Show Recap: December 26, 2018 (90-minute show)

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Opening Tip
Is Dame the most festive player in the league?
He showed up with a leg lamp that has on his own signature shoe!

On Halloween he dressed up as Stone Cold Steve Austin:


Starting from the left: Rachel Nichols, Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan and ESPN NBA Writer, Jorge Sedano

First Half Hour

Monologue: LeBron’s health is not a given, Lakers need to maximize his window

LeBron James shows up. In more than 15 years, this has been a constant: He has never had a major injury, never undergone major surgery. But after he strained his groin against the Warriors, that pattern is holding. His MRI came back clean and is day-to-day

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as this is LeBron. He blazes through, aches, pains, ankle rolls. He played his 156th consecutive game against the Warriors on Christmas, including playoffs (622 days without his team walking onto the floor without him)
LeBron James Cavs
Even when that did happen, it was mostly for rest on the final day of the regular season a couple of years ago

LeBron James injury.JPG

After LeBron left the game, the Warriors went on a 17-3 run, which at one point turned into a 2 point game. It seemed like a typical Warriors 3rd quarter title wave

That is until Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson stepped in to damn things up

Christmas Day Score.JPG

LeBron James injury 2.JPG
The Lakers know that they need to be careful with LeBron’s injury because even minor groin injuries are tricky. There is such a risk of re injury. He initially tried to play through things, but overextended the muscle a 2nd time by staying out on the floor

The Warriors were cautious with Stephen Curry when he suffered groin injury back in November (missed 11 games):

Warriors stars.JPG
Despite missing Steph, the Warriors have the luxury of having three other all-stars to step up in his absence, whereas the Lakers have none
LeBron’s groin injury is a wake up call for the Lakers front office. They have to weigh on whether it is smart to give up assets to acquire more talent vs just waiting for free agency. Magic and Rob need to realize that they are on a clock that is running more quickly

Just because LeBron has always shown up, doesn’t mean he will be able to forever

What did you learn about Lakers after LeBron’s injury?

“This is why they brought in Rajon Rondo and Lance Stephenson. The idea is that, particularly with Rondo, when something like this happens, having a guy like Rondo who’s not only been there, but also as a play maker and facilitator can just calm everybody down” – Elhassan

“Lance Stephenson’s name should be ‘Breaking in case of an emergency'” – Sedano

“This is a situation where the young guys can flourish here, particularly Brandon Ingram, who has struggled alongside LeBron. It gives him an opportunity for some ‘Brandon Time.’ This will be beneficial for Ingram because he can kind of grow back into the guy that he was being groomed to be: A No. 1 option” – Sedano

Bays of Our LivesWarriors struggles with double-teams a big deal?

Someone on Twitter said that Draymond shoots like he has a backpack on!


“Klay is the guy is more important than Draymond, from an offensive perspective, is the guy to take some of the pressure off of Steph and KD” – Sedano

December 26, 2007 – Lou Williams (Sixers) with the nasty one-handed dunk on Udonis Haslem (Heat)!


Make or Miss league

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Al Horford adds new twist to flinching during free throws!



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Whistles; Think this was a goaltend?


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Unity; Were the Celtics doing their best nutcracker impression?


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Clarity; Should Giannis and Theis have been credited with assists?

Giannis Antetokounmpo vs the Knicks:


Daniel Theis vs the Sixers:


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Music; Are the Jazz becoming the team we thought they’d be?

“They did because they’re playing defense again” – Sedano

Moving on…

Rockets putting too much pressure on Harden?

“It probably will be, but at this point, they have no choice. They are in a hole” – Elhassan

“It’s going to be too much pressure on him. It’s the effort. He has to go to real lengths for them to win games” – Sedano

Second Half Hour

Does Kyrie need to take over more often?
Had a 40 point/10 rebound game

Kyrie after the game on what inspired him:

“I’m going to say no. The whole point about the Celtics depth is that no one should ever have to feel that burden often, even if they are capable of doing it” – Elhassan

“I don’t think it needs to happen early in games, but end of games, that’s what he does best. He’s the closer. But he doesn’t have to be the guy to carry them to 40 points” – Sedano

“The Celtics remind me of that 8th grade prom when you don’t know how to lead dancing. That’s kind of the thing they’re doing right now. Nobody knows who’s leading” – Sedano

Joel Embiid on 4th quarter/OT: “I didn’t get the ball”| Joel Embiid getting enough touches for Sixers?

Joel Embiid after the game on lack of touches down the stretch:

“I’m with him. He’s a guy that not only create something for you there down low or even a little further away from the basket, he’s a pretty good free throw shooter too” – Sedano

“He wasn’t getting great position towards the end of the game. He was floating out further and further from the basket” – Elhassan

Agent: Markelle Fultz expected back this season (Per Woj)
Raymond Brothers is his agent

“I don’t think you can get good assets for him right now. He’s got to go back out there and show that he’s better and this is all behind him and it really was the TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) injury and not something mental” – Elhassan

“Raymond Brothers is not helping them or his client to be honest in this situation because he’s just putting more pressure on the kid and the pressure has gone to him a little bit” – Sedano

RecommendsSplash Bros. & Bad Boys Players Only Special on NBA TV

Rachel Nichols’ 1-on-1 conversation with LeBron James where he talks fatherhood, move to LA, recruiting and more:

Highlights from the interview:

“It means everything. I mean, for me, I grew up without a dad, and I can only imagine if those words right there, how I would have been able to digest it. As a kid, sometimes it goes in one ear and out the other ear, but at the end of the day you just wanna do your job as a parent” – James on being a basketball dad

“We’re a quarter through the season, I see that we can be so much better than what I actually thought” – James

“I’ve always recruited. I’ve been trying to get guys to come play with me since, like, 2007. I’ve got rejected a lot. But I’ve also have not got rejected a lot” – James

“It wasn’t hard getting guys in Miami, I’ll tell you that. So now that I think being in LA., I don’t think it would be that hard to get guys here” – James

“I was a little pissed off when I first heard it, to be honest. I didn’t know where it stemmed from” – James on KD’s remarks describing the “toxic environment” that surrounds James’ teams.

“I’ve spoken to KD, we’re all good” – James

“That would be phenomenal” – James on potentially playing with his son

Think LeBron can recruit superstars to Lakers?

“It’s more likely to that that’ll happen via trade, then it would be via free agency. The guys who are, this particular crop of free agents [in 2019] aren’t in the mode of wanting to team up with LeBron, they are in the mode of wanting to beat LeBron” – Sedano

“They [Lakers] have money. In Cleveland, they were capped out. But from a basketball standpoint, there are certain types of players that maybe don’t fit as well or maybe the fit isn’t as natural. Those are guys that are ball dominant. But there are other types of superstars that would fit in very well alongside LeBron James. It all just depends” – Elhassan

December 26, 2012 – J.R. Smith with the game winning buzzer beater vs the Suns!!!!


Third Half Hour

The Undefeated’s, Marc J. Spears joined the panel!

Marc Spears.JPG

Draymond’s down year making Warriors decision easy in long run?

“He’s concerned about it. He beat himself up in a way I’ve never seen him before. He blamed himself” – Spears

“I wonder how much that contract is on his mind? It’s bleeding over to his play and that’s kind of concerning” – Elhassan

“At the end of the day, the Warriors are going to have to take a hard look and he’s going to have to take a hard look at what the market is. He’s not a max player” – Sedano

“I joked with him that he had the greatest raise in NBA History. Went from $850,000 to $15M” – Spears

How careful should Lakers be with LeBron?

“Steph’s advice was: Take 4 to 5 days. Why not give him some rest” – Spears

Something Nothing or Everything?!

Durant saying nobody can recruit him?

Sedano: Nothing
“KD is probably going to change his mind a million times over. That’s just who he is”

Elhassan: Nothing

Spears: Nothing
“I think KD will stay with Warriors, he’s living his best life”

Ben Simmons hitting longest FG of career?
It was a 21 foot jumper

Elhassan: Nothing
“Do it again!” * Stugotz voice *

Sedano: “It could be something if he does it more consistently”

Spears: Something
“Just work on that mid-range game”

Blowout more about Lakers or Warriors?

“Warriors. It’s just fatigue. You’re tired being around each other, the jokes aren’t as funny and all that stuff starts to mount up” – Sedano

“Lakers. To win that game the way they did with LeBron getting hurt and the Warriors making that comeback, they faced adversity and that’s really big for their growth” – Elhassan

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Report: Harden questionable against Celtics tomorrow (Bruised left calf)
Via Houston Chronicle

Last show of 2018. From the Jump Fam to your family…

Happy New Year!!!! See you in 2019!

Show Recap: December 24, 2018 (90-minute Christmas Eve Special)

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Opening Tip
Did Pat Bev overreact to Curry’s flex?




Panel 2.JPG

Panel 3.JPG

First Half Hour

Monologue: Luka Doncic has no fear of failure, but some GMs did when they passed on him

Michael Jordan said a lot of things over the course of his basketball career, many which were unprintable. If you look at some of the quotes that were plastered on posters over and over again, a lot of them had to do with not being afraid to fail
At 19 years old, Luka Doncic has no fear and this is not because he thinks he’s going to be flawless, but rather because he already seems to understand the pursuit of the spectacular is reckless business
Last night, with the Mavs down three to the Blazers and 0.6 seconds on the clock, Doncic hit an insane three point shot at the end of regulation!
In last year’s draft, Doncic was picked 3rd overall by the Hawks, then got traded to the Mavs in exchange for 5th pick, Trae Young. Suns and Kings passed on him
These GMs that passed on him were driven more by the fear of failing (being wrong on Doncic) than they were willing to take a chance on him being the player who’d most help him succeed

It took Mavs GM Donnie Nelson, who nearly has Teflon credibility with owner Mark Cuban…


To push the button and take the risk on Doncic

Donnie Nelson pushing the button

NBA History
Doncic is averaging 19 points, 7.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game. Only these rookies have ever averaged a line like that over the past 40 years

What makes Luka Doncic different from the average rookie?

“It’s his short memory. This kid has already played international ball. He just has a good feel for the game and has a special talent. He’s come in and looked like a professional player since day one” – Pippen

“It’s the confidence that he brings to the Mavs and it’s the confidence that these guys, who have been in the league for a long time already have in him” – Friedell

Bays of Our LivesEncouraged or discouraged by Warriors win last night?

“I’m encouraged. This team knows how good they are. They know how talented they are” – Friedell

“There’s not just anything to really keep this team motivated other than getting into the playoffs” – Pippen

“They know how to win when all the chips are down” – Friedell

Boogie Watch
Does Boogie look ready to play now?

“The way Golden State has used bigs in the past, I would say he’s not quite ready yet” – Pippen

“How is he going to adjust when they start playing games?” – Friedell

“Boogie needs the Warriors right now a lot more than the Warriors need him because he needs that contract at the end of the year” – Friedell

December 25, 2003 – T-Mac with the powerful one handed and two handed jams vs the Cavs!



Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make Logo
Elevation; Favorite dunk this weekend?

Lauri Markkanen:


Jaylen Brown:


Noah Vonleh:


Paul George:


Victor Oladipo:


Giannis Antetokounmpo:


Devin Booker:


It was unanimous on the panel: Giannis!

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Fear; Celtics run exact alley-oop play Hayward was injured on

2017 Opener:


Last Night:


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Longevity; Vince Carter drops team-high 18 points in Hawks win
Shouldn’t Vince Carter be in the dunk contest?

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Home-court advantage; Was there a lid on the rim at Scotiabank Arena?


2018 East Semis:


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Bear Down; Think they need ladders to put the star on the Christmas Tree!

Aaron Gordon:


Deandre Ayton:


What do those two guys have in common? Both went to University of Arizona!
Jump staffers Producer Danny, producer Eitan and producer Schwartz are alums of U of A!

Moving on…

Anthony Davis: “Legacy is more important than money” | Anthony Davis sending message to Pelicans?

“I don’t think it’s that much of a message to the Pelicans because they got an open slate for him to leave any kind legacy there with the Pelicans that he wants. They know that got some work to do” – Pippen

“Davis wants some of that success [Like Golden State has with their big 3] and wants to play with great players” – Pippen

Amin’s apology:

“If he gets traded, he’s got a trade kicker on his deal” – Elhassan on why he would turn down a supermax next offseason

“They might need to do the same type of deal this time around in order to send that message to him that they’re committed to giving him legacy in New Orleans” – Elhassan on the Pelicans acquiring another superstar to pair with AD

“Boogie was not the right player to keep him there. You have to bring a player there that can make him better. It has to be more of a perimeter player” – Pippen

December 25, 1994 – Scottie Pippen with the game winning blocked shots vs the Knicks!


Second Half Hour

LeBron criticizes NFL ownership, commends Adam Silver

Via HBO’s ‘The Shop’:

“LeBron is right in some sense on how NBA players are treated” – Pippen

“Basketball players do have a little more to say and they have more freedom. We’re more compact” – Pippen

“The thing he does hit on the head: Players are allowed to express themselves in any way” – Elhassan

“In our game, we love to have our individuals stand out” – Pippen

Austin Rivers a good fit for Rockets?

“He gives you effort on defense and has worked himself as a decent three point shooter and that fits in with their offensive plans” – Elhassan

“They need him in Houston to help them win ball games” – Pippen

“He has to buy into his role and understand his role. Fit in. Not fit out” – Elhassan

Have we seen the last of Markelle Fultz in a 76ers uniform? (Per Sixers GM, Elton Brand)
“To be determined to play again” – Brand

“He’s probably been on the trade block. He’s been a bust for them. They’re not finding any takers for him. His future doesn’t look good for him” – Pippen

“In the words of J Cole: ‘I pray for Markelle cause they messed up his shot'” – Elhassan

“He gives you a little hope that he can develop into something. If you’re the Sixers right now, you can’t trade him because if you trade him, his value is at his absolute lowest. Might as well hold on to him and hope he comes around and hope this was the issue [physical problem]” – Elhassan

Kyrie: “Celtics need to get past ‘egocentric things’ for bigger picture”
Celtics we’re blown out by the Bucks on Friday night and had a team meeting after that game to clear the air

“This is the time of the season where you check your teammates and put them back in check. I’ve been wondering who’s the verbal leader on that team. It’s good to see him speak out and get his teammates on track” – Pippen

“They need to go to Celtics past and get Kevin Garnett to come in there and talk to them about sacrifice, putting your ego aside. They probably could use his passion, hear his story and get themselves right” –  Spears

Marcin Gortat calls Nikola Jokic “The biggest flopper in NBA History” (Via LA Times)

“It makes it very difficult for the officials to call the game when these big guys are taking blows like they got hit by a train. It really throws the game off and it puts the officials in bad situations because sometimes they have to make that call based on what they thought they saw” – Pippen

“Players in the 90s didn’t focus on flopping until Vlade [Divac] came into the league” – Pippen


Third Half Hour

Expectations for Giannis at MSG on Christmas?
Playing on Christmas Day for the first time since 1977

“I’m expecting some dominance” – Pippen

“With all due respect to Oracle [Arena] Staples [Center], players don’t get more excited than playing at MSG. I can see him having a super game” – Spears

“Giannis is going to be stepping on a lot of Knicks” – Pippen

Harrison Barnes critical of Mark Cuban’s comments on basketball culture | Should American Players be offended by Cuban’s comments? (Via The Undefeated)

“It was unsolicited. Harrison was definitely upset. He’s a former McDonald’s All-American. Dennis Smith was upset as well. They believe there was some racial undertones to some of things Mark said” – Spears

“It was a smack in the face. A racial comment to a lot of the players that have played in this game. These are the guys that make up our game” – Pippen

“There is no European players, in my eye, better than the American players” – Pippen

Pre-Christmas edition of…

Jump Ball Regular


Elhassan: Paul George
“The gap between Harden and George offensively isn’t great at all. But the gap between George and Harden defensively is massive”

Pippen: Paul George
“His team is playing better and he’s flourishing from that. He plays both ends of the court”

Harder to Guard.JPG

Pippen: Kyrie Irving
“His ability to penetrate and handle the ball, break your defense, hurt you in transition, he’s a big load”

Elhassan: Joel Embiid
“Physically, the number of people in the league who can just deal with him are so limited”

More likely outcome.JPG

Elhassan: Lakers upset
“The Warriors are still kind of doing that ‘The calendar hasn’t flipped yet to the year we win a championship.’ They’re still kind of going through the emotions. LeBron James on Christmas Day is a good bet anytime”

Pippen: Warriors blowout
“You’re talking about 3-4 of the best players in the game and you’re thinking they’re not going to show up. The Warriors have a lot to prove on Christmas Day. I’m expecting a 130-140 game”


Run it Back

Top Christmas Day dunks of all-time:

2013: LeBron gets the feed and throws it down2pqdcx.gif

1999: Kobe dunks all over Jaren Jackson Sr.2pqdfp.gif

1986: Michael Jordan dunks on Patrick Ewing2pqdhp.gif

GOATS of Christmas Past.JPG

“If you don’t come to play on Christmas Day, you don’t like basketball” – Pippen

1992: Michael Jordan torched Knicks for 42 points

2004: Kobe dropped 42 on Shaq’s Heat squad

1987: Dominique Wilkins dropped 45 on 76ers

2002: T-Mac poured in 46 points on Pistons

1984: Bernard King put a 60-piece on Nets

GOATS of Christmas Present.JPG

Kevin Durant: 31.1ppg on Christmas

“Kevin is going to come out and have a huge night” – Friedell

LeBron James: 26.8ppg on Christmas

James Harden & Russell Westbrook: Both average 23.8ppg on Christmas

GOATS of Christmas Future.JPG

Distant Replay from December 2007:

Pippen: Giannis Antetokounmpo

Friedell: Bol Bol

Nichols: Zion Williamson

Show Recap: December 21, 2018

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Opening Tip
How happy does this make refs?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: CP3 injury comes at worst time for Rockets

Chris Paul having an MRI will determine just how severe hamstring is
It’s not like there’s a version of this where the doctor was going to poke his head from behind the monitor and say: ‘Oh…actually, you’re totally fine. Off with you then’
“It’s going to be some time just because it’s a hamstring” – Mike D’Antoni
What made CP3’s injury last night so jarring was how you can actually watch it happen
The Rockets allowed the Heat to blow their doors off in the third quarter

Yet CP3 wasn’t the only player to get hurt. There was this in the 4th quarter:

Harden did play the rest of the way, but didn’t look like himself.

“I had a lot of trouble focusing” – Harden after getting hurt last night

With CP3’s injury, the Rockets lost all the momentum that they had built up over the last couple weeks

The Rockets had won their previous 5 games and seemed to finally be finding it’s mojo again after a shockingly listless start to the season
With CP3 out again, everything will now fall on Harden. In the past, he has shown over and over again that if he carries too heavy a load, it will eventually effect him

Last night, he played nearly 43 minutes on a second night of a back-to-back, including the final 32 minutes…straight!

Rockets schedule.JPG
The Rockets upcoming schedule against these teams will be no easy task

So far this season, the Rockets are 0-5 without CP3

Rockets GM, Daryl Morey will have to grapple with the team’s situation with Chris Paul as a whole, who signed a 4 year/$160 contract this past summer that will take him to his 37th birthday

During his tenure with the Rockets, CP3 has missed: 31 of 130 games to injury (including the playoffs)

Overall in his career: Hamstring injuries have forced him out for extended periods on 5 separate occasions

The Rockets were a “hamstring away” from beating the Warriors in last year’s Western Conference Finals. But this year, they are a “hamstring away” from just making the playoffs as impossible as that may have sounded just a few months ago

How costly is CP3 injury to Rockets?

“It’s going to be very costly. This is a story these guys are getting used to. Hamstrings are so fragile. You’re going to have to give him proper amount of time to make sure he gets this thing completely taken care of and it still may not be enough time” – Scott

“This to me is about margin for error, which the Rockets don’t have. They don’t have the depth they did before” – Windhorst

“Chris Paul is not moving the same and that that contract is worrying them” – Windhorst on what execs have told him about CP3 this year

“He doesn’t have an off button. That’s just the make up of Chris Paul” – Scott

“This is why the Warriors are such a historically great team: Curry and Durant have had injuries, but they’ve got an MVP in reserve” – Windhorst

Rival GMs upset about LeBron talking AD? (Via Woj)
Click here to read more about this topic

“Tampering is pretty much rampant in the NBA. It’s not really even deemed wrong anymore. The NBA doesn’t want it to stop. They love the intrigue in their league” – Windhorst

“I don’t care what y’all think. It don’t matter! I hope it keeps going” – Scott

“All of these tampering rules are insane” – Nichols

December 21, 2005 – Jason Kidd to Vince Carter who finishes it with the nasty reverse alley-oop dunk vs the Magic!


Make or Miss League Pop
“Really?” – Popovich

Make Logo
Flash; Are you enjoying Dwyane Wade’s last dance?


Wade dancing.JPG

Wade dancing 2.JPG

Miss Logo
Awareness; Funniest travel since Russ?

Last night:




Make Logo
Batteries; Does Montrezl Harrell ever get tired?


Miss Logo
Batteries; Did someone unplug John Wall?

Make Logo
Miss; Should Hassan Whiteside call DeAndre Jordan for some tips?



Run it Back

Worst free throws in NBA History:

3) 2014: Tony Parker

2) 2017: Joakim Noah

1) 2012: DeSagana Diop

Moving on…

Trevor Ariza on Wizards problems: “We lack effort”

Via Candace Buckner of the Washington Post:

“Personally, I just feel like we have to do a better job of giving multiple effort. Basketball is a game of mistakes, and we know that we can make mistakes, but things that you can’t do is lack effort. We lack effort. A lot.” – Ariza

“They brought him there for his leadership. He comes in and he sees right away that the lack of effort isn’t there? That’s a problem” – Scott

“This team, when you look at their player personnel, they should be a top 4 team in the Eastern Conference” – Scott
Before the season started, Scott picked the Wizards to be in the top 4 in the East and is sticking with it

“They’re shutting Scott Brooks out. They’re not listening to him, all of a sudden, anymore. Something has to be addressed” – Scott

“They want him to speak up publicly and privately” – Windhorst

Recommends10 things I like and don’t like by Zach Lowe


Second Half

Zion toying with Knicks fans?

No 1 pick.JPG

“He’s like NBA level already, make a joke and put it off on somebody” – Windhorst

“The kid has some humility as well. There’s 29 or 30 teams in this league that would want you. He’s going to be a great basketball player in the NBA for a long time” – Scott

“If he went to the Knicks and they have cap space and get KP back, you can flip the Knicks into a contender” – Windhorst

“The expectations are crazy on how good this kid is going to be. There’s a lot of similarities between him and LeBron” – Scott

December 21 marks the birthday of Basketball!
2019 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Nominees

“Chris Webber. Coached him in Sacramento when he was at the prime of his career and you talking about a guy that can do it all. He was a great leader. He was just one of the best players I’ve ever been around as a coach” – Scott

“Ben Wallace. He was a guy who was the best defensive player in the league over a 5-6 year span. He completely ruled the paint when he was in there, he completely changed the game. He’s being penalized a little bit because he was not a great offensive player. He was a champion” – Windhorst

“Chauncey Billups. I covered this team [Pistons]. I was around them everyday. Just his leadership and a guy who started his career where thought he was falling short of expectations, bounced around from team to team throughout the league, people whispering that maybe he didn’t have the right attitude to be a leader in the NBA. He showed how much character he has, basketball skill he has and when that team needed him to make a play, he made it and they won a championship over a team [Lakers] that was heavily favored to beat them” – Nichols

Byron Scott on Rick Adelman:

“He was one of the best coaches I’ve ever been around. Very unassuming, never got enough credit for the things he was able to accomplish as a coach, didn’t like all the fanfare, he was just a guy that just came to work. You look at every organization he went to, they won. Great offensive coach”




Bays of Our LivesDraymond’s agent: “Dustup with KD was bound to happen” (Via Greg Papa Show)

“Those young men, had a misunderstanding — whatever that misunderstanding was. And then they figured it out and they moved on. That’s what great teammates do.” – BJ Armstrong

“No. I don’t believe it for one second that this is cleared up. Do you think Kevin Durant is really just going to forget about that? No. I don’t buy it” – Scott

“Have they moved past it? That is only a question that those two men can answer. I have to wait to hear what those two guys say” – Windhorst

Does it matter Buddy Hield is actually 26 years old (and not 25)?

“I need more information to figure out exactly when this happen. Certain international players, there is questions among scouts about the honesty of their ages. It’s been an issue from players in China, Africa, The Caribbean” – Windhorst

“It’s only a year, if that’s what it is, so it don’t bother me one bit” – Scott

December 21, 1996 – Michael Jordan with the beautiful up-and-under layup vs the Heat!


Other nominees for the 2019 Basketball Hall of Fame Class:






Mark Cuban: “NBA would improve if American kids trained in Slovenia” (Via EuroHoops)

“That ticks me off in so many different ways. You’re downing our American kids here on how to play the game of basketball. To throw that type of shot at our kids is disheartening to me. This shot is totally uncalled for” – Scott

“This is not relevant and not necessary” – Windhorst

Show Recap: December 20, 2018

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Opening Tip
Think Vonleh hit the weight room after the game?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Could PG-13 earn some MVP votes?

“He should be. This is the best I’ve seen PG play. He’s really reinvented himself. He looks better than ever” – T-Mac

“He’s having the best shooting season of his career. He’s better than he has before, he looks great out there defensively. Russ is really invested in making sure that he plays well” – Windhorst

“If they are in the top 2 spots of the West and they have a top 3 defense, he will inherently be in the conversation” – Windhorst

“Billy Donovan has a lot to do with his growth. They are really doing a great job in utilizing Paul George as who he is as a player when he was in Indiana” – T-Mac

Think De’Aaron Fox regrets saying he’s faster than Westbrook?

“No. Not at all. The kid is pretty damn fast. I like the confidence within him” – T-Mac

“Don’t back down, De’Aaron. You are right. He is really, really fast” – Windhorst

Should a foul have been called at end of Pacers-Raptors?
Pacers led by as many as 17 points in this game

“Yes. They should have gotten the foul call” – T-Mac

“What tells me everything: The Raptors players didn’t immediately celebrate. They assumed that it was a foul. That to me just said all I needed to see” – Windhorst

December 20, 2002 – Amar’e Stoudemire soaring in the air with the nasty one-handed dunk on the Clippers!


Make or Miss League Rondo

Make Logo
Footwork; Should DeRozan star in the nutcracker?

DeRozan the nutcracker.JPG



Miss Logo
Selfishness; Which pass was better?
Solomon Hill’s pass to Jrue Holiday or Holiday’s pass to Anthony Davis for the dunk


Make Logo
Confidence; Is there anyone Joe Ingles is afraid of?


Miss Logo
Complacency; Is Dame having his best season yet?
Lillard had 15 points in the 3rd quarter and 24 points overall in a Blazers win vs the Grizzlies. Averaging career highs in points, FG%, 3P% and rebounds

Make Logo
Body Control; Anything prettier than an up-and-under layup [by Derrick Rose]?



Throwback Thursday! T-Mac with the up-and-under move:



Run it Back

Top D-Rose under the rim finishes:

3) 2016: vs Knicks 2ph8dc.gif

2) 2012: vs Celtics 2ph8ga.gif

1) 2010: vs Bobcats2ph8im.gif

Moving on…

Giannis to AD after the game: “Come to the Bucks” | Is AD’s uncertain future coming a distraction for Pelicans?

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Milwaukee Bucks (@bucks) on

“He has a year and half left [on his contract]. He has a lot of room to talk. Until after this season, things will start to get intense on what type of move are you going to make to get some pieces back for him because you don’t want to lose this kid for nothing. He’s too valuable for your franchise” – T-Mac

“Absolutely, AD has thought about it. It’s probably one of the reasons why he switched agents last year” – Windhorst

“LeBron just made it a bigger headache by talking about it” – Windhorst

“It seems to be a distraction for this organization because it keeps coming up” – T-Mac

Second Half

Working TogetherRockets set NBA record with 26 3-pointers!

Rockets setting 3-point record a turning point in the season?

“They look like the team of last year. They’re not on that level as far as the defense, but offensively, they look stellar” – T-Mac

“They got bodies back and are getting healthier” – Windhorst

Bays of Our LivesWarriors struggles more than just boredom?

“This is something. This is definitely not boredom. Their bench is not as strong as it has been in the past. It’s basically 5 on 4 out there: These guys are leaving Draymond open, he’s not making shots. If they want to win a championship, getting back to that championship level, Draymond has got to make shots” – T-Mac

“If Draymond wants to get paid, he’s got to make that shot. He needs to be a two-way player” – Windhorst

Minnesota fan ejected for arguing with Blake Griffin:

Last night in Utah…

Kevin Durant yelling obscenity at a fan after a trip to the free throw line:

Are fans crossing the line by talking trash to players?

“At times, they do. These fans have to know that these are young men you are talking to or talking about. You have to respect these guys” – T-Mac

“Part of this is because of social media. We tend to see interactions that happen more than we saw in the past” – Windhorst

“Because of social media, people are more emboldened than they’ve ever been to shout things at people they don’t know” – Nichols

“It doesn’t bother me until you cross the line” – T-Mac

December 20, 2007 – Chuck Hayes at the free throw line shooting an ugly shot, which he misses badly!

Allen Iverson afterward: “That’s a travel!”

Per T-Mac, Rockets won that game!

Most of the talk about the Suns these past few weeks haven’t been so flattering

Suns logo.JPG

A fan on Twitter reached out to Rachel Nichols and suggested this idea for new Jump TV show for the Suns:


You get the show

The world premiere of The Jump’ new show from within a show…

Suns heading in the right direction?

FWIW: The Suns have been 4-0 since Arizona resident, Greta called out Robert Sarver!

“Booker, since he’s come back from injury, has been playing great basketball. Ayton has stepped his game up and playing out of his mind over the last couple of weeks. That’s why I picked him to be rookie of the year because I thought he was going to put these numbers up” – T-Mac

“Ayton’s production and their defense” – Windhorst on why the Suns have been on a roll

How worried should Celtics fans be after losing to Suns?

“They should be worried. This team has lost their mojo. I’m afraid that they won’t get it together and it maybe because they have too much pressure on them to duplicate what they did last year and exceed past that because they have everybody back healthy” – T-Mac

“Their offensive rhythm has been off” – Windhorst

“They’re waiting for developments in New Orleans” – Windhorst on the Celtics possibly making a move this season

RecommendsLuka Doncic isn’t your average rookie and he knows it by Tim MacMahon

Doncic’s confidence the secret to his early success?

“Yes. He gets that from playing with grown men over in Europe. They threw the rings to this kid and he’s answered the bell. He is 19 years old and playing like this? It’s scary” – T-Mac

“He’s the most experienced teenager ever to play in the NBA” – Windhorst

Pacers and Kings to play 2 “Historic” preseason games in India in 2019!

“There’s no American sport that has a foot hold there, the NBA wants to get there first and there is potential players over there. They want to grow the game there right now. They’re also looking for an Indian player to potentially come over” – Windhorst

Buzzer Logo
Actor, Billy Crystal to call Lakers-Clippers game with Ralph Lawler on Jan. 31

Billy Crystal.JPG

Billy Crystal 2.JPG

Show Recap: December 19, 2018

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Opening Tip
Luka raindrop floated more luck or skill?

Today’s Panel:

Panel (12-19).JPG

First Half

Monologue: Lakers reeling after rough road trip

3 of their 4 losses came against teams with losing records
Lakers injuries.JPG
That’s mostly due to either injuries or illnesses to their key guys
Seeing the Lakers roster lose players to injuries is like watching someone take a power drill to a piece of Swiss cheese. There were already holes to begin with

Of those 1,850 dunks, players have blocked his dunk…

Nine times.JPG

D’Angelo Russell, a former Lakers lottery pick, sticking the dagger into his old team

So where does this leave LA now?

AD and LeBron
“It would be amazing if the Lakers made a trade for Anthony Davis. Like, duh. That would be incredible” – James to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin
Tug of War.JPG
The Lakers and Celtics are expected to go hardest at AD next summer
Yet the Pelicans don’t want to trade AD at all

Here’s the weird loophole: Celtics have Kyrie Irving on a kind of contract called the “Designated Extension.” Until that contract is up next summer, the Celtics can’t trade for another player on a designated extension, which is what AD is on

AD and LeBron.JPG
For the Lakers, the February 7th trade deadline is their best, clearest shot at KD. And LeBron knows that

LeBron James on the Lakers possibly bringing in Melo:

New Orleans is in no mood to send away the cornerstone of the franchise

LeBron will be turning 34 later this month. This is the youngest and healthist the Lakers will ever have him. He only gets older from here. As this recent road trip showed, there are still holes in this roster, injuries or no injuries, and is nearing decision time on whether they are going to get filled

Do Lakers need to make a trade right now?

“They need some more shooting. This has been said since day 1. There’s no time to panic. For the short-term: They need to make a trade to get more shooting on this roster. Long-term: If they want to be champion-contending, they have to get a superstar on this roster and that doesn’t have to be this year” – T-Mac

“If I can get Anthony Davis in anyway shape or form, I’m making that deal. You have to” – T-Mac

“On the flip side, if I’m the Pelicans, there’s really not a trade the Lakers can make that I’d give Anthony Davis away for at this point” – T-Mac

“If they wanted to make a trade, it’d be in the short-term. Their most tradeable asset is KCP (has a defacto no-trade clause; can veto any trade)” – Windhorst

Was D’Angelo Russell the right player for Lakers to trade?

He also hit a game winner when he was a member of the Lakers…against the Nets!

“When you win a championship, it means never having to say your sorry. If your moves lead you to get LeBron James, it means not having to say your sorry” – Windhorst

“He was not that great in his time with the Lakers” – Windhorst

“I don’t think so. You got LeBron James on your roster” – T-Mac

“I got to give props to my old coach, Kenny Atkinson. He is doing a fantastic job over there in Brooklyn. It seems like he’s helping D’Angelo mature a little bit and he’s playing the best basketball of his career” – T-Mac

December 19, 2001 – Jason Richardson with the nasty right handed dunk on Ben Wallace (Pistons)


Make or Miss League Klay

Make Logo
Acrobatics; Who did it better:

Joe Harris (vs Lakers):




Miss Logo
Fear; Think Jarrett Allen will tell his grandkids about this?


Make Logo
Danger; Does Zion need to be more careful?


Miss Logo
Boxing out; Did Nance Jr. get away with a foul?


Make Logo
Sharing; Nuggets had 31 assists through 3 quarters last night

Moving on…

Give Nikola Jokic a legit shot at MVP?

“I agree. He is a candidate for MVP. This guy is leading a young team and they are in 1st place in the Western Conference” – T-Mac

“If they win 60 games, get the #1 seed in the West and he is able to play at this level all the way through, he enters the conversation to be in the top 3” – Windhorst

Second Half

Is Nets 6-game win streak a big deal?

“He’s (Coach Atkinson) instilling a great deal of confidence in this team. You can see it when they play. I love seeing the energy that they play with. They compete” – T-Mac

“Kenny Atkinson’s seat was getting warm. They lost 8 games in a row, blew a huge lead against the Thunder at home. Not with Sean Marks, the GM. Marks has had support for Kenny” – Windhorst

“The Nets are calling around to be buyers at the deadline, not taking on bad contracts to get draft picks, actually getting players. We haven’t heard that in years” – Windhorst

Tyson Chandler: “Knicks can land ‘Big-time’ free agent this summer” | Share Tyson Chandler’s optimism for Knicks this summer?

“They’re hoping for the combo: To get a really good draft pick and get a big free agent. They’re hoping for the 1-2 punch. I agree with Tyson that the Knicks are closer now, then they have been in a while” – Windhorst

“I agree [with Tyson] because you have a star in Porzingis, a great coach and respected coach [David Fizdale] and then Scott Perry and those guys are running the show and making moves. From top to bottom, they’re making themselves a lot more attractive than they have been in the past” – T-Mac

“Let’s say they don’t get an impact player. Get KP back and play a year with what you have on your roster right now and see where you’re at and evaluate then” – T-Mac

How important is Khris Middleton to Bucks?

Bucks official (Via Yahoo! Sports):

“We’re gonna do everything we can to keep him”

“He’s very important. He is the Robin to Batman over there. They complement each other well. He’s the perfect guy to have alongside Giannis. It would be a shame if they can’t re-sign and keep him there” – T-Mac

“This is the problem for the Bucks: There’s more teams out there with max cap space dying for a big player than their are big players” – Windhorst

“If you look at the history with guys in situations like this [max contract], it’s not worked out well” – Windhorst

“Khris Middleton is not a five-year max player” – Windhorst

December 19, 1989 – Karl Malone with the poster dunk on Patrick Ewing!


Goran Dragic out 8 weeks (Knee Scope)

“The Heat have been so snake bit on injuries, especially to their premier [players], over the last 2 years. It’s almost unbelievable. This is already a season that has gotten sideways on them” – Windhorst

“It’s really the first time that Pat Riley has not been ahead of the game. They got a bloated, average team and now that they’re injured, they’re in trouble” – Windhorst

“You should glorify and celebrate D-Wade. This is season is pretty much done for these guys” – T-Mac

Dion Waiters cleared to practice

“For him to get the money, he played his way into that contract. It just sucks for him that he’s dealt with the injury. That’s out of his control. His confidence can’t waiver of who he is” – T-Mac

“He had the injury and played through the injury. He was playing too hard for the team” – Windhorst on why Waiters has been out for this long

“The criticism has mostly been on the Heat for giving him a $52 million contract when they knew his ankle was in bad shape. What they are hoping for is he’s only 27 [years old], when it’s all over that everybody will forget about this and that their investment made sense” – Windhorst

RecommendsWelcome to Bron Bron Land (ESPN)

Trevor Ariza’s shot at Suns warranted?

“No. That’s not a shot. He was telling the truth. He’s in a better situation than his previous team. He’s gone from worst…to bad” – T-Mac

“He’s the big winner here. He knew what he was doing” – Windhorst

Is Dwight Howard being realistic about Wizards chances?

“He couldn’t even say it with a straight face. He was laughing when he said this” – Windhorst

“There’s a chance Dwight Howard has played his last game. This is a severe injury” – Windhorst

League PassPelicans at Bucks

Rather build around AD or Giannis?

“Giannis. He has never been hurt. Also, in a league where perimeter players and guys who can play multiple positions on the wing are valuable, he edges AD out” – Windhorst

“AD. I can give him the ball on the perimeter and can count on him in a game closing situation to knock down a jumper. I can’t trust Giannis to do that because he hasn’t developed an outside shot yet” – T-Mac

“I want to see how the Pacers rebound [from last night’s last second loss to the Cavs]. It’ll tells us a lot about them” – Windhorst

Zach LaVine out 2-4 weeks with ankle sprain

Buzzer Logo
Steve Kerr will tinker with rotation; Steph Curry will open 2nd & 4 quarters

“He doesn’t see them playing at their highest level” – Windhorst

“Doesn’t matter. They’re bored. They’re just trying out different things” – T-Mac

Show Recap: December 18, 2018

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Opening Tip
Is Taj Gibson allowed to do this?

Today’s Panel:

Panel (12-18).JPG

First Half

Monologue: Bulls are fighting. For something. I think.

There has been a lot of talk of fighting around the Bulls this month
Pax and Gar.JPG
Bulls management says the team needs more collective “fight”
Pro tip: You never want the word ‘Mutiny’ in the headlines about your franchise
An actual fight took place last night between the Bulls and Thunder

Boylen’s mission is to improve the Bulls toughness and unity. This team could use a lot more of both
Jim Boylen.JPG
But the question that remains is whether Boylen’s methods of getting there are going to work


Jim Boylen college.JPG
Before the NBA, Jim Boylen coached in the NCAA, coaching the Utah Utes. But didn’t end well during his tenure there
Jim Boylen college 2.JPG
Per the Deseret News: Boylen’s style was so severe, more than half a dozen players transferred out of the program


‘Torched’ is another word that you don’t really want in headlines about you

Coaching tree.JPG
Aside from being fired at Utah,  Boylen has been a very successful assistant coach to a lot of very respected coaches

Which direction are Bulls going?

“He just inherited a very young core of guys. They have to do a great job of really helping these young players understand how to play together, how to play the game and how to really go out there and compete every night” – TMac

“They have just to continue to stay competitive and keep grinding every night. Where they’re going? I don’t know” – TMac

“It’s a lot broader than Jim Boylen, it’s deeper than Fred Hoiberg. After 15 years of Gar [Forman] and Pax [John Paxson], it’s time for a change, a new set of eyes within that organization. Things have kind of gotten stale internally. The issue here is: It’s not just the coaching. The roster isn’t very good” – Friedell

“Right now, the Bulls are a laughingstock throughout the league. People are laughing at what’s going on the floor and off the floor” – Friedell

“If they don’t turn it around this year, it really wouldn’t surprise me if he (Michael Reinsdorf) finally looked around and said ‘You know what? It’s time for somebody else to come in and change things up'” – Friedell

Jim Boylen on breaking up Bulls-Thunder scuffle: “I just don’t want guys to get hurt”

Boylen quote.JPG

“There’s always so such drama around the Bulls. They’re always in the headlines for the wrong reasons. The roster isn’t good” – Friedell

“They have too many young guys around them” – TMac

Who is benefiting from PG-13 more: Westbrook or [Billy] Donovan?
Donovan had his option picked up by the Thunder for next season

“Westbrook. Russ has learned from that experience of playing with KD. He’s taking a backseat. He’s sacrificing a little bit more to allow PG to be who he is and it’s working for these guys” – TMac

“Donovan. This has solidified him as an NBA coach on one of those top tiers” – Friedell

December 18, 1996 – Hall of Famer, Grant Hill with the facial dunk on the Knicks!


2019 WNBA schedule is released!

“It’s a shame that we don’t get a chance to see enough of them” – TMac

Make or Miss League Harden

Make Logo
Dreams; Should Gallo have just gone with the floater?


Miss Logo
Reflexes; Think Troy Williams has been watching some T-Mac tape?



Make Logo
Warmth; Is “Eskimo Klay” your favorite Klay so far?

Last Night:

Eskimo Klay.JPG

China Klay:


Scaffolding Klay:


Qatar Klay:


Miss Logo
Scouting Reports; Where does this rank in Harden’s all-time posters?





Make Logo
Moonwalks; Excited for 2-minute report from this one?



Run it Back

Most egregious travels in NBA history:

3) Melo vs the Heat in 2015

2) Kendrick Perkins vs the Heat in 2015


1) Corey Brewer vs the Thunder in 2014



Moving on…

CP3 on Harden: “Best offensive player I’ve ever seen”

“No. Not even close. He is the best skilled at getting to creating fouls and getting to the free throw line, but he’s not the best offensive player I’ve ever seen. That has to be MJ, Kobe and KD” – TMac

“It’s KD and Steph above Harden. When Steph gets rolling, he’s even at a higher level than what Harden can do and he has lifted the Warriors so many more times compared to what Harden has done in those big games for Houston” – Friedell

Second Half

Klay on Warriors health:

Working TogetherWhat should Warriors prioritize now that they’re healthy?
Note: Not counting DeMarcus Cousins

“They just have to stay healthy. This Warriors group is so confident” – Friedell

“Their bench is not as strong as it was before. They still have [Shaun] Livingston and [Andre] Iguodala, but they’re getting much older. I’m not sure they can contribute the way they have in the past to help these guys win another championship” – TMac

“Jonas Jerebko. Steve Kerr loves him. He has been everything the Warriors hope he would be” – Friedell

“The thing I worry about though: The Warriors play faster more than anybody. They love getting the ball up the floor and the movement. Boogie is used to slowing things down and getting plays for him. They want to weave him in, but they’re not going to lose the core of what they built over the last few years” – Friedell

KD on passing Bird on scoring list: “I want to keep going” (Via NBC Sports Bay Area)

KD on where he wants to go from here:

“I got KD as being one of those guys to break the [all-time] scoring record. He has that type of ability, he doesn’t get hurt” – TMac

Did Devin Booker get the last laugh on Enes Kanter?
Booker scored 38 points at MSG

Flashback from this past January:

“He had that on his mind for a whole year. Book gets the last laugh. He exposed Kanter a little bit” – TMac

RecommendsHow ‘4-pt line’ and other court markings are changing NBA by Malika Andrews

Something Nothing or Everything?!

LeBron and Melo.JPG

TMac: Nothing
“Two friends going out and enjoying each other’s company. These guys are best of friends”

Friedell: Nothing
“If LeBron really wanted Carmelo, he would have already been there”

Big Jump.JPG

Friedell: Something
“When Westbrook is engaged when he wants to play, he is an unbelievable player. We’ve all been waiting to see more effort consistently on the defensive end. So far this season, he’s doing it”

TMac: Something
“He is playing with a guy that’s always on the All-NBA Defensive Team. It’s rubbing off on him”


TMac: Nothing
“I like these two guys, but I don’t see them reaching that potential”

Friedell: Nothing
“You can’t take it to that level”

Nichols: Something
“It is interesting to me that he felt the need to go so clearly overboard in praising his own guys because there backlash about what he said the day before”

Blake Griffin.JPGAfter the game, Griffin was bothered more by the turnovers than the triple double made him happy

Friedell: Something
“Stan Van’s plan is finally coming together a little more than we saw last season. For him to continue putting up these numbers leads you to believe that everything together to a point where Detroit may actually get into the playoffs this season”

TMac: Nothing
“He was a little too aggressive”

December 18, 1996 – Eddie Jones (Lakers) takes off for the one-handed slam vs the Bucks!


Thibs leaning on Robert Covington too much?
Covington has been nursing a sore knee, which he’s missed time for

“It’s not worth it when you’re up by almost 30” – Friedell

“I think Covington went to him and told him to leave him out there. There’s no way Thibs did this on his own” – TMac

Expectations for Trevor Ariza’s Wizards debut tonight?

“I expect him to be himself. Come in there and be a veteran and have veteran leadership with this group. Trev is a true professional – TMac

“He’s a nice player. But the Wizards aren’t good. I don’t think it’s going to make too much of a difference either way. That’s the real issue” – Friedell

“He’s with the wrong team. He should be a Laker” – TMac

Best fit for Austin Rivers now?
Suns will cut him

“Clippers. Let’s see the reunion. Get him back with Doc and see what happens. Find a way to make it work” – Friedell

“Magic. Come on home. He’s from Orlando. He’d do well coming off the bench” – TMac

Buzzer Logo
Nick Nurse fined $15k for critcizing refs in defense Refs in defense of Kawhi

“That is a great investment. Anytime you publicly stand up for the guy you want to keep for years and years to come, go for it” – Friedell

Actress & Director Penny Marshall dies at 75. She was a die-hard Lakers fan. May she rest in peace

Preview of AD vs Giannis (Wednesday night)

“Just the competitiveness between the two guys. I want to see the back and forth between them. This needs to be a Christmas game” – TMac

“If Giannis develops that jump shot, nobody will touch him” – Friedell

Show Recap: December 17, 2018

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Opening Tip

La La Lance
Did Lance deserve a tech for “air guitar” celebration?


Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Recapping a truly bizarre weekend for the Wizards

Wizards History.JPG
The Wizards had one of their most bizarre moments in their franchise’s history
DupNrUUW0AAiLeO.jpg large.jpg
The trade that didn’t go down. It was chaos on Friday night!
On Sunday night, the Wizards beat the Lakers, while holding LeBron James to 13 points and John Wall dropping 40 points
Judge Wall.JPG
Judge Wall. You know what that means do you?

Another episode of…

Wall and Order


“In the National Basketball Association, the people of Washington are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The guys who are finger pointing inside the locker room and the guys who are playing for their next contract. These are their stories…”

Wall and Order.JPG
America’s favorite basketball crime series is recasting!
The trade is official (Finally)! Trevor Ariza is back on the Wizards
This was supposed to be a three-team trade between the Grizzlies, Wizards and Suns


Fingers crossed.JPG
Woj: “The Grizzlies and Suns insisted each had been double-crossed”
MarShon Brooks.JPG
Memphis believed the deal included MarShon Brooks
Dillon Brooks.JPG
Suns believed the deal included Dillon Brooks

Hold my beer.JPG
The Suns have spent the past few seasons as the NBA’s most prominent ‘Hold my beer’ franchise. And while negotiating with them, the Wizards out did them
By Saturday, things were mercifully cleaned up and Phoenix can move forward and fully embrace another season playing for a high draft pick

The Wizards think they’re still in it, which is why they acquired Ariza instead of trying to deal either Beal or Wall. But are they? Don’t even think about making any prediction on the Wizards. This weekend was a great example of why

Trading for Ariza the shake-up Wizards needed?

“Ariza could have that same influence on them, as well as giving them a veteran guy who can tell them to shut up and play. He can bring a lot of the intangibles that Paul Pierce brought that was successful for them” – Spears

“The case for the trade makes sense. Oubre and Rivers aren’t in their (Wizards) long-term plans. If Porter comes back healthy, if I’m a 2 or a 3, I don’t want to face Wall, Beal, Ariza, Porter and whomever. This does stabilize an unstable situation” – Arnovitz

“Kudos to Ariza because he went and got Phoenix to give him some money and then got traded to a team that’s pretty good” – Spears

76ers brass split on what to do with Fultz? (Via Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer)

“What they need to do is assign what is the value of Markelle Fultz to the franchise. You have to forget about ‘he was our #1 pick.’ That is a sunk cost. He is a player on their roster with developmental issues who has great potential. The question for the other 29 teams: Would we take Fultz with the draft pick that we would be surrendering?” – Arnovitz

“The Sixers need to figure out whatever he [Ben Uzoh] did because it was successful and bring it to this kid [Fultz]. Try to rehab him and perhaps giving up on him could be a mistake” – Spears
More of this story can be read here on The Undefeated

“He is a number 1, 2 or 3 issue for that franchise. It is something that needs to be managed” – Arnovitz

December 17, 1997 – Kobe Bryant (with the afro) with the windmill dunk vs Michael Jordan’s Bulls!


Make or Miss league Kawhi

Make Logo
Unicorns; Jokic goes off, Nuggets back at 1st in West
26 points, 9 rebounds and 4 assists in a win over the Raptors

Miss Logo
Placement; Whose fault is this?


Make Logo
Optimism; De’Aaron Fox the most impressive NBA sophomore this season?
28 points, 5 rebounds and 3 assists

Make Logo
Elation; Think Kawhi would be fun to party with?

View this post on Instagram


A post shared by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on

Kawhi Partying.JPG

Kawhi Partying 2.JPG

Miss Logo
Originality; Think Zo and LeBron practiced this?


Moving on…

More significant for Lakers: Blowout win vs Hornets or blowout loss vs Wizards?

“You want the real: Always bet against a team in a big city on a Sunday. Marcus Camby never played on Sunday in Toronto” – Spears

“Blowout win vs Hornets. It was another great defensive effort. The Lakers will go as far as their defense takes them. They’re kind of a top 10 defensive team and that to me is going to be the barometer of their success” – Arnovitz

Pacers hire Kelly Krauskopf as first female assistant GM in NBA History!

“I love to see our league leading the way on this among all the American sports leagues. It is awesome” – Nichols

Second Half

The Jump’s longest running show from within a show…

As The Kings Turn
Joerger’s praise for Doncic a shot at Kings front office?

“Yeah. I do. Because that’s what Vlade believes that they’re might have been a ceiling on Doncic. Vlade loved Bagley big time. But why are we killing everybody else in this draft?” – Spears

“Bagley is playing, when he’s healthy” – Arnovitz

“My concern about Luka Doncic and the teams that skipped on him, it felt in the moment as if it was teams who were afraid of being wrong. Being afraid of being wrong is a reason to make decisions” – Nichols

“I got the sense that Vlade thought Bagley would be better” – Spears

Did Nick Nurse go too far in criticism of officials?

“Of course he has a point. His job is to stand up for his star, especially when that star is on a one year [contract] and is going to be recruited by the organization to stay. Nick Nurse cannot do enough to defend Kawhi Leonard” – Arnovitz

“The volume has been up on the officiating for 2 seasons now. It’s what I hear from guys around the league over and over again. There’s a feeling among players that it is never fair and there’s a feeling among officials” – Nichols

Condolences go out to Raptors coach, Nick Nurse who lost his mother. She was 94 years old.

RecommendsJames Dolan, unplugged by Ian O’Connor

All’s well that ends well for Steph and NASA?

James Dolan open to selling Knicks? (Ian O’Connor)

“If you get a 4 billion dollar bid, you got to look at it” – Arnovitz

“I’m glad he’s saying something about their front office now, which is pretty historical (Black President, GM, Head Coach, Assistant GM). But the talent on that group is so good that you don’t see black. You see talent” – Spears

Dan Gilbert: “Cavs will be good again within 4 years” | Share Dan Gilbert’s confidence in Cavs? (Via Joe Vardon of The Athletic)

“He knows something we don’t” – Spears

December 17, 1997 – Tracy McGrady (Raptors) with the big one-handed block on Eric Williams (Celtics)!


How attractive is Jabari Parker in trade market?

“Here’s the problem: You’re only getting him for one year. You don’t have his bird rights. I can’t think of a scenario where a team says ‘Let’s bring this guy in and is a a part of our long-term future? If so, we have to pay him'” – Arnovitz

“I love Jabari but it’s just a weird red flag because Milwaukee basically said: ‘Go ahead and go.’ Now Chicago a month and half in, a hometown guy, you want him gone? What’s the real story?” – Spears

“You hear Utah, there’s a Mormon connection there” – Spears

Iguodala, Livingston expected to play tonight vs Grizzlies
First time since Oct 26 that the Dubs will have their top 6 guys

League PassBucks at Pistons

Pistons looking to add a star to help Blake?

“The problem is their cap sheet is not terribly amenable to adding a star. Their top 5 players are going to make $96 million next year. It makes it very difficult to acquire the kind of player who commands the salary that means he is a major complement to Blake Griffin” – Arnovitz

“John Wall. They want a star” – Spears

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How much do you think MJ hates camera phones?

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