Show Recap: October 24, 2018

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Opening Tip
Should Patrick Beverley think twice about taunting AD?

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Monologue: Blake drops 50 in win over Sixers


Is Griffin the eye-popping talent a franchise can build itself around?
Or is Griffin the overpaid salary cap drain?
While the World Series was going on last night, many thought the NBA was going to be a quiet night with only 3 games on. But that wasn’t the case!

NBA’s new slogan should be…

Not a day has gone by with something insane happening on or off the court…


Rockets GM, Daryl Morey defended CP3 by tweeting this:

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Embiid vs Drummond. Round 4!

Embiid “acted” very well by flopping…

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But wait…there’s more. On IG, he commented:

“That man is fat, out of shape and talks all day”

Now back to Blake:

Blake Griffin has started this season off on fire
Last Pistons player to score 50 or more points in a game…Richard “Rip” Hamilton back in 2006

Does Blake Griffin’s 50-piece change your outlook on Pistons?

“For being elite in the Eastern Conference, absolutely not. They need one more piece” – TMac

“Blake is the centerpiece” – TMac

“This is going to be a playoff team, but in the lower half of the bracket” – Elhassan

“Andre Drummond is the key. He has the potential, but hasn’t reached that” – Elhassan

Should Embiid get fined for flop?

“When you have serial floppers, we know more often than not they flop” – Elhassan

“He laughs. Immediately, he lets you know he flopped” – Elhassan

“That was clearly a flop. He (Drummond) should not have been thrown out of the game” – TMac

“If you’re a serial flopper, stop getting calls. Let’s see how much you flop after that” – Elhassan

October 24, 2012 – Clippers’ Blake Griffin with the spinning layup on Pau Gasol, plus the foul!

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Creativity; “Ice Trae” the best nickname ever?
Migos went on Bill Simmons podcast and gave Trae Young a nickname

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Defense; How many more times can Dwane Casey run this play?

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Quickness; Don’t blink, you might miss Ish Smith

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Layups; Zion Williamson worth tanking for?

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Volleyball; Are spike blocks the best blocks?

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All-time most savage spike blocks:

3. Dwight on Deng in 2010Animated GIF-downsized_large (28).gif

2. Birdman (Chris Andersen) on Rudy Fernandez in 2009Animated GIF-downsized_large (29).gif

1. Kobe on Ray Allen in 2004Animated GIF-downsized_large (30).gif

Moving on…

Best remaining undefeated team?

TMac: Raptors
“They are in the EC and I just really like their team”

Elhassan: Nuggets
“What I like about them is the depth”

Least Trustworthy undefeated team?

TMac: Bucks
“After Giannis, who can we really rely on to give him some help to help them elevate this team?”

Elhassan: Pistons
“They won 3 games by 1, 2 and 3 points. All nail biters”

Second Half

Rather have as a teammate: Rondo or CP3?

Recap of Rondo’s comments:

“I really don’t know. It all depends on who else is around me” – TMac

“I’m taking Chris Paul. He’s a better player and has been for his career” – Elhassan

“Chris Paul has a very well manicured image” – Elhassan

David Stern on CP3-To-Lakers veto in 2011: “I was protecting the then-Hornets”
Click here to read more about this topic by Chirs Ballard of Sports Illustrated

Dell Demps.JPG
Current Pelicans GM, Dell Demps

“This would have been a great trade for New Orleans” – TMac

“David Stern is right. This was not the right deal for the Pelicans” – Elhassan

“This is shocking” – Elhassan on Stern taking jabs at current Pelicans GM, Dell Demps

“Why is he blaming the GM for these guys leaving?” – TMac

NBA Execs already focused on 2019 free agency by Brian Windhorst

Rich Paul.JPGRich Paul of Klutch Sports and LeBron’s agent joined the show!
Making his 2nd appearance on The Jump

How did Darius Bazley end up with New Balance internship? (Starts in January and will be there for 3 months in Boston and workout and train)
More of this story can be read here by Marc Stein of the NY Times

“Darius is a very, very different kid. He’ll have a head start” – Paul

Expect more prospects to follow Bazley’s lead?

“It’s not for everybody. This was the right path for Bazley and his family. For most kids, it is the right thing” – Paul

Response to Jim Boeheim’s comment?

“We’re talking about a system that has been broken for a long time” – Paul

“For these kids, they need options” – Paul

Any concern with Lakers 0-3 start?

“Only thing I hope is that the guys play well and stay healthy. I’m a fan of the game. I don’t have concerns” – Paul

Jump Ball Regular

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Before answering for real, he said this:
“I don’t think neither one of these guys is really under pressure because we don’t expect anything out of their teams”

TMac: Doncic
“Him being the successor to Dirk [Nowitzki], that’s some big shoes to fill”

Elhassan: Young
“Him as a small player has a big hill to climb”


TMac: 76ers
“Philly probably has two [MVP candidates]. Simmons is a walking triple double and we know how good Embiid is”

Elhassan: 76ers

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Guilty verdicts in college pay-for-play trial

“The changes are with the players and their families to say ‘We have another way'” – Elhassan

“James Gatto is my guy. This is personal to me and it’s devastating news” – TMac

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