Show Recap: October 19, 2018 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Westbrook return possible tonight vs Clippers?

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First Half

Opening Monologue: LeBron’s Lakers carnival has arrived

Will LeBron’s new crew be able to compete in the West this season?

LeBron’s dunk in his Lakers debut last night is similar to his first NBA dunk back in 2003:

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Lakers One.JPG
There were some firsts in LeBron’s first game with the Lakers
Lakers 2.JPG
No team around LeBron has ever played fast…until last night. At a pace of 113.5 possessions, the fastest game of LeBron’s career
LeBron is 0-4 (counting his debut twice with the Cavs) when playing his first game with a franchise
“The Lakers are a championship team this year” – Lonzo Ball (Via TNT)

How concerning is Lakers 3-pt shooting?

“They (Lakers Management) put together a group of guys that can beat you off the dribble, they are tough, they’re going to compete every single night. Then you got to get the shooting. They weren’t able to get the shooting this year. This is something that was going to be a concern from day one and it’s something that’s probably going to haunt them throughout the season” – Scott

“0-15 [to start the game]? Yeah, I kind of expected that” – Scott

“On the defensive end is where they have to get a lot better” – Scott

“They’re going to have to look harder at getting the lineups that have just one non-shooter around LeBron” – Lowe

More to prove Saturday: Rockets or Lakers?

“The macro answer is the Lakers because we don’t know what the team is” – Lowe

“The Lakers have more to prove. This is a team that they’re looking up to, along with Golden State, that they feel they’ll probably face them somewhere down the line if they get to that 3 or 4 spot” – Scott

October 19, 2003 – Ronald Dupree (Pistons) posterizes Francisco Elson!

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Make or Miss League Rondo.JPG

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People Saying; Is Lowry dapping up the ghost of DeMar DeRozan?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (2).gif

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Drops; How did Kawhi do this?

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Buckets; Can Zach LaVine be an all-star this season?
Had 30 points in a loss to the Sixers

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Health; Concerned Dwight is already missing games?

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Encouragement; 76ers fans a little too excited for Markelle Fultz?

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Moving on…

Via the Golic And Wingo show:

“I think they’ve taken a gamble inserting Fultz into the starting lineup. They had one of the best starting lineups last year in the league. I think it was the best from a plus/minus standpoint. Putting them in the starting lineup. Whether that’s a long-term fit, I think, that remains to be seen” – Jeff Van Gundy

76ers putting too much faith in Fultz?

“JJ Redick in that lineup is a threat” – Scott

“The way they were playing last year, I would have kept that starting lineup together…right now” – Scott

“It’s a big time gamble. But, why mess with something that was going so well?” – Scott

“It’s worth seeing. It’s worth looking at it. I’m pessimistic about whether that lineup will actually work ” – Lowe

“The Redick lineup will be better this season than the Fultz lineup” – Lowe

“He and Simmons are two of the most unusual players in the league” – Lowe

Second Half

Woj.JPGSenior NBA Insider, Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show!

Westbrook return possible tonight vs Clippers?

“There has been optimism that he would feel well enough to play Sunday in OKC’s home opener” – Woj

“The one thing he has to think about is Russ first” – Scott

“It’s good for Schroder to run the team for a bit” – Lowe

“Turning Carmelo Anthony into [Dennis] Schroder, who is a starting level PG in the NBA, is really going to help this OKC team. I think he was the least talked about really good acquistion of the offseason” – Woj

Can Kawhi transform Raptors perception?

Kawhi on playing with Kyle Lowry:

“It’s been great. He’s been helping me out. He’s been here for the past 6-7 years. He’s making it easier for me to fit in and be comfortable by play calls and his leadership as well on the team”

“It’s going to be fine. If they win games, the team dynamic will be great” – Lowe

“Toronto has the best player in the Eastern Conference” – Woj

“This is why Masai Ujiri made this trade. He wants to win this season” – Woj

“Best two-way player in the Eastern Conference” – Scott

Steph at 30: Can Curry’s shooting thwart the test of time? By Baxter Holmes

Spoiler…Curry wants to play in the NBA for 16 seasons. This is his 10th season in the league!

NFLLA native, Steelers WR, Juju Smith-Schuster joins the show!

“You talk about LeBron, the guy has done everything” – Juju

Reaction to LeBron’s Lakers debut?

“It’s just the first game. You have a young team, they’re going to build. It takes time” – Juju

How come this wasn’t a touchdown?

“The NFL is going to hit you with so many rules” – Juju

Are you really the “Athlete Goat” of COD (Call of Duty)? | Response to De’Aaron [Fox] calling you out?

“I’m down to argue with that” – Juju

“Let’s get with it [De’Aaron]” – Juju

Byron Scott got a shirt of a GOAT from Juju

How long until Hayward and Kyrie look comfortable again?

Hayward on getting back into the swing of things:

“More than anything, just playing the game. I think I’ve done so many drills, so many exercises, my leg is strong. But, when you get hurt like that, you just can’t play for so long. Playing the game of basketball, playing five-on-five. They’re just so many moments that you can’t simulate in drills, in a controlled environment. And so when you just get out there in front of the fans, in front of the lights and with your teammates, like, those are moments and experiences I just need to do over again”

“When you’re out for a year with a broken leg, it’s going to take you some time to get readjusted to playing 5 on 5 basketball. It’s going to be a month or so before he starts feeling really good” – Scott

“This is a scheme for you (Rachel) to start a new Haywatch” – Lowe

“Kyrie is going to be fine. That was like a clean surgery. People slept on how big of a deal it was that Gordon had to have a second surgery to remove the plate and the screws around his ankle because that screwed up his rehab. He was supposed to be playing 5 on 5 all summer. He’s a half-step off feeling the game” – Lowe

Game of the Night
Cavaliers at Timberwolves

Jimmy Butler on crowd reaction: “It ain’t going to change the way I play” | Expect Timberwolves fans to boo or cheer Jimmy Butler tonight?

“I would expect them to boo him. They’re just frustrated with the franchise in general” – Lowe

“If I was a fan, I would go the opposite way: I would cheer the heck out of him. Give him a standing ovation” – Scott

NBA extends transparency efforts on officiating

“I don’t like it. I understand the transparency part of it. Making it kind of open to the public, it puts even more scrutiny on them (refs)” – Scott

“It’s about fans and Adam [Silver] trying to fight this idea that some part of the NBA is rigged and it’s about gambling” – Lowe

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Steve Kerr on playing the Jazz tonight: “Jazz are good early season challenge”

Jazz/Warriors Western Conference Finals?

Lowe: Sure | Scott: No

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