Show Recap: September 7, 2018

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Opener: Hall of Fame highlights of Grant Hill








Today’s Panel:

Rachel Nichols

Future Hall of Famer and “The Truth”, Paul Pierce

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WNBA All-Star, Chiney Ogwumike

Second Half Only:

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Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks

First Half

Opening Monologue: “Grant Hill didn’t need HOF induction to validate him” – Nichols


When Grant Hill made an appearance on the show this past February, he talked about the meeting between Doc Rivers and Tim Duncan, who was a free agent at the time and possibly sign with Orlando Magic:





“The Truth” about Grant Hill

“For one, I padded my game after Grant Hill. He deserves everything he gets because he was on his way to being the best player in the league in his prime. He was right there with Michael Jordan” – Pierce

“He is a role model for all kids” – Ogwumike

“He was the LeBron before LeBron. This is who Grant Hill was” – Pierce

“The Truth” about Jason Kidd


“Jason Kidd. Ugh. He gives me nightmares. He is the greatest player I have ever played against” – Pierce

“The Truth” on Steve Nash

“How does this guy win 2 MVPs? That’s how good he was, that’s how good he made his team” – Pierce

“His passing is just magical” – Ogwumike

“Steve Nash and Steph Curry: Those are two good comparisons” – Pierce

Should more Celtics congratulate Ray Allen?






























“Probably so. Put all the things besides what was done in 2010 or 2012” – Pierce

“I have no problem with Ray. Everything that he’s gotten, he deserves”” – Pierce

Best plays of Ray Allen’s Hall of Fame career

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Warmth; Team bonding for the Rockets










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Layups; Anthony Davis practicing full court shots














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Repertoire; CJ McCollum working on hook shot, while playing a game in New York







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Rolling the Eyes; James Harden Walk off in baseball!









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Fancy Pants; LeBron wearing Versace Nike combo shorts made by Kith












Moving on…

How should Sixers fan feel about LeBron and Simmons playing pickup?



















“They should feel great. You have the next coming of LeBron potentially” – Pierce

“Let’s be real: they’re sort of similar in game. They’re ball dominate, they like to attack the rim” – Ogwumike

Best plays of Steve Nash’s Hall of Fame career:



Second Half

Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks joined the show!

Damian Lillard: “Would be an honor to be a lifetime Blazer”



“He’s still young in his prime. There’s going to be a lot of factors, especially with a guard” – Pierce

“He’s just a loyal guy. He really believes something special could happen there. The game, unfortunately, is not loyal (the trades and the movement)” – Ogwumike

“They (Blazers) are probably one of those two teams that could be on the outside looking in based on Los Angeles, out of the playoffs. I equate them to New Orleans and possibly Minnesota” – Marks

Scary Terry on the block?

“I wouldn’t trade him right now because I don’t know what’s going to happen to Kyrie [Irving]” – Pierce

“He is the ultimate insurance policy based on the health of Kyrie, the free agency of Kyrie You can’t afford to move Terry Rozier right now” – Marks

Udonis Haslem returning to the Heat. Will Wade be back too?

“I think it has a little bit of an impact. I would be stunned if Wade does not come back” – Marks

“I don’t think it makes a difference as far as the salary. He’s made plenty of money on and off the court. If I was him, I’d give it one more go around so he can get honored by all the league. This guy is the franchise’s best player ever. He deserves a round of applause” – Pierce

“This is a franchise that is trying to move from the past to the future and you need to also maintain that culture as the Miami Heat” – Ogwumike

RecommendsThe unique relationship between Russell Westbrook and Mo Cheeks by Royce Young

Rather have Jason Kidd or Steve Nash?


Pierce: Jason Kidd
“He can do more. He was a better rebounder, passing is a tossup, better defender. I’ve had epic battles with him”

Ogwumike: Steve Nash
“Have you ever seen a player that bent defenses? To me, that just changed the way you played the game”

Marks: Jason Kidd
“I wish social media was back in 2001-02 to realize how great of a player Jason Kidd was”

Doris Burke Hall of Fame speech:













Klay atop Lakers wish list next summer?


“He definitely should be their top target. He’s a perfect complement to LeBron” – Pierce

“If I am the Lakers, Klay is my #1 choice” – Marks

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LeBron and KD back in 2011: In a recording studio creating a song called: “It ain’t easy” (during the lockout) but no had heard it until now!


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