Show Recap: December 7, 2018 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Appreciate Grizzlies memorial for Omri Casspi’s “Shammgod?”

Today’s Panel:

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First Half

Monologue: Houston…we have problems

The face that a kid makes in class when a teacher calls on him and hasn’t done his homework
Harden and CP.JPG
The Rockets looked like they didn’t do their homework last night in their blowout loss to the Utah Jazz…on National TV
The Rockets had a golden opportunity to beat the Jazz after their big man/DPOY, Rudy Gobert got ejected at the beginning of the game

After he got ejected, he posted this on his IG story:

Credit: rudygobert27/IG

Gobert did apologize by saying “I have to be smarter to stay in the game”

After Gobert got ejected, the Rockets didn’t take advantage of it. They allowed the Jazz to close out the opening quarter on a 23-11 run. But things got much worse

11 points (Rockets).JPG

James Harden.JPG
Last season, the Rockets dropped 50 points in a quarter in a playoff game vs the Wolves. But this year’s team is not the same
defensive coach.JPG
With the loss of Jeff Bzdelik, the anchor of the Rockets defense last season, their defense ranks at the bottom-third of the league

Points in the paint last night:
Utah: 70
Houston: 42

Trevor Ariza is not Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. It is not like since going to the Suns, they’ve turned into a festival of winning
CP3 has missed some games, but always misses them anyway. That is not new
Will Daryl Morey make a move before February’s trade deadline and fix the problems of his team?

The Rockets last night looked like a team that couldn’t wait to go off of the court

Rockets digging too deep of a hole?

“I feel like they’ve lost their identity. We thought that they were going to be the team that can compete with Golden State. They’ve lost that edge and Trevor Ariza is the reason why they’ve lost that edge” – Pippen

“Houston had made that jump last year (defensively) and now they’ve put themselves so far back” – Pippen

“The fact that were even discussing whether they’re making the playoffs or not is irrelevant. They’ve fallen from the elite level of championship contenders and I think they’re all having a hard time getting used to that” – Windhorst

“It makes me wonder whether or not Daryl Morey is willing to get radical. Is he willing to do something with this roster?” – Windhorst

“For me, the roster got worse. They didn’t fill the void of losing one of the top defenders in the game (Ariza)” – Pippen

Gobert ejected 2:47 into game last night | Reaction to Gobert’s early exit last night?
Fastest on record in NBA History

“I was not surprised. The officials made a good call” – Pippen

“The officials do like players. They look at film and they know players’ antics and what they do. I guarantee you the officials knew that they were going to make this call” – Pippen

“That was one of the most ridiculous calls I’ve seen in a long time” – Windhorst


Run it Back

Other incredibly fast ejections:

3) Nov. 27, 2010: Stephen Jackson 4:29 into game

2) Feb. 1, 2017: Jameer Nelson 4:07 into game

1) Jan. 12, 2015: Kevin Garnett 4:07 into game

December 7, 1990 – Tim Hardaway Sr. with the nasty crossover on Isiah Thomas and the finish!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Production; Does Mitchell Robinson only throw down alley-oops?



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Everything; Maybe it slipped?


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Creativity; Favorite finish from Celtics last night?



Miss Logo
Lactose Intolerance; Weirder Bucks story?

Cheese present:

Lopez signing microwave:

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Commitments; Does playing in NBA excuse players from jury duty?

Mitchell Jury Duty.JPG

Mitchell Jury Duty 2.JPG

Moving on…

Suns new coach using right approach with rookies?
Started Richaun Holmes over Deandre Ayton

“It’s growing pains and basic coaching. He just has a different approach. For rookies, sometimes, you have to get on them in the moment” – Pippen

“This is a losing culture that he is pushing back on” – Windhorst

“They are obviously a team in some level of crisis, but the crisis isn’t this week, it’s been for five years” – Windhorst

As The Jump’s researcher, Michael Schwartz says: “The Suns have a hard schedule because they can’t play themselves”

Second Half

LeBron open to Melo joining Lakers? (Via Joe Vardon of The Athletic; Later confirmed by Ramona Shelburne)

“LeBron would love to play with him. LeBron looks at what Dwyane Wade is doing where he’s going through the league, having this really wonderful ride, changing jerseys, getting applause, that’s the way he’d like to see Carmelo going out and not alone in a gym waiting for the phone to ring. I don’t think it’s likely to happen” – Windhorst

“This would be a great fit for Carmelo. LeBron is the one player that can revitalize his career and can set him up for success. Carmelo has to take a step back and realize where he is as a player. Be willing to come off the bench and sacrifice. Some of the things he has said has caused him to not be in the league” – Pippen

“The Lakers can use him. The low post scoring, that Carmelo is capable of, can help them” – Pippen

Should Celtics fans be worried about Kyrie’s shoulder?

“No. He’s got a great left [shoulder]. It’s still early in the season” – Pippen

“I am worried about every Kyrie injury. The only thing that’s been able to stop him in his career is injures” – Windhorst

Irving’s injuries:


“He has so many talents but, I see him as very fragile” – Windhorst

Are Hayward & Brown coming off the bench the right formula for Celtics?

“For the short-term, for sure. But they are deep and talented enough that Brad Stevens has a little bit of a luxury to say: Playing the guys who help us win and the guys who deliver” – Windhorst

“It’s earned and not given. Those are the players that you’re going to win with” – Pippen

RecommendsShould Giannis be MVP Front-Runner? Kevin Pelton (E+)

Iverson on LeBron-MJ debate: “Mike is always going to be GOAT” (Players’ Tribune)

“Michael stands out above LeBron because of his clutchness. Both are great basketball players. LeBron is definitely not the same type of player that Michael Jordan is. Anyone would embrace the opportunity to play with either one of those players. Michael may edge him a little bit…a lot of it” – Pippen

“It’s a victory for LeBron that he is not compared to his peers but is instead compared to Michael. It means you can’t compare him to anybody he’s actually ever played against. We will be continuing to talk about this” – Windhorst

Agree with Iverson’s all-time starting 5?

“I never see the guy who won 11 titles on the list. It’s an insult to him” – Windhorst who was referring to NBA legend, Bill Russell

“Bill Russell, how are you going to keep leaving him off?” – Pippen

What makes Jordan 11 Concord so iconic?

Credit: Nike
Jordan Concord.JPG
Credit: Nike
Jordan Concord 2.JPG
Credit: Nike
Rachel's sneakers.JPG
Even Rachel Nichols was rocking the Jordan 11 Concords on set!

Interview with Bulls equipment manager, John Ligmanowski after Jordan went off for 38 points in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals vs the Magic:

“I really didn’t at the moment. This pair really stood out. He had added the patent leather to it and I’m like: ‘Dude? That patent leather gonna burn your toes up.’ He did it anyway” – Pippen

“Mike always went against the rules in the NBA. That’s what made his shoe so popular” – Pippen

December 7, 2002 – Brent Barry with the alley-oop pass to former slam dunk champ Desmond Mason who finishes with a sick reverse dunk!


All-Access with the Detroit Pistons

Joel Embiid out tonight vs Pistons (Rest) | Right call for 76ers to rest Embiid tonight?

Brown quote.JPG

Brown quote 2.JPG

Minutes played (12_7).JPG

“They have been so careful with him over the last couple of years and have been rewarded beautifully. There’s no reason not to continue to be cautious with him” – Windhorst

“For me, the game is about the fans. You got fans coming to wanting to see him play. Their are kids that idolize him and they’re looking forward to this night. I don’t like disappointing the fans” – Pippen

“If you know he’s getting too many minutes, you cut the minutes. You don’t start taking him away from games” – Pippen

Warriors need revenge after Bucks 23-point blowout (November 8)?

“No. Golden State isn’t afraid of anything but Golden State. Having said that, they do like to send messages. They hold themselves to their own standard” – Windhorst

“This is an important game for Golden State because the Bucks have their number. They’ve had it for the last couple of seasons. Giannis is the one player that they problems matching up with” – Pippen

More dangerous right now: Steph or Giannis?

“Steph is more dangerous. He plays with a chip on his shoulder. He has to get team back under his wings” – Pippen

“Steph. When he’s on, he is unstoppable” – Windhorst

Game of the NightLakers at Spurs

How do Lakers make up for loss of Brandon Ingram tonight?

“They spread the floor beautifully the other night late in the game without Ingram. I don’t know if it’ll carry over to San Antonio. But the way they ran their offense late in that game, they looked great” – Windhorst

“They’ll be fine. The Lakers have enough players out there. LeBron is going to step it up when he’s on the road” – Pippen

From earlier in the show when the gang was wondering why Bill Russell is never in the discussion for top 5 greatest players of all-time, Mr. Russell tweeted this:

From Tim Frank, SVP League Operations Communications, in regards to the jump ball foul on Rudy Gobert:

“4 times already this season, there’s been fouls on jump balls and that there was 7 times last year”

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