Show Recap: December 4, 2018 (Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Are the Wizards actually having fun?!


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Are Nuggets 2nd-best team in West?
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“Absolutely. I got them going to the conference finals this year. They’re a deep team” – Pierce

“They are, so far, the 2nd best team in the West and maybe even playing as the 2nd best team in the league over the first quarter of the season. Jokic is taking a step forward” – Elhassan

“Long-term, they could be a team that could contend for a championship if Michael Porter Jr. is that wing player that people think he can be” – Sedano

Share CP3’s confidence in Rockets?

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“I’m not so sure this year because they don’t carry some of that same swagger. They lose their defense and depth” – Pierce

“Even if they’re healthy, this team is not last year’s team. The full strength Rockets are still not as good as they were a year ago. I don’t know how you can be that confident to say any team” – Elhassan

“If you look at the rest of the West, I’d probably favor them in a series against anyone not named the Warriors” – Sedano

Daryl Morey on Rockets struggles: “I deserve to be slammed”

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“Without any solid facts with ownership, he deserves to be slammed because he let guys go” – Elhassan

“This reminds me of the year after we won the championship [in 2008]: We lost James Posey. That was huge for us. That’s what I see with the Houston Rockets not bringing back Mbah a Moute and Ariza. These are guys you need on your team” – Pierce

“When the window is open, you got to bite the bullet” – Elhassan

“They dropped the bomb. The window for the Houston Rockets is closed (Championship)” – Pierce

December 4, 2002 – Kobe Bryant crossing up AK–47 then pump fakes two defenders and hits a tough fadeaway jumper vs the Jazz!


Make or Miss League Rondo

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Ambition; Credit Jordan Bell or trying?


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Sweat; Should Beal make the headband permanent?
Scored 27 points, grabbed 8 boards and dished out 7 assists

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Perspective; At least they can laugh about it?

Last Night:




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Caring; What the heck happened to John Wall here?

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Sorcery; Is it still sacrilegious to compare Jokic to Sabonis?



Run it Back

Best Jokic career dimes (So far):

3) 2017: Jokic to Murray

2) 2016: Jokic to Faried2o6km1.gif

1) 2017: Jokic to Chandler2o6koy.gif

Moving on…

Is Tobias Harris playing like an All-Star?

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“If the All-Star game selection was today, absolutely 100 percent. He won player of the month in a conference that has 7 MVP winners, including the last 5 in a row” – Elhassan

“If they stay in the playoff race, he’s definitely an all-star. He’s due for a big payday” – Pierce

Joakim Noah to Grizzlies a big deal?


“It really doesn’t push the needle one way or another. You just added depth for Marc Gasol, but doesn’t add a few wins to the team” – Pierce

“The big question is: How is he physically? Is he physically able to contribute?” – Elhassan

Second Half

Curry on being compared to Trae Young:

Steph Curry on Trae Young comparisons: “Honestly, it’s getting old” | No one is still comparing Trae Young to Steph Curry…right?

“It’s style of play. Is he going to be Steph Curry? Of course he’s not. It’s always comparisons to your style” – Pierce

“Part of it is laziness (in terms of comparing players in general) and part of it is were trying to understand how would your game fit [in the league]” – Elhassan

What did you learn from “Curry Flurry” last night?

Curry Shot Chart.JPG

“MVP. He’s the leading candidate, if he keeps up this play” – Pierce

“The game is not only so easy for him, but it makes it easier for everyone else when he plays that way. You see how much fun he’s having” – Elhassan

Buy Kenneth Faried’s apology for liking negative IG posts about teammate?

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Manimal takes flight ✈️

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“I’m buying the apology, but I’m not buying he didn’t read the comment. He read the comment and instantly liked it. Then he had to figure out he made a mistake and unlike it again. You don’t like comments unless you read them” – Pierce

“Why are you in the comments? It’s a stupid, stupid exercise to do” – Elhassan

RecommendsKD enjoying ‘Big City’ life in San Francisco by Marc J. Spears of The Undefeated

Taking Raptors or the field to win East right now?

Odds to win East.JPG

“Taking the field. You still have Philly, the Celtics and then Milwaukee. The field is pretty deep in the East. Any of those teams could get to the Finals” – Pierce

“The Raptors are the favorite and should be the favorite. But it’s not like they’re head and shoulders and so much better than the other three teams (Celtics, Sixers and Bucks)” – Elhassan

“Taking the field, particularly because of the Celtics. They’re still trying to figure this out” – Sedano

“I’m taking Giannis as the best player in the Eastern Conference” – Pierce
Sedano and Elhassan have Kawhi Leonard as the best player in the East

“They (Raptors) got swept last year. I know it’s a different team, they’re a little older, they got a bigger star, Lowry is playing off the charts this year. It’s just something come playoff time with the Raptors. They just flame out in the playoffs” – Pierce

How should 76ers manage Embiid’s minutes?

Minutes played.JPG

“You got to look to the medical staff. Bryan Colangelo left a really, really medical staff in Philly. As long as the medical staff is cool, I’m cool” – Elhassan

“I’m not so sure. His history of injuries. The amount of banging he does every night, the physicality. For him to be up there in minutes, based on his history, you got to bring that down because usually when the muscles fatigue, that’s when the injuries come in. You can’t be playing him this many minutes” – Pierce

December 4, 2010 – Derrick Rose with the game tying three pointer against the Rockets!


Fair for Kobe to call out “bandwagon” Warriors fans? (Via


“When there’s a team that is as excellent as the Warriors are at what they do, why would you say: ‘Oh. Don’t be a fan of good basketball.’ Why do we want to ignore excellence?” – Elhassan

“I don’t look at the Warriors having bandwagon fans. They’ve always had great fans” – Pierce

“I get why he thinks everybody else is a bandwagon fan because he’s got people who worship him” – Elhassan

Agree with Kobe saying Lakers will win title soon?

“It’s possible. They got the building block in LeBron. That’s a start. But they have to get one of Durant or Davis if they’re going to win another title before LeBron’s done” – Pierce

“I think Kobe knows something. His former agent is the GM (Rob Pelinka)” – Sedano

“The idea is: You can do things and he’s absolutely right, they’re doing a good job of putting themselves in a position to take advantage of opportunity, but sometimes, opportunity doesn’t show up and sometimes things don’t happen” – Elhassan

Game of the NightIt was supposed to be Kings at Suns
The first match up between the #1 pick (Ayton) and #2 pick (Bagley) from this past year’s draft. But…

Marvin Bagley is out vs Suns (Back Spasms)

What should be the new league pass game of the night?

Elhassan and Pierce: Blazers at Mavericks

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Klay Thompson blasts Cavs for trolling after 2016 Finals (Via The Athletic)

Thompson Quote.JPG

“He’s right, but them (Cavs) going 1-8 in the Finals (in the last 2 years) is still less embarrassing than blowing a 3-1 lead. They (Warriors) should have won that series” – Elhassan

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