Show Recap: November 12, 2018 (Veterans Day)

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How do you stop Giannis in the open floor?
Euro stepping on opponents!

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: There are no weekends off, people!

In the NBA, there is no chill!
Weekend Plans
Did you have plans this past weekend? Think again!
Jimmy Butler was traded to the Sixers on Saturday morning

And because of the trade, that means it’s the series finale of…

Dances with TWolvesJimmy Butler traded to 76ers

With all the fiasco that went on with the Jimmy Butler saga, Tom Thibodeau’s future in Minnesota is doubt as head coach and/or President of Basketball Operations

But that’s not the only thing that happened this weekend…

Melo’s future with Rockets in jeopardy

Rockets GM, Daryl Morey denied reports that they were going to waive Carmelo Anthony

Anthony has only played 10 games with the Rockets this season. The question is: Will he remain a Rocket?

NBA Players weighed in on the Melo drama going on in Houston:

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Saying Melo is to blame for the Rockets problems this season is like fixating on a leaky faucet of the Titanic. Yet the boat hits the iceberg and sinks!

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What’s more of a debate is how much this situation that he does not deserve to find himself in is his own fault

Melo unfairly blamed for Rockets struggles?

“I talked to somebody within the organization, they said he’s a scapegoat. Someone close to him said it’s a ‘gut punch’ to him. He’s probably beating himself up for not going to Miami. The Rockets knew what they were getting with him. This isn’t a surprise” – Spears

“At this stage in his career, he’s going to have to adapt to being a role player and it’s hard for people that have been superstars” – Spears

“It was a perfect storm for the Rockets to hit that iceberg and Melo happens to be on the boat. The day they lost [Luc] Mbah a Moute, [Trevor] Ariza and [Jeff] Bzdelik, their entire makeup changed” – Jackie Mac

“It’s not fair to blame him for everything. He just got there. But it isn’t a great fit” – Jackie Mac

Was the juice worth the squeeze for Jimmy Butler?

“If I’m Jimmy Butler, I’m thrilled and I’m going to go there and I’m going to be such a good guy” – Jackie Mac

“This is an unbelievable situation not just for him, but for the Sixers” – Jackie Mac

“He needs to take a page out of LeBron James when he went to Miami: He was introduced first, he didn’t care about being introduced last. He let his play make him the star of the team, not what he said or how he felt. If he goes in there and plays, Philly will love him. But they will turn on him if he says the wrong things because it’s Joel Embiid’s team no matter what” – Spears

Thibs get enough back for Butler?

“He did the best he could. But the owner (Glen Taylor) took this over, that’s a bad sign when you’re suppose to be running the team. I thought they should have gotten a (First Round) draft pick” – Jackie Mac

“I like the two players they got back. But in [Zach] LaVine and [Lauri] Markkanen, you lost two possible stars. I think it was a loss” – Spears

“The gamble he (Thibs) took in June July, August and September, that didn’t work because it didn’t work in October and November” – Nichols

November 12, 2004 – Kobe Bryant posterizes rookie Dwight Howard in Orlando!

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Make or Miss league

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Bounce; Miles bridges the hero the dunk contest needs?

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Miss Logo
Explanations; Was there a fly on the court in Memphis?

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Make Logo
Patience; Jamal Murray finally gets his 48-point ball back from a kid who caught it

Miss Logo
Post ups; Will we see Brook Lopez in 3 point contest?

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Acrobatics; Anything more aesthetically pleasing than a reverse layup?

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Run it Back

Top reverse layups of all-time:

3) 2011: Nick Young vs Mavs
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2) 1991: Michael Jordan vs Nets
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1) 1980: Dr. J vs Lakers
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Moving on…

Tyson Chandler the answer to all of Lakers issues?

“He’s been a great closer for them. Big time addition for him and he’s back home” – Spears

“He’s probably already exceed his expectations. And they need more veterans in the locker room” – Jackie Mac

LeBron’s free throw shooting a problem?
Had his first career game winning dunk (Regular Season or Playoffs)

“You can’t be perfect. You got to have some blemish. This is something that’s not new. With the Lakers, that’s a great spotlight” – Spears

“He’s a mediocre free throw shooter. This is the one Achilles heel” – Jackie Mac

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Second Half

Previously on…

Dances with TWolves

“I hope not. They still have to dance” – Jackie Mac on whether Dances with T-Wolves will be canceled or not

Will Butler’s leadership style mesh with Sixers?

“They can be special. What I’d do: Call Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce to come meet with you. They have to be on the same page. All three of them need to spend time together off the court and figure each other out. Jimmy has to fit in more” – Spears

“You got to put JJ Redick into the starting lineup with these guys. They become your ‘Death Lineup'” – Jackie Mac

76ers chances to win East after trading for Butler?

“Toronto has earned the right, for now, to be the favorite. I expect (the Sixers) them to pick up a veteran shooter at some point. I don’t think they’re done for the season by any stretch” – Jackie Mac

“Jimmy could have been sent anywhere. He could have been sent to an NBA Siberia” – Nichols

Expectations for KAT & Wiggins now?

“If Wiggins would have grew up in the States instead of Canada, maybe he’d be a lot tougher. He has to become something that he’s not. He’s not Jimmy Butler” – Spears

“They got publicly spanked by Jimmy Butler. Going forward, did they learn anything from it or they just going to forget that it was ever said? I hope they learned a little bit from it. They’re both very fine basketball players” – Jackie Mac

November 12, 2009 – Dwyane Wade with a facial on Anderson Varejao and the foul!!!

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Kyrie looking for Celtics to add a “15-year Vet”

“He’s talking about the young guys (Jayson Tatum & Jaylen Brown) who are in a hurry to be great” – Jackie Mac

“These guys will be fine. But they were interested in Jamal Crawford. But the reason he didn’t go is because they wouldn’t guarantee him playing time like the Phoenix Suns could” – Jackie Mac

“This is all about (their) offense” – Jackie Mac

Did Blake Griffin deserve ejection?
Was ejected for a flagrant 2 foul on Malik Monk (Hornets)

“He didn’t mean to hurt him. I don’t like those undercut plays” – Jackie Mac

“That play was the end of what was going on the entire game” – Spears

NBA players wear t-shirts saying “Enough” to honor victims of Thousand Oaks shooting

What’s next for Melo?

Melo's Career.JPG

“Keep an eye on Miami, Philly is interested…but not the Lakers” – Spears

“I’m sorry Carmelo. That’s what you are now. Figure it out. You got to come off the bench” – Jackie Mac

“Some guys just can’t do it” – Spears on all-time greats not accepting a bench role towards the end of their careers

Game of the NightSixers at Heat

Heat in trouble after striking out on Butler?

“They have some of the best front office guys in the business” – Nichols


Happy Veterans Day from The Jump!

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