Show Recap: September 6, 2018 (Hall of Fame Special)

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Opener: Tracy McGrady’s induction into the Hall of Fame last year. Here’s a portion of it:

“I’m grateful for those people that saw in me and believed in me, maybe when I always didn’t believe in myself. People who actually saw the man and not just the athlete. I deserve to be here. I am truly humbled, I’m grateful, and proud to be in the class of 2017. Thank you very much”

Today’s Panel:

Rachel Nichols

Second Half Only:

Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks

WNBA All-Star, Chiney Ogwumike

And making his first appearance on The Jump is ESPN Knicks writer, Ian Begley:


First Half

Monologue: Welcoming Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Nash joined the show from Springfield, MA!

On what it’s like to be inducted into the hall of fame:

“I don’t care what color it is (the jacket). It’s an amazing feeling. To be in the hall of fame is like beyond your wildest dreams. It’s also a time to reflect on how you got here” – Nash

On deciding to focus fully on basketball and distance himself from other sports he played:

“There was something incredibly attractive about the NBA and basketball and college basketball and it kind of sucked me in” – Nash

On what he wants people to remember him by the team he played for:

“I have to go in as a Phoenix Sun. Those are my best years” – Nash

On why he felt like he should have shot the ball more:

“More than anything, analytics and what we know now is determined that I should have shot the ball more. I’m happy with my career. I was a pass-first point guard” – Nash

On which player in today’s game reminds him of himself:

“Stephen Curry. We have similar flow to our game. The array of shots, passes and the way we moved were probably most similar to anybody. But Steph is taking it to a whole other level”

A sneak peek of his Hall of Fame speech:

“Traditionally, I always wing it and just say something from the heart in the moment” – Nash

2007 – From one new hall of famer to another: Steve Nash with the amazing assist over his right shoulder to Grant Hill, who knocks down a corner 3!

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Hall of Fame inductee, Ray Allen joined the show from Springfield, MA!



On what should be his basketball legacy:

“For me, it’s my face will be up there. I just want people, when they look up they say ‘Man. That guy was a gamer'” – Allen

On who he thinks is the best shooter of all-time:

“I think about Reggie Miller as one of the greatest and a guy like Dell Curry because when they had the ball in their hand, they made something good happen” – Allen

On his clutch three-point in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals:

“That was so profound in that moment because there were already questions in there about certain guys on the team and what direction they were going to head in if they were going to opt back into their contracts. When you win, it solves all the problems. It changed a lot of opinions” – Allen

On his former Celtics teammates reaching out to him recently:

“No. This is a great opportunity for me to celebrate with my family and my friends, all the past teammates I’ve had. I don’t have any ill will against anybody” – Allen

On whether at some point if him leaving Boston for Miami will be water under the bridge:

“After having left Boston, I didn’t expect there to be any vitriol” – Allen

On how his movie “He Got Game” had an impact on his career on and off the court:

“It’s really had a huge impact because so many people in the film industry film fans, they’re not necessarily basketball fans. It kind of crossed over two industries and allowed them to be a fan of basketball. There’s so much more to that movie that we got to continue with the storyline. We’d love to do a part 2 for sure” – Allen

On when a “He Got Game 2” will be released:

“Spike [Lee] and I have talked on several occasions. The biggest key is getting Denzel Washington on board. We’re up for the challenge for sure” – Allen

Second Half

Ennis: Rockets “Definitely” good enough to beat Warriors

Via The Athletic:

Ennis Quote.JPG

Rockets offseason.JPG

“If anything that the playoffs showed us, it showed us that the Rockets can definitely compete, if not beat the Warriors when they’re at their best and healthy” – Ogwumike

“I’m going with the X-Factor. The player they (Rockets) acquired last week: Brandon Knight. If Houston can get the Brandon Knight that we saw in Milwaukee before Phoenix acquired him, I give them as a good a chance as any team out there to beat Golden State” – Marks

“I wouldn’t be surprised that come to March 1 waiver buyout: If things go south in Phoenix, does Trevor Ariza come back to Houston?” – Marks

How scary is a healthy Boogie for rest of league?

Via boogiecousins/IG:

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“If the science and the time to get healthy works toward his side, he is going to be explosive if he comes back, takes his time and he is healthy” – Ogwumike

“I’m not expecting him back until probably Christmas time” – Marks

“Let’s not discount the idea that DeMarcus is going to have to adjust a little bit and the Warriors are going to have to adjust a little bit” – Begley

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When Kristaps Porzingis will come back? (Tore his ACL this past February)

“The rehab right now in Latvia is going well. The knee is feeling good. Physically, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was ready in January to get back on the court. On the return date: The Knicks have the opportunity to extend him before the season starts. A 5-year, $160M deal that he could sign with the Knicks. I don’t think they will offer him that deal. If that’s the case, if you’re Porzingis, do you step on the court without that deal on the table or having signed that deal? If I’m him, I don’t go on the court” – Begley

“I don’t think they’re going to extend him either. I think it’s more about the summer of 2019. If they extended him to that $155M max extension,  they’d lose about $10M in cap space. If they did the Joakim Noah waiver down the road, they’re going to have room to go out and get a max guy” – Marks

Expectations for Kevin Knox this season?

“I think this is an opportunity for him to explore his game and if we learned anything from the summer league, he is extremely capable” – Ogwumike

“They’re high on him. Expectations are high” – Begley

“He is going to be the selling point to free agents in the summer of 2019 based on how he develops this year. He is the key player” – Marks

Kanter recruiting KD to the Knicks?

Via SiriusXM NBA Radio:

“I mean, I’ve been hard on him the last two, whatever years. But I’m like: ‘As soon as I learned that he’s becoming a free agent, he’s my best friend.’ He’s my best friend, I mean obviously. I can’t say enough about the guy that maybe he is the best scorer to ever play the game. Who wouldn’t want KD to be in a New York uniform?” – Kanter

“If the Knicks were to sign Kevin Durant to a max deal, Enes would have to take a pretty big pay cut from that option that he opted it into on this season to stay in New York” – Begley

Giving Mystics a chance over the Storm?

“They do have a chance from a competitive standpoint. But Sue Bird (Storm) showed me something that I had not seen all year. She is extremely great. I see Seattle winning” – Ogwumike

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Have the Suns found their new PG?

Last minute…Boris Diaw retires from basketball after 14 seasons!

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