Show Recap: November 19, 2018 (30-minute show) – Jorge Sedano hosting

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Who throws a shoe?!
Lakers/Heat game

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Today’s Panel:


On the latest episode of…

Kerr on Warriors struggles: “This is the real NBA” | Warriors problems temporary or chronic?

“It’s injuries. It’s guys wanting a bigger role. It’s the disease of me, which is the Pat Riley-ism. These losses are temporary in the sense that Draymond and Steph aren’t playing. The lingering after effects of last week, will that go beyond the season. That’s still something that needs to be addressed” – Elhassan

“They’ll be fine. KD is fine behind the scenes. He’s talking to Draymond” – Spears

“If they didn’t have that problem with KD/Draymond, they still would have struggled this week” – Spears

LeBron’s scoring surge here to stay?

LeBron after the game on his three point shot to get him over 50 points:

“I do because he’s averaging a career low in minutes” – Spears

“If he’s leading the lead in scoring, that means there’s something wrong with the Lakers. He shouldn’t have to. Those guys should be carrying a bigger load of the scoring” – Elhassan

Bonus: Does LeBron have to be a little more Kobe on this Lakers team than LeBron?
Question posed by Producer Danny!

“He has to now because nobody else is doing anything” – Elhassan

November 19, 2007 – Rudy Gay with the windmill dunk vs the Seattle Sonics!

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Make or Miss League Kawhi

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Rejuvenation; What’s gotten into Rudy Gay this year?
Shooting a career-high 52% from the field!

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Selfishness; Impressed by Portland’s ball movement?

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Accidents; Think he called bank?
Shelvin Mack of the Grizzlies

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Chemistry; How soon until the Lakers master high fives?
Has happened twice!

Josh Hart and KCP:
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LeBron and Lakers assistant coach Miles Simon:Animated GIF-downsized_large(85)

Last October:
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From Preseason:LeBron left hanging.JPG

Moving on…

Bigger deal: Butler game-winner or Kemba dropping 60?

Elhassan: Kemba’s 60
“Even if you ask Jimmy, Kemba’s 60 was the main attraction”

Spears: Butler game-winner
“It basically said to Philly: Butler is here. He’s going to be a guy to who can make big shots in the clutch”

Should Hornets give Kemba Walker a max deal?

“It’s either that (max deal) or he’s gone. He’s going to have interest” – Elhassan

“They have to. He wants to be there. You got to sell tickets. You got to take care of him in Charlotte” – Spears

“It’s a tough decision because if you pay him that kind of money if you’re Charlotte, can you build out the rest of that roster?” – Elhassan

Maui Invitational: Duke vs San Diego St

Woj: Wizards open to offers on entire roster

“Yes. But it’s not going to be pretty and it’s not going to be quick. It’s going to be a long ugly rebuild. The culture is so rotten there” – Elhassan

Another installment of…

As The Kings Turn
Dave Joerger at odds with Kings front office? (Chris Haynes of Yahoo! Sports)

“It centers around [Marvin] Bagley. Playing 22 minutes a game. I know he’s frustrated, his family his frustrated. Management would like to see him start. He’s the guy that this is all this discoursed centered around” – Spears

“It’s about Bagley, but not about Bagley. What it’s really about: [Luka] Doncic. They passed on him and everyday when he plays, we’re seeing a new stat [the first since]” – Elhassan

Expectations for Embiid vs Ayton tonight?


“He’s about to get his *** kicked this year” – Joel Embiid back in September

“I love that Ayton is trying to find his way and Embiid already knows where that way is” – Elhassan

“This is the best rookie in the league right now. He’s going to show up” – Spears

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