Show Recap: September 5, 2018 (30-minute show)

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More Lit: Qatar T-Mac or China Klay?

Via tmac213/IG:

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Today’s Panel:


Monologue: “Sue Bird is a stud” – Nichols








NBA Players and Shea Serrano react to Sue Bird’s performance in Game 5 of the Semifinals:



What’s the future for the WNBA?

“This is the interesting conversation we’ve had all year long about the players feeling like they’re not paid well or as well as they should be. This is the time where they probably have the most leverage. WNBA players have something that no other professional sports league has: ‘I make most of my money elsewhere not doing this’” – Elhassan

“It’s a chicken and egg theory. The more you watch the WNBA, particularly this year and you look at the star power and the skill level of these young ladies, the more the ratings are up, that means more people go to the games. Basketball is at its peak right now” – Fraschilla

Doc Rivers on 2008 Celtics: “Hurts” to see what’s going on

Via The Athletic:

“If I had one game to win for my life, I’m taking that 2008 group. And we’re going to go to war because you know they were going to show up and do it together. As years have gone on, things have been fractured and I hate it. I hate seeing it. Not a lot to say here about it. Ray [Allen] won us a title. He really did. I think he should be celebrated. I think he should be celebrated in Boston. If I had one wish, I wish I could do a better job of getting that group back together. I can get a lot of them back together, I just can’t get that the whole group back together. There really should be because they were so close and it really hurts me to see what’s going on” – Doc Rivers

“This is not unusual. The thing that separated that Celtic team was their stubbornness and their toughness. What made them good then is why that stubbornness is still there and why Doc is so sad about getting them together. When Ray [Allen] left in 2012, that really opened up a wound that hasn’t healed yet” – Fraschilla

“Maybe it’ll never heal. Just let it go. Over what? He’s walking into the hall of fame. Let’s celebrate it” – Elhassan

September 5, 2010 – Diana Taurasi (Phoenix Mercury) attempts a three-point shot and get fouled, but made it anyway!

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Accuracy; Think Pip will put this in his trophy case?
Hit a hole in one at a country club in Northridge!

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Ceilings; Time to start the Hailey Van Lith fan club?
Jamal Crawford’s elite 30 camp

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Sweating; How will hot yoga help Domantas Sabonis and Myles Turner?

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Relaxation; Think this is all the tape Thibs needs?

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Recognition; Rick Pitino says he loves the #PitinoGame

Via The Dan Patrick Show:

PATRICK: “Do you look back on that quote when you guys didn’t get Tim Duncan in Boston and you were saying ‘[Larry] Bird’s not walking in. [Kevin] McHale’s not walking in.”

PITINO: “No. I think it’s great because they always use it.”

PATRICK: “I know.”

PITINO: “And I always use it when I say something ‘so and so is not walking this door’ right? Now I use it with other people all the time.”

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Moving on…

Think Clint Capela will be an all-star this season? (Per The Athletic)



“Dude. I love you but you’re in the perfect situation. Think about it: You’re playing with two greatest players of all-time. You set screens, you run to the rim, you catch lobs, you run the floor, you play defense. You are paid extremely well to be a great role player. Let’s hold off on that” – Fraschilla

“What he does is important and pivotal, crucial to their success. He’s very important. But all-star? He is in a place where they are accentuating his strengths and his weaknesses are minimized” – Elhassan

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Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks joined the panel!

Suns in need of a true point guard?


“They got 4 point guards on that roster that are third stringers. This is a point guard driven league” – Marks

“Can you turn a Dragan Bender, a draft pick into a Kemba Walker possibly down the road, that is going to be something to maybe to watch” – Marks

Nash: “I probably should have shot the ball 20 times a game”

As told to ESPN’s Tim MacMahon:


“Steve loves to pass. Shooting always felt like a last resort and he probably should have shot more” – Elhassan

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