Show Recap: November 5, 2018

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Opening Tip
Giannis just toying with people now?

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: The Lakers “reality show” rolls on

Over the summer, a lot people joked that the Lakers needed their own reality show
Think about how a reality show would do with this cast
It’s almost as if Lakers GM, Rob Pelinka approached this season more like a casting director


Tyson Chandler trades in his Suns jersey…

Tyson Suns.JPG

For a Lakers jersey!

Tyson Lakers.JPG

Although he’s no longer the player who helped upset LeBron’s Miami Heat in the NBA Finals, Chandler (36) is still going to be welcomed on a team that’s as desperate for size and rebounding as the Lakers are

Face off
“He is going to finish the season. Unless something drastic happens, which it won’t” – Magic Johnson

But….this happened last night:

This was the score after the 1st quarter, the worst ever quarter of basketball in the Lakers long and rich history
Everyone from Hamilton to Oshawa knows it won’t mean anything until the Raptors succeed in the playoffs

Via Ohm Youngmisuk:

“Yeah, we’re not going to fire him. He’s our coach, we supporting him, and that’s it.” – Magic Johnson


Magic has made a public promise that he will be held to, which will likely create more drama in the coming months

Where does Luke Walton go from here?

Elhassan breaking down film of the Lakers struggles:
Starts at the 1:29 mark

“This is a flawed roster” – Windhorst

“Magic is holding him to an unreasonable standard” – Windhorst

“They’re not on the same page from possession to possession” – Elhassan

“They’re just not talented enough defensively. LeBron and Rondo are not playing good defense” – Windhorst

“We all knew this on July 10” – Nichols on the Lakers early struggles

November 5, 1999 – Charles Oakley with the alley-oop pass to Vince Carter vs the Nets

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Make or Miss League Pop

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Surprises; Are we seeing the resurgence of the Shammgod?
Omari Casspi (Grizzlies) doing it against Josh Jackson (Suns)

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Rim Protection; Give Nurk credit for trying?

First it was Brandon Ingram on Saturday…

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Then Josh Okogie last night…

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Synergy; Does this play belong in Springfield?
Wolves/Warriors game on Friday night

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Should 41-year-old Vince Carter enter the dunk contest?
Follow-up jam vs the Heat:

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Aggression; Who made Giannis mad?

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Run it Back

Top Giannis super-stretch dunks:

2017: Giannis on the PacersAnimated GIF-downsized_large(76).gif

2015: Giannis on the KnicksAnimated GIF-downsized_large(77).gif

2016: Giannis on IbakaAnimated GIF-downsized_large(78).gif

Moving on…

Will Rockets “defensive coordinator” (Jeff Bzdelik; pictured below on the left) coming back make a difference?

“Marginally. Two things that play here: It’s a personnel issue and let’s just assume he’ll have some sort of impact” – Elhassan

“The Warriors, when they saw what happened this summer and they saw that Mbah a Moute and Ariza left, their smiles had to be so big. Until they get those players like that back, or even one of them like that back, I don’t know if we can see the same Rockets we did last year” – Windhorst

“You (Rachel Nichols) talked about July 10th. We knew these problems were apparent for the Lakers. This is my version of that. We knew as soon as those two guys (Mbah a Moute and Ariza) went out the door, the Rockets were not going to be a good defensive team” – Elhassan

RecommendsHow Raptors are making their case to keep Kawhi by new ESPN’er,Tim Bontemps

Second Half

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Serge Ibaka’s scoring surge without Kawhi last night?

Windhorst: Something
“He’s been so happy. He’s so much more comfortable playing the five”

Elhassan: Something
“I urge him not to abandon the three point shot all together”

Jimmy Butler’s “precautionary rest” DNPs?

Elhassan: Everything
“He’s right to do this. He’s got to protect his investment. He’s trying to preserve himself for that next contract”

Windhorst: Everything
“What’s his next move when they don’t trade him for 3 more weeks?”

Victor Oladipo’s clutch buckets?

Windhorst: Something
“He wants this shot”

Elhassan: Everything
“He’s saying: ‘I’m not going anywhere.’ That’s the growth of a player”

Embiid’s persistent trolling of Andre Drummond?

Via andredrummondd/IG

Elhassan: Nothing
“That’s what he does. He makes us laugh”

Windhorst: “Drummond better hope this is not Everything”

Ryan McDonoughFormer Suns GM Ryan McDonough joined the show

McDonough addressing his firing

“It was abrupt for me. It was unexpected” – McDonough

“There has been a lot of turnover in Phoenix” – McDonough

“It was after our 3rd preseason game. I viewed the roster as not fully completely. But just the timing of it was surprising. I appreciate the opportunity (Suns owner Robert Sarver) he gave me” – McDonough

“The team is super young and that hurt us somewhat in recruiting elite free agents in their prime” – McDonough

Biggest regret during tenure as Suns GM?

“How public some of the conflicts with the players became” – McDonough

“We could have done better internally from ownership, in the front office and our coaching staff in terms of communication with the players and vice-versa” – McDonough

How close are Suns to completing their #Timeline?

“I don’t think they have a ceiling long-term” – McDonough

“Devin Booker is an elite closer. You saw that last night” – McDonough

November 5, 1999 – Clifford Robinson with the no look tip pass to “The Matrix” aka Shawn Marion who finishes with a one handed dunk!

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Cavs too hard on rookie Collin Sexton?

“I’m not surprised by any of this. He’s a rookie PG in his first month on the job” – Windhorst

“The Cavs vets are right, but maybe they’re wrong to let it out” – Elhassan

How much could Tyson Chandler help Lakers?

“This is one of the worst defensive rebounding and defensive teams in the league. You add a guy like this, I think this helps” – Elhassan

“This is a very nice rational move, getting a guy who is a backup at this point of his career on a minimum contract. Why wasn’t it done in July?” – Windhorst

Game of the NightCeltics at Nuggets

Are Nuggets good or really good?

“They’re good. I need a little bit more time to trust their defense” – Elhassan

“They’re good and I think they’re going to make the playoffs. I don’t know if they’re going to be this good” – Elhassan

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