Show Recap: October 9, 2018 (Live from Warriors Training Camp in Oakland)

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Opening: A video essay on the Warriors and whether they can threepeat by Marc J. Spears

Today’s Panel:

Note: Friedell only appears in the first half

First Half

Too soon for Warriors to talk about three-peat?

“I actually heard him say that. I was pretty shocked” – Pippen upon hearing TMac saying the Celtics will win the title in 2019 on last Friday’s show

“No. Steph was talking about this the other day. He said ‘As a group, they talked about it a little bit’ It’s something they have as motivation within team conversations but it’s not everyday” – Friedell

“As a player, that’s the ultimate goal. It’s time for that third one” – Pippen

“To experience that twice, you talk about that everyday” – Pippen on the motivation to win another championship

Agree with Suns reasons for firing GM?

To add to this:

“If you had doubts on [Ryan] McDonough, why did you let him build the roster this summer, hire the coach, make the important number 1 draft pick, make some deals?” – Friedell

“This is a little bit deeper than what they’re allowing us to know publicly” – Pippen

“When situations like this happen, it makes you realize that no one has job security in this game” – Pippen

“You want to have that confidence that they’re putting the right pieces in place where you can go out and do your job as a player” – Pippen

Dances with TWolves
Will Timberwolves trade Jimmy Butler before season begins? (It’s been 3 weeks since demanding the trade)

“The pressure is still on Thibs” – Pippen

“If you’re Glen Taylor (Wolves owner), you’ve got to come in and say: ‘Hey, you know what Tom? You can run all you want. This is my team. I’m going to make the decision and he’s gone'” – Friedell

Myers.JPGWarriors GM and 2 time Executive of the Year Bob Myers joined the show!

Thoughts on final season at Oracle Arena?Oracle.JPG

Chase Center.JPG
After this upcoming season, the Warriors will move back to San Francisco and play at the Chase Center in 2019
GM Bob Myers went to his first Warriors game at Oracle Arena on January 15, 1982 vs the Knicks. In his hand is a ticket that cost…$7

“For me, it was my first game…ever as a kid. That’s a unique building. Oracle has memories, even the bad ones. But our fans have been great” – Myers

How did Boogie signing come about?

“I thought he was just being emotional. I thought he was upset that he wasn’t getting what he thought he might get in free agency. I didn’t think he’d have the conviction to go through with it” – Myers

“I said: ‘DeMarcus. You deserve to be in the playoffs'” – Myers

Willing to spend to keep this team together?

“What’s going to happen? I don’t know. You just do the best you can” – Myers

“All I can do is give them a platform to win” – Myers

Second Half

Klay and Shaun.JPGKlay Thompson and Shaun Livington joined the show to chat with Rachel Nichols!

What’s training camp been like this time around?

“We’re going to try to give the Oakland fans a special time to remember” – Thompson

“We’re all trying to just enjoy the moment, kind of live in it – last year in Oakland – and just make the best of it” – Livingston

Klay on his new look:

“I don’t know…veteran look?”

China Klay vs Qatar Klay?

“China Klay is legendary. You can’t top that” – Livingston

Boogie Cousins’ impact on Warriors?

“He injects some energy. He’s infectious in the locker room and I think he is going to fit in well when he comes back” – Livingston

“He was giving me a lot of flack for not reaching out to him” – Thompson

What makes players buy into Warriors style?

“I’m just so happy to be a part of this team and I want to keep this train running for as long as I can. We got such a great thing going. This is like a once in a decade type thing and that’s why it would be hard to replicate it anywhere else” – Thompson

“Winning. You got guys that fit off the court, personality wise. It’s a mix” – Livingston

“You see that chemistry and that joy of playing together. We all want to win at the end of the day” – Livingston

Fun Stat: Both Thompson and Livingston have won 3 titles each. 1.7% of NBA players have won 3 titles or more in the history of the NBA!

Reaction to LeBron joining Lakers?

“Previously, there were no nights off. But now, there really are no nights off. There are so many great players in the West” – Thompson

“It’s going to be fun. The Pacific division is going to be tough” – Thompson

Additional stats:

27 players have won 5 titles (Steve Kerr) 13 players have won 6 titles (Scottie Pippen)

Kerr.JPGWarriors coach, Steve Kerr joined the show!

“The game has changed so much now. Players are looking to shoot threes” – Kerr

What happened last night? (“I don’t want to be here anyway”)
Got ejected from a preseason game vs the Suns

“It was a strange game last night. We had 6 offensive fouls on screens and I just had enough. I got what I deserved” – Kerr

Warriors working to keep emotions in check?

“The biggest thing we’re trying to focus on how much fun this is. Just enjoy it and have some fun” – Kerr

Does your staff carry extra clipboards?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (48).gif

Animated GIF-downsized_large (49).gif

“Yes. They do. We always have two. I do that about once or twice a year” – Kerr

Are Warriors still having fun?

“One thing that Phil [Jackson] did and Pop did in San Antonio was that they mixed it up a lot” – Kerr

What were you thinking.JPG

What were you thinking 2.JPG

Here’s the box score of that game if you’re interested (Via Basketball-Reference)

Animated GIF-downsized_large (17).gif

“I have no memory of this game” – Kerr

What were you thinking 3.JPG

Animated GIF-downsized_large (45).gif

“The biggest moment of my career and I have the worst haircut. I look like a marine” – Kerr

“The biggest thing: I just wanted to step into it and [John] Stockton helped quite a bit, he kind of slipped” – Kerr

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