that’s his mandate. Gar Forman and [John] Paxson were in the meeting that they had and I think he has the full support of management and ownership to be doing this” – Shelburne

“From my understanding, it was mostly Zach LaVine who was trying to stick up for his fellow teammates, being a leader on the team saying that ‘We shouldn’t have a practice here.’ Zach and Jim have met since this and they’ve cleared the air” – Shelburne

“There’s talk even of forming a leadership group of players that if there’s ever issues like this again, they know how to go to the coaching staff and they open the lines of communication” – Shelburne

December 10, 1996 – Voshon Lenard with the double pump game winner off the glass vs the Cavs!


Something Nothing or Everything?!

Joel Embiid’s frustration with role on offense

Credit: Keith Pompey/Philadelphia inquirer
Credit: Keith Pompey/Philadelphia inquirer

“I’m being used in a way that I don’t think is the best way for this team” – Shelburne on what she interpreted from the Embiid quote

“As soon as [the Sixers] get shooters to space the floor, then you don’t need have Embiid to space the floor. But he happens to be a really great three pointer shooter” – Shelburne

“I’m definitely keeping my eye to see on how it goes from here” – Spears

Celtics 5-game win streak

Shelburne: Something
“They’re figuring out how to play together now in the spacing. They’ve changed it up”

Spears: Everything
“That was a sign [56 point win over the Bulls] that they’re back to everybody. They’re adapting to roles. The Celtics are scary right now. Be aware. They might finally be back playing like we expected them to”

Kyrie Irving missing a game vs Pelicans (Shoulder)

“I don’t think it’s anything for tonight, but I do worry about those types of injuries, especially with Kyrie, because he is so important to what they do. If it’s a lingering type shoulder injury, then that’s not good going forward” – Shelburne

“Anytime either one of those guys (Irving or Davis) gets hurt, it’s something” – Spears

RecommendsBron-Wade “Super Friendship” by Brian Windhorst

LeBron James on playing final career game vs Dwyane Wade:

John Wall: “Probably shouldn’t have played”
Scored 1 point on Saturday in a loss to the Cavs, which came on a free throw

John Wall Quote.JPG

“Shut him down. Eastern Conference can help him get back in it” – Spears

“I like the fact that he at least tried to play. With what they’re going through in Washington this year and how bad things have gone, it shows a lot that at least he tried to play when he knew he probably shouldn’t be out there” – Shelburne

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Why do people still believe the moon landing was fake? (Via Kent Bazemore and Vince Carter’s “Winging It” podcast)

Their guests were Stephen Curry and Andre Iguodala

Kent Bazemore said (“Winging It” podcast):

“Do the research on Stanley Kubrick setting the theory that the legendary film maker directed the moon landing”

“Just because you weren’t alive for something, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen” – Shelburne

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