Show Recap: October 17, 2018

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Opening Tip
Should Jaylen Brown wear T-Mac’s shoes every game?
Wore the TMac threes

TMac Shoes.JPG

McGrady wore them in the 2004 All-Star game in LA:

TMac shoes 2.JPG

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Carmelo Anthony of the Houston Rockets. His first sitdown since joining the team:

Highlights from the interview:

“It feels natural. Like a natural fit” – Anthony on playing for the Rockets

On his time in OKC and leaving this summer:

“Challenging a little bit. We had our good times and down times. But I had a great time in OKC” – Anthony

“They told me that they was looking in another direction. It just didn’t work out. No bad blood” – Anthony

On why he wore a hoodie on the beach in the Bahamas:

“I actually felt cooler with the hoodie on” – Anthony

On “Olympic Melo”:

“When you have the 12 best players on one team in the world, it’s easier to be Olympic Melo. When it comes down to the tedious season and the nuances of putting a team together and figuring out what your role is going to be, it’s just really understanding kind of what they need me to bring to this team” – Anthony

On his role with the Rockets this season:

“I have a clearer understanding of what my role is” – Anthony

On his relationship with Mike D’Antoni in New York:

“That situation in New York was…it happened so fast. I think now we got an opportunity to just lay it all out on the table”

D’Antoni to Melo: “I hope you give me a second chance”

On the Rockets:

“This is a very unique and special opportunity” – Anthony

Any reason for Melo not to thrive with Rockets?

Melo Stat.JPG
UPDATE: He scored 9 points and grabbed 4 rebounds off the bench in just 27 minutes in a loss to the Pelicans

“You can hear that he’s kind of unease at the whole ‘coming off the bench’ conversation. He hasn’t quite embraced that” – TMac

“This is his first chance of contending for a title and he has to understand ‘I have to sacrifice’ in order for this team to excel to what they’re trying to achieve” – TMac

“They want him to come off the bench. He’s going to fit fine there” – Lowe

Warriors reversible rings set bar too high?

“I was very nervous for Kristen Ledlow (TNT) on TV when she tried to demonstrate it with Steph’s ring. I’m like, ‘They gave her Steph’s ring?’ That’s a lot of pressure” – Lowe

“You have to be creative. Every year is not the same for these guys so why should the jewelry be?” – TMac

What did Thunder prove last night without Westbrook?


“[Dennis] Schröder. He was phenomenal last night defensively, offensively. They have an extremely solid backup that bring a lot of value” – TMac

“I’m interested in how he and Schröder fit” – Lowe

KD looks to be talking smack with Russell Westbrook from Tuesday’s night game

“Some people on Twitter were saying that they were kind of being a little good nature with each other. That didn’t look good nature to me” – Lowe

“It looks like Russ is probably over there jawing at KD. KD made a play and looked at him” – TMac

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Flinchgate Pt. 2; Does Kobe need to have a word with Horford?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (7).gif

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Height; Does Rozier just need to embrace “Scary Terry” nickname? (Has said he doesn’t love the nickname)
Scored 11 points, grabbed 8 rebounds and this emphatic block on Embiid:

Animated GIF-downsized_large (8).gif

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Vision; Think Simmons can lead league in assists?

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Secrecy; What was Russ being so suspicious about?

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Thrunks (Throwdown Dunk); Jaylen Brown lucky or good on this play?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (11).gif

Most memorable “Thrunks”

2000: Kevin Garnett takes flight over Vlade & Peja

Animated GIF-downsized_large (12).gif

2013: JaVale McGee soars over Joakim Noah

Animated GIF-downsized_large (13).gif

2010: Blake Griffin throws it down over Timofey Mozgov

Animated GIF-downsized_large (14).gif

Moving on…


Does Jayson Tatum look like No. 1 option for Celtics?
23 points on 9-17 shooting

“We see the potential and upside for this kid. Right now, he is the No. 1 option” – TMac

“This guy is coming to get into that conversation” – Lowe

Did Joel Embiid’s trash talk come back to haunt him last night?
Sixers have lost 8 of last 10 vs the Celtics (Including the playoffs)

Scored 23 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a loss to the Celtics

Embiid after the game:

“This is not a rivalry. I don’t know our record against them, but it’s pretty bad. They always kick our a**”

“No. Not at all. He’s going to win some, lose some, he’s going to win a lot. He’s argubly one of the best big men in our game. They (Celtics) got the better of him” – TMac

Second Half

Kevin Garnett on Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor (Via NBA on TNT):

“I totally understand him. I totally get it. And he’s dealing with Glen doesn’t know s*** about basketball. He’s going to make money, but he don’t know anything about basketball”

Woj.JPGESPN NBA Insider Adrian Wojnarowski joined the show!

Jimmy Butler: “No worries in the world” | Where do Timberwolves stand with Jimmy Butler?

“This is exactly what Tom Thibodeau wanted, which was him in the lineup on opening night. This is why the day that Jimmy came back and practiced, Thibs won. He waited out his owner, he waited out Jimmy and got him back on the court” – Woj

“I’m with Thibs on this because the caliber player that Jimmy is to go along with these two young bucks (KAT and Wiggins) that they have if these guys can put in the work that satisfies Jimmy, Minnesota can be a really good team with the three of these guys” – TMac

“Anything that happens in an NBA practice is going to get out. There’s too many people in there” – Woj

Woj: Nuggets sign Coach Mike Malone to 2-year extension

“This is a playoff team now. This is a team, if healthy, should be challenging for 50 wins. They took off that cloud that hangs off of a coach when he’s headed into the last year of his deal” – Woj

“Mike deserves a lot of credit for figuring out how to build his offense around Jokic and just the way they came together” – Lowe

Isaiah Thomas: “I’m not coming back until fully healthy”


“He doesn’t want to repeat the mistake he made last year” – Woj

“I don’t think he’s going to be the player that he used to be, but he’ll be a valuable piece for them coming off the bench. He still can score. His whole game was predicated on his explosiveness” – TMac

“We won’t see Boston Isaiah Thomas again but he would help the Nuggets. They need him eventually to reach the ceiling that were talking about” – Lowe

RecommendsBrian Windhorst: Can AD go from great to the greatest?

Tuesday’s Jump Recommends: Zach Lowe’s Crazy Predictions

Crazy Prediction #1: KD to the Knicks next summer

TMac says…

Not Crazy.JPG
“KD could possibly have 3 championships, or 2. Take on a new challenge, revive New York. If the unicorn (Kristaps Porzingis) is still there, they will be a damn good tandem there”

“He has taken a lot heat from fans in the move to the Warriors and has shown at times to be sensitive about that. What he would experience in NY, which would be different than Oklahoma City or Golden State, he would get it from the home fans. He’s never gotten that before” – Woj

“If he goes there, he just has to be ready for that because you will become a target very quickly when you don’t do more than you did last year” – Woj on the pressures of winning in a big market like New York

Crazy Prediction #2: Giannis wins MVP

TMac says…

“Milwaukee is not even going to be a top 3, top 4 seed. They are not going to be a good enough team for him to win the MVP”

“LeBron James is the MVP of this year” – TMac

“Mike Budenhozler’s arrival in Milwaukee is going to elevate Giannis’ candidacy” – Woj

Previewing ESPN’s first doubleheader of the season (Pelicans at Rockets | Mavericks at Suns), the panel played a game of…

Jump Ball


McGrady: Ayton
“He was a beast in preseason. Hope he can keep that up”

Lowe: Doncic
“His numbers are going to be more spread out in different categories, his team is going to be better. He’ll get credit for being like a member of a more functional team”

Better right now.JPG

McGrady: Davis
“His impact on both ends of the court. This guy can impact the game without even to have to score. He could win Defensive Player of the Year”

Lowe: Davis
“The two-way play”

Also said this about Harden:
“His playmaking and scoring is so special. He’s like a top 7 offense by himself”

Game of the Night
Cavaliers at Raptors

Expectations for Kawhi in Raptors debut?
UPDATE: Kawhi scored 24 points and grabbed 13 rebound in just 37 minutes in a win over the Cavs

“He has to prove to everybody that he’s not just a system player. Being out of Pop’s system, playing for a new coach, new teammates and new uniform” – TMac

“I have very high expectations for Kawhi. I want to see 2016-17 MVP candidate Kawhi. He’s just a brilliant player no matter where he plays” – Lowe

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