Show Recap: November 26, 2018

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Opening Tip
Seahawks recreate Iverson stepping over Lue after TD

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Jimmy Buckets proving to be missing piece of “The Process”

Only time will tell if Jimmy Butler will play out his days in Philly riding off into the sunset with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons
Butler is clearly what the Sixers needed right now
Since joining the Sixers, he has hit two game winning shots in the final seconds
Butler 2.JPG
Butler coming through in the clutch is one of the many reasons why he is so valuable to the Sixers by being that guy

Animated GIF-downsized_large(94).gif

General Soreness.JPG
Shoutout “General Soreness”
Since Butler joined the Sixers, there hasn’t been “Whose team is it?” stuff

Embiid commented:

Embiid comment.JPG

It’s all fun!

As for the Sixers other huge storyline…

Markelle Fultz went to New York to see another specialist about his shoulder. But unlike in the past, the Sixers brass isn’t going out of their way to protect him on it

From Keith Pompey of the Philadelphia Inquirer:

“Fultz is no longer in the Sixers’ long-term plans”

Due to his injuries, Fultz’ trade value is very low

Despite all of this…

Jimmy Butler sunshine.JPG
The Sixers are getting enough sunshine from Jimmy Butler right now

How should 76ers move forward with Fultz?

“He would be under a lot less scrutiny for a team who has no imperative to win right now. He can develop there” – Arnovitz on a scenario where he can be on the Atlanta Hawks and be reunited with Hawks Head Coach Lloyd Pierce, who was a Sixers assistant

“They have all that baggage of expectation on Markelle to perform and he knows that. He could shed some of that baggage and have a fresh start” – McMenamin

76ers big three enough to win East?
“Kyle Korver trade watch continues!” – Nichols

“If they can re-sign Jimmy Butler this summer, they have an appropriate core that can compete for a championship. This year, they have virtually no depth. Ben Simmons is not championship level yet, until he can shoot a jump shot” – McMenamin

“I think they could” – Arnovitz

November 26, 2008 – Jamal Crawford with the nasty crossover on Ray Allen, then kicks it out to Stephen Jackson for the corner three vs Boston!

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Make or Miss League Steve Kerr.JPG

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Finishes; Anything worse than losing one wedgie shot?

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Experiments; Safe to say DJ and Luka are on good terms?
Jordan taking a technical free throw, which he missed. The two laugh it off afterwards

Animated GIF-downsized_large(97).gif

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Staying down; Why are pump fakes so effective?

Animated GIF-downsized_large(98).gif

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Emphasis; What’s changed for Emmanuel Mudiay?
“They call him ‘Mud’ in New York” – McMenamin

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Court Vision; What happened here, Buddy?

Animated GIF-downsized_large(101).gif

Air Pass.JPG

Moving on…

Any way Kyrie’s balance video is real? (Via ajones/IG)

Looks eerily similar to Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”


From Producer Steve: There were special shoes that Michael used where it had a slit on the bottom where he can slide into a nail projected up onto the floor to balance against!

“Kyrie Irving is probably a dancer than he is a basketball player which means he has insane body control” – McMenamin

Michael Vick throw:

Celtics biggest problem right now?

Credit: Chris Forsberg/NBC Sports Boston

“I don’t think it’s the defense. Jayson Tatum has been fine, but probably took Kobe Bryant’s advice literally instead of seriously” – Arnovitz

“There’s a lack of defined roles. If you have too much depth, then you don’t really have any because you need to have a clear delineation of who is your one through five and six through eight. And like [Markelle] Fultz, they have a burden of expectation now. Being a developing team is not okay” – McMenamin

Second Half

LeBron on late 4th quarter pass: KCP had a great shot (vs the Magic)

Animated GIF-downsized_large(102).gif

“To criticize him for finding a wide open shooter is to not understand how he approaches the game of basketball. This is what he does. He is not going to force a shot” – McMenamin

Caldwell-Pope’s effective field goal percentage on his 59 uncontested catch-and-shoot threes in the past 2 seasons: 83.9% (Via Kevin Arnovitz)

James’ effective field goal percentage on contested in the paint shots: 50.2%, down to 43% when guarded by a center (Via Kevin Arnovitz)

“It’s LeBron demonstrating: I need you guys and I’m willing to trust you in the most crucial situations” – Arnovitz

LeBron instilling confidence in Lonzo?

“This reminded me so much of his 2nd year playing with Kyrie Irving. He wants him to recognize where his future is going to be in this game” – McMenamin

“Court vision has always been his (James) thing. He’s sort of simpatico with Lonzo. He’s a real court vision guy. There’s a certain appreciation for the way Lonzo plays” – Arnovitz

Pop’s criticism of Kawhi’s leadership fair?

“There’s an interesting moment at the very end of that clip where Pop almost seems to reflect on the fact that ‘I maybe shouldn’t have said it.’ I suspect he regrets saying it. It’s never a good idea for management and coaches to throw out insults or shade at players because the players around the league pick up on that” – Arnovitz

“It’s a bad look for the organization. It goes against the ‘Spurs Way.’ They kind of keep everything in house behind closed doors. Is it fair for Pop to say? Yes. You want honesty. I appreciate the candor. How can we say he’s wrong?” – McMenamin

RecommendsMarc Gasol, David Fizdale make amends by Tim MacMahon

Cyber Monday.JPG

Cyber Monday 2.JPG

Buy Nuggets chances to finish top 4 in West?

Arnovitz: Layaway (Take the option to buy them later)
“I want to see just a little bit more, particularly the defense. Very impressed, but just want to see a teeny bit more”

“If [Paul] Millsap stays healthy, I’m pick up that layaway”

McMenamin: Buying
“They have, in the past, racked up regular season wins at an alarming rate. They have the homecourt advantage, a young core, continuity with their coaching staff and players”

Buy Blazers chances to finish top 4 in West?

McMenamin: Buying
“I love continuity, I love Terry Stotts and what he’s doing. They have a system that they run. Their top tier talent, I believe them”

Arnovitz: Buying
“They know how to find shots. I like what they’re doing with that second unit now. They’re a competent team that beats up on bad teams historically”

Buy Clippers chances to finish top 4 in West?

McMenamin: Not Buying
“I think they are a playoff team and they should be happy about the season and they’ll win a lot of games. I don’t have them in the top 4”

Arnovitz: Buying
“They play an excellent brand of defense. They have depth, which in the regular season is key”

Buy Grizzlies chances to finish top 4 in West?

McMenamin: Not Buying
“I just don’t see them as a top 4 team”

Arnovitz: Not Buying
“They’re going to win about 44-45 [games]. There’s always the shoe dropping with [Mike] Conley, [Marc] Gasol. Do both of those guys make it through the season?”

Buying Rockets chances to finish top 4 in West?

Arnovitz: Not Buying
“I need the Thunder in there. I’m sold on them”

McMenamin: Buying
“Because of James Harden. He’s the reigning MVP. He should be able to lead this team back to being a top 4 seed”

November 26, 1993 – Chris Webber (Warriors) with the spin around one handed dunk on Shawn Bradley (Sixers)!

Animated GIF-downsized_large(104).gif

Has “Tank Wars” jumped the shark?

Animated GIF-downsized_large(103).gif

Cavaliers won consecutive games over the Sixers and Rockets over the weekend
Knicks won three straight over the Celtics, Pelicans and Grizzlies

Ds9QGJfVYAAN1U2.jpg large.jpg

“Teams can strategize their race to the bottom. You look at Phoenix, Atlanta and Cleveland, that seems to be the bottom tanking group right now” – McMenamin

“You don’t tank all the way down, you tank a little way down. The incentive structure is still screwy: Lose games, get talent” – Arnovitz

“No player in the NBA goes out trying to lose a game. These are personnel decisions, rotational decisions. The evidence of real, real tanking starts happening in February and March when the best player on the team is mysteriously healthy and not playing” – Arnovitz

Should Wolves be encouraged by KAT or discouraged by Wiggins?

“You go out there, you compete and you get the win and move on” – McMenamin

“The problem is the amount of money they’ve committed to Wiggins. He could very well have a new home [next summer]” – Arnovitz

Game of the NightMagic at Warriors

Warriors officially out of rough patch yet?

“Not quite yet. 82 games will absolutely help this team. By the time the playoffs roll around, they’re going to be just fine” – McMenamin

“This team, when it matters, will be a Juggernaut” – Arnovitz

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Rajon Rondo cleared for non-contact drills

“You don’t hold him out just to hold him out so when he’s clear, get him out there” – McMenamin

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