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Today’s Panel:

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Starting from the right: Rachel Nichols, Insider Zach Lowe and Hall of Famer/Former Raptor, Tracy McGrady

First Half

“The best part was making the playoffs my third year. This place was rocking” – TMac on his favorite Raptor memory

Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Raptors PG, Kyle Lowry


“Nah. Because you got veterans that wanted to win and knows how to win. I don’t think were surprised. We brought in a couple of champions. We had the mentality that we got winners” – Lowry on whether he’s surprised the Raptors have gotten off to a hot start with the new pieces they have

“My phone’s going off [at 2:30 in the morning] and I get the phone and it’s DeMar. I pick it up and he like..he had some choice words which I’m not going to say. He said: ‘I just got traded to San Antonio.’ I’m like: ‘What?'” – Lowry on the DeRozan/Leonard trade

“I felt betrayed because he felt betrayed. That’s my guy” – Lowry

“He has some fire in there that people don’t know about. People think he’s quiet. He’s not that quiet. He’s a normal guy like everyone else” – Lowry on Kawhi Leonard

“I think I’ll get to that point where it’s a little bit more aggressive offensively. Sometimes you have to sacrifice a little bit to make the team go and figure it out as a leader” – Lowry on passing more than scoring

“He’s the president of basketball operations. And that’s it. For me, I come in here and do my job. That’s where we stand” – Lowry on his relationship with Masai Ujiri

How should Kyle Lowry feel right now?

“He was really just being honest. He should feel extremely well, extremely confident about their chances. Having LeBron James out of the Eastern Conference, Kyle Lowry and the Toronto Raptors should feel really good at the moment” – TMac

“He feels sort of betrayed on behalf of DeMar, not so much himself. They’re clearly better” – Lowe

“The NBA is set up for these kind of conflicts” – Nichols

December 5, 1999 – Vince Carter with a monster one handed dunk on the Spurs!


Chris Bosh.JPGFormer Raptor, Chris Bosh joined the show!

“For me, I take it as where I grew up, kind of my adolescence age in the NBA. We tried to make things happen, it just didn’t. I made life-long friends here, so many good experiences in this arena. I have no complaints at all” – Bosh on Toronto

Woj: Markelle Fultz out 3-6 weeks (Shoulder) | What are next steps for Fultz & 76ers?

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Credit: Adrian Wojnarowski/ESPN

“Just because something is physically wrong with you, doesn’t mean there’s also not something mentally wrong. No one has any idea. It’s the craziest story in the NBA that I can remember” – Lowe

“This is the strangest injury from a basketball standpoint. This is common in baseball. Glad they found the diagnosis” – TMac

“In order for him to propel his career in the NBA, He has to get out of Philly. He will never live up to being a #1 pick, he needs to move on and start his career somewhere else because of the circumstances that were surrounding him being the #1 pick” – TMac

“You see two different players. It kind of changed once he got drafted. Being a #1 pick is way different. You’re going to have attention and pressure. Now it’s grown into this thing. After he gets healthy, there’s still going to be the demand” – Bosh

“You’re going to have to play the game. The league expects certain things from you and you’re going to have to deliver, point blank period” – Bosh on advice to Fultz

Is KD right about difficulties of playing with LeBron? (Via Bleacher Report)

Credit: Ric Bucher/Bleacher Report
Credit: Ric Bucher/Bleacher Report

“Anytime you play with great players, you’re going to have to adjust. He’s going to take a lot of the load” – Bosh

“I don’t agree wholeheartedly. The third guy has to make the adjustment. LeBron would love to play with a guy that he can allow to take the scoring pressure off of him KD should know about this. He played with Westbrook, who’s similar to how LeBron plays” – TMac

“If you’re LeBron’s team, if you win, LeBron’s the reason why you won. If you lose, the other guys are the reason that you lost” – Lowe

“Wait a second, is he not going to consider the Lakers this summer?” – Lowe on what he interpreted from the KD quote

Bosh on joining the Heat to form a superteam:

“It was a different aspect back then. For us, at least for me in my perspective, I just wanted to win and it become this whole mushroom cloud. There’s things to talk about and you just have to deal with it” – Bosh

Game of the NightWarriors at Cavaliers

Think Cavs would have won another title if Warriors didn’t get KD? (Via The Athletic)

“They would have had a great chance of winning one if KD never showed up” – TMac

“I’m with Draymond. I would have picked the 2017 Cavs. They mowed over the East” – Lowe

“It’s the hardest thing in the world just to get to the Finals” – Bosh

Second Half

Ujiri.JPGRaptors president Masai Ujiri joined the show!

Mandela 100 Event (Toronto)

“To celebrate an unbelievable man and he opportunity he gave us. We first met each other in South Africa” – Ujiri


“The NBA and Adam (Silver) have done a great job. You have to keep growing the game and we have to invest on the continent” – Ujiri

Optimistic about keeping Kawhi in Toronto?

“We have to be who we are. You have to win on the basketball court and play. That’s what he loves to do. One: you take care of that part and you put a team together that he’s comfortable with. Second: Our medical staff has proved that gaining his trust and seeing how to keep him on the court and keep him going and how to manage it. He’s been excellent” – Ujiri

How confident are you in Raptors this season?

“What a great leader. You see the championship caliber that he’s brought to our team. You have to have those kind of guys. Veteran players make a difference” – Ujiri on Danny Green

How is your relationship with Kyle Lowry?

“He’s always mad at me every year. I understand what happened with DeMar. In our position, we have to do them and deal with them. In a trade, it’s tough to communicate with players in that manner. We have to change. We have to be better. We have to win” – Ujiri

“It’s been like that with Kyle since I’ve came here. I know how he is. I love him to death. He plays basketball the right way. He gives it his all. He has a good heart. I didn’t even trade him” – Ujiri

December 5, 2000 – Brian Shaw with the alley-oop pass to Kobe Bryant who flushes it home with one hand vs the Sixers!


Vince Carter not quite sold on participating in Dunk contest. Any chance we can convince Vince Carter to change his mind?

“I don’t want to see Vince in no other dunk contest. I want my memories of him of the 2000 slam dunk contest. He doesn’t have the flare like he had before” – TMac

“Vince is the greatest dunker of all-time. Doesn’t need to do this. He would win by sentiment anyway” – Lowe

Working Together.JPG

Problem with Hassan Whiteside leaving bench?

“That rarely happens in a heat of a game that guys leave the bench and go to the bathroom. I don’t believe him one bit. He was ticked off because he didn’t play in the 4th quarter. There’s always something with this kid. He has to take some accountability. They gave you a monster contract that you need to live up to and show some growth within your manners and professionalism” – TMac

How should Raptors deploy Kawhi on defense tonight?
Kawhi in his last 3 games: 32ppg; 55% from the field

“Put Kawhi on Jimmy Butler” – TMac

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