Show Recap: October 16, 2018 (Opening Night!)

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Cold Open:

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First Half

More important offszn story: Boogie, LeBron or Kawhi?

“Kawhi Leonard is the biggest offseason move because he could make or break two franchises” – TMac who was referring to the Raptors and the Lakers

“The Lakers. When was the last time the Lakers got a huge key free agent?” – Pierce

“They (Warriors) were going to be the favorite with or without Boogie” – Pierce

Will Knicks regret not signing Porzingis to extension?

“I think he shouldn’t play this year” – TMac

“As a player, I want that extension right now coming off an ACL injury. How many players tear their ACL and get offered the max” – Pierce

“I would be upset if I didn’t get that extension” – Pierce

Rest in Peace, Paul Allen:
Allen owned the Portland Trail Blazers from 1988 to 2018

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Say something, Pop!

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Commitment; What is the ceiling for Myles Turner?
Per Adrian Wojnarowski: Agreed to a 4-year, $72M contract extension

“He could be an all-star in the Eastern Conference” – Pierce

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Father Time; Bad look for Hawks starting Vince Carter at 3 (SF)?
Will start in the Hawks season opener vs the Knicks
UPDATE: Had 12 points in 24 minutes in a loss to the Knicks

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Cameos; How should Raptors feel about Drake bringing out LeBron?
Travis Scott appeared as well

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Fit; What should Kevin Hart do with baby D-Wade jersey?

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Chances; Suns sign Jamal Crawford to 1-year deal

Moving on…

Why did it take so long for Jamal Crawford to find a team? | Good fit with Suns?

“Our league is getting younger by the day. These teams are wanting to give these younger guys an opportunity to grow. He’s been around for so long that they don’t want to get vets any more opportunities like this” – TMac

“None of the contenders this year needed Jamal. And it’s about fit too” – Pierce

Alvin Gentry (Pelicans coach) on AD: “We wouldn’t trade him for anyone, not even Beyoncé”

“You’d trade Anthony Davis for Beyoncé. You do that right off the bat” – Pierce


“I wouldn’t trade him for anybody in this league because he’s 25 years old, he’s dominant on the offensive and defensive end. He does it all. What can’t he do?” – TMac

Second Half

Dances with TWolvesTimberwolves expect Jimmy Butler to play in season opener
UPDATE: Butler scored 23 points, grabbed 7 rebounds and 4 steals in just 31 minutes in a loss to the Spurs

Who is most to blame for Butler-Wolves saga?

“Things have to get off to a good start for them. They have to play well, win some games because if things aren’t going well at the beginning of the season, it can get ugly around there” – Pierce

“These guys have to get off to a great start because they if don’t, we’re all going to point back to all of this that has been going on since the summer. Jimmy Butler, if he wants to increase his value, has to play well” – TMac

“You got to look at management. You have to do something about it” – TMac

“What makes him not want to be there? It has to be something we don’t know” – Pierce

Rachel Nichols’ convo with Sixers superstar, Joel Embiid:

Highlights from the interview:

“I have a shot of winning MVP and Defensive POY” – Embiid

“People think I’m cocky…I might be” – Embiid

“I just started laughing and getting excited because this is what I do. I love to have fun” – Embiid on former GM Bryan Colangelo’s secret tweets

“Philly is a place I want to spend the rest of my career” – Embiid

Markelle Fultz to start vs Celtics, JJ Redick coming off bench | What’s going on with 76ers and Fultz?
Plan was to start Fultz in the first half and have Redick come off the bench AND have Redick start the second half and have Fultz come off the bench

UPDATE: Fultz scored 5 points in 24 minutes as a starter while Redick scored 16 points in 30 minutes off the bench in a loss to the Celtics

“Them (Sixers) starting Fultz is one or two things: Trying to give him confidence or they could be playing him to boost his trade value up” – Pierce

“I never heard anything like this” – TMac

RecommendsZach Lowe’s crazy predictions!

T-Mac, stand by picking Celtics as 2018-19 champs?

“I have the Celtics winning the championship in 2019” – TMac

ICYMI, here’s what T-Mac said on October 5:

“They are the only team in the NBA that can push the Warriors” – Pierce

“I just don’t think the Golden State has the depth that they once had. These guys (Celtics) are not scared” – TMac

Opening Night Edition of…

Jump Ball

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Note: On the court, not Instagram!

Pierce and McGrady: Kyrie

“He’s going to do something very disrespectful” – Pierce

“He’s one of the best handlers in the game” – McGrady

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Pierce and McGrady: Tatum

“Hayward isn’t in great playing shape right now. It’s going to take him some time. Tatum is there. He’s ready. ” – McGrady

“He’s been there last year. Gained his rhythm. Hayward has to get his rhythm back” – Pierce

UPDATE: Tatum score 23 points in 29 minutes while Hayward scored 10 points in 24 minutes in a win over the Sixers

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From a few weeks ago:

“This is an on and off relationship. I wouldn’t say there’s much beef. More to do with on the court than off the court” – Pierce

“There’s no beef. He’s just a competitor” – McGrady

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Are Knicks & Porzingis on same page about extension?

“If you’re looking to attract free agents long-term, you have to have a player like Porzingis” – Pierce

“You have to have Porzingis on the roster to attract free agents” – TMac

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