Show Recap: October 8, 2018 (Columbus Day; 30-minute show) – Jorge Sedano hosts

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Suns fire GM Ryan McDonough
James Jones and Trevor Bukstein will be interims


“What are they doing? C’mon! A week before it all starts?” – Friedell

“I almost like this because if the cold deal is: Let’s give a stress test and a dry run to James Jones, I would rather do it on the eve of the season” – Arnovitz

Today’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Jorge Sedano, Kevin Arnovitz and Nick Friedell

How desirable is the Suns GM job?

“He (Suns owner Robert Sarver) is an owner who has a reputation from pretty much everyone who has ever worked at the highest level for him being difficult. There’s so many facets to the job” – Arnovitz

“It’s the Suns. So it’s a recipe for disaster” – Friedell

“Sarver continues to always make things much messier than they need to be” – Friedell

Marcus Smart fined $25k, JR Smith $15k for Saturday scuffle | Agree with punishments for Smart and Smith?

“This is what I call the ‘Smart tax.’ That is you have one of the most passionate, infectious players in the league. Teammates and coaching staff loves him. Relative to his skillset brings as much intensity to a game as anything. But, every once and while you got to pay the toll. And the toll is: Why is this guy escalating a preseason incident in a game that he wasn’t directly involved with initially?” – Arnovitz

“The fact that there’s this much intensity is an awesome thing for the league. I have no problem with the fines. It is hilarious that it already reached this point” – Friedell

Dances with TWolvesJimmy Butler to Heat inevitable?

“If your Thibs and you don’t make the playoffs this season and I don’t believe they will, you’re gone” – Friedell

“I don’t know if it is inevitable. Why not gamble a little bit?” – Arnovitz


A sneak preview was shown during today’s show: From Episode 1, “Love of the Game” (ESPN+ subscription required for viewing)

Spurs guard Dejounte Murray suffers torn ACL

“You have to be very concerned what they’ll be able to do in the short-term” – Friedell

“His development this year into an elite guard was going to be one of the more interesting and fun storylines, sort of, peripherally in the Western Confernce” – Arnovitz

“He is the future of a really good organization and now you have to press pause, it’s kind of a bummer” – Arnovitz

“For the first time in a long time, you have to question whether the Spurs can make the playoffs after 21 years” – Sedano


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