Show Recap: November 14, 2018

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Opening Tip
When did Klay add this shot to his arsenal?

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Wait, these were supposed to be the fun Warriors

The Warriors are supposed to be having fun!
Warriors titles.JPG
Warriors have won the last 3 out of 4 championships since 2015

It seemed like part of their new approach was no longer walking on so many eggshells when it came to trying to make KD comfortable

As told to Rachel Nichols:

“If two NBA titles aren’t enough to convince him to be here, there’s nothing more we can do”

Durant has been happy about the fact how the Warriors organization is being run in terms of it being natural, organic and exactly like what a team should be

But two nights ago at Staples Center…

What occurred on Monday night is what might be considering a turning point in the history of the franchise
Green apparently called Durant a derogatory name repeatedly, per Marcus Thompson (The Athletic)

After the game:

REPORTER: Kevin? Have you and Draymond been able to hash anything out?


Green was so upset on how it was played out that he went to over to Steph Curry’s house to discuss it, per Marcus Thompson (The Athletic)

Other Warriors players chimed in as well:

“If they win a couple games, this incident would be behind them a like ponytail” – Klay Thompson while quoting rapper Drake

As for Coach Steve Kerr:

Michael Jordan once punched Steve Kerr in the face!

But in the end…

Jordan and Kerr.JPG
Jordan and Kerr won three titles together

Like how that incident blew over, this KD and Draymond incident will too

Agree with Warriors decision to suspend Draymond?

“Rightfully so. The suspension was definitely warranted. The words he called this man, you don’t say that to another individual. He crossed the line. They handled it the right way” – TMac

“The words were not just that ‘B’ word. It was some very vicious vitriol used” – Jackie Mac

“Michael Jordan punched Steve Kerr and nothing happened. There was no fine, suspension, there was nothing. It’s a different time, world and different NBA” – Jackie Mac

“You know what the suspension really tells me: ‘Draymond. You are very important to us. But KD, we have your back'” – TMac

“Their relationship won’t be the same” – TMac

Kevin Durant’s brother said this:

Credit: TDurant/IG
Credit: TDurant/IG

“Stay out of it. This is between KD, Warriors and Draymond” – TMac

KD’s free agency putting three-peat in jeopardy?

“Bringing up his free agency stuff during the course of the game, to me, it’s about what he is capable of doing this year. Who cares what happens in the offseason” – TMac

“One thing you can’t question is KD’s commitment. He’s left millions [on the table]” – Jackie Mac

After last night’s game:

Reporter: The narrative for Trae coming into the NBA was ‘could he be the next Steph…

Iguodala: “NO”

Make or Miss League Klay T.JPG
“Don’t miss” – Klay Thompson

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Misses; The Hornets missed how many threes in a row?
Missed 20 straight threes! Shot 8/41 for the game last night

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Animosity; KD laughing at Jeremy Lin’s flop?

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Dancing; Are we sleeping on Jamal Murray’s handles?

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Limitations; Collin Sexton is averaging 17ppg since the Cavs drama last week

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Mismatches; Why is Chris Paul so mean to bigs?

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Run it Back

CP3’s top handles of all-time:

3) CP3 vs Carlos Arroyo in 2009Animated GIF-downsized_large(53).gif

2) CP3 vs Mike Conley in 2012Animated GIF-downsized_large(59).gif

1) CP3 vs Anthony Carter in 2008Animated GIF-downsized_large(54).gif

Moving on…

Rockets back on track?

“They play the Warriors tomorrow. Without Steph, I want to see those guys and judge them to see if they’re really back. Right now, I can’t give it to them” – TMac

“They have the worst bench in the league” – Jackie Mac

November 14, 1997: SHEED with the long pass to Arvydas Sabonis who hits the game tying three point shot!

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Second Half

Iguodala: “Everything comes to an end” (Per Ethan Strauss of The Athletic)

IGUODALA: “Shaq and Kobe ain’t like each other”

STRAUSS: But that ended in a way you wouldn’t want this to end, right?

IGUODALA: “They won three championships in a row…Everything come to an end”

“A part of Draymond is like: ‘Man. I should have passed that ball to KD'” – TMac

“This happens over and over again: Winning is hard” – Jackie Mac

“Nobody wins when the family feuds. They’re definitely going to have to put this behind them and just concentrate on winning a championship” – TMac quoting Jay-Z

“Iggy is so right. It does end because over time, the grind of what it takes to be on top and to be not just good but to be elite. To be the best and have everything in place” – Jackie Mac

“Guys want to accomplish other things before they get out of this game in their personal careers” – TMac

Expectations for Jimmy tonight in Sixers debut?

Butler on getting adjusted to his new team:

“I expect him to be who he is, be a great leader” – TMac

“He’s going to have a great game. The energy he brings is something the Sixers can use. You ask Embiid and Simmons to do so much. He can take a little bit of that burden off of them” – Jackie Mac

76ers coach (Brett Brown): Fultz understands move to bench
JJ Redick will be the starter again

“Everybody wants Markelle Fultz to do well. We understand he’s 20 years old and has come in with a tremendous amount of expectations. We all get it. He’s done nothing wrong” – Brett Brown

“He’ll be fine. This is better for him. Take some of that pressure off for this guy who is struggling. Inserting JJ Redick in this starting lineup is really going to open things up for this team. Hopefully, Fultz can sit back, learn and gain some confidence” – TMac

“This is the best thing that could happen for Fultz. They’re going to play him. It’s not like Fultz isn’t going to play. Their bench is a little thin. It’s too early to give up on Fultz, but it’s not too early to take the pressure off him and get JJ Redick back in there when they had the most effective lineup in the NBA last year” – Jackie Mac

RecommendsDavis, Pelicans more confident than ever by Kevin Arnovitz

Thibs told to stick to coaching? (Per Jon Krawczynski of The Athletic)

Credit: Jon Krawczynski/The Athletic

“That’s not a good sign. This isn’t going to end well for Thibs because when you have your owner negotiating your deals instead of your president, it’s just a bad sign” – Jackie Mac

“Listen to boss, man. Don’t try to wear more than one hat” – TMac

DeAndre Jordan clashing with teammates? (Per Tim MacMahon)
The team has already become frustrated with what they see as “selfish play”

He pushed Luka Doncic out of the way:

Animated GIF-downsized_large(56).gif

Mark Cuban not too pleased:

Animated GIF-downsized_large(57).gif

“This is a weird story. Y’all get the hell out of the way. This man gets paid to rebound and play defense for this team” – TMac

“He is disinterested. It’s not a full effort from a guy that can really have an impact on the boards and defensively and he’s not doing that right now” – Jackie Mac

“They’ve been feeling this way for quite some time about DeAndre. They need to address this. This is not good” – TMac

November 12, 2012 – Eric Bledsoe with nasty block on Flash! Aka Dwyane Wade!

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TMac, ready to support Rachel Nichols’ #DraftVince campaign?

Vince! Vince! Vince! Vince!

“Vince? If you watching this show, you need to call into the show and tell Rachel yourself that you’re not entering the dunk contest. Please. For the sake of your cousin, man!” – TMac

“I don’t want to see Vince in the slam dunk contest with a Hawks jersey on” – TMac

Surprised Tyson Chandler picked Lakers over Warriors? (Per the LA Times)

“Anytime a player has an opportunity to go and play for their hometown team that they grew up dreaming of playing in that uniform…why not? It’s toward the end of his career” – TMac

“In practical terms, the Lakers needed help with rim-protecting. He gets to actually play and make a difference and impact. With Golden State, we all know what happens at end of games: They play small ball. You’re going to be sitting there and waving the towel” – Jackie Mac

Gordon Hayward open to bench role? (Per the Boston Globe)

“We have to figure something out because for whatever reason we’re not playing our best basketball right now” – Hayward

“I’m not surprised because he’s a team guy. He’s struggling and he knows it. If I’m the Celtics, I maybe hesitant to do this because he needs reps, real live actions” – Jackie Mac

“I’m all for it. He’s not in great basketball shape so I feel like they’re waiting for him to catch up. Allow him to come off the bench and just find his rhythm doing it that way and allow these guys to play the style of basketball that they played last season without him” – TMac

“There’s some mental hesitation on his part” – Jackie Mac

Game of the Night
Pistons at Raptors

Dwane Casey returns to Toronto

“He’s fortunate in this: He didn’t have to be part of the trading of DeMar DeRozan. So Kyle Lowry and DeRozan will love him forever” – Jackie Mac

“He deserves it” – TMac on what kind of ovation Casey will get

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