Show Recap: September 28, 2018 (Don’t Get Fired On a Friday!)

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Opening Tip
Share Kobe’s passion for “Harry Potter?”

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Expectations for Lonzo this season?



Lonzo 3.JPG

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Big headlines from Lakers training camp in the last 4 days:

Lonzo 4.JPG

Lonzo 5.JPG

Lonzo 6.JPG

Lonzo 7.JPG

LeBron Gift.JPG

“I want to see him grow as a player. Be a young guy and learn” – Jackson

“The real circus is in town. He doesn’t really need to do anything. But he has to grow as a player” – Elhassan

“He’s got to get better at finishing. He was terrible at the rim” – Elhassan

“How to be a professional and having that passion for the game. I don’t know if he has that yet” – Jackson on what Lonzo should learn from Rondo

September 28, 2011 – Angel McCoughtry (Atlanta Dream) with the big one-handed block!

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Smiles; Happy to see Kawhi so happy?

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Standing; Should this be the new 4-point shot?

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Confidence; Is Rozier the best backup PG in the league? (Via Boston Herald)

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Ambiguity; Spurs pick up 4th-year option on Dejounte Murray

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Ambition; Is JaVale’s goal realistic?
Says he wants to be remembered as more of a Rudy Gobert type as opposed to the guy who was on Shaqtin’ a fool (Via Sam Alipour/ESPN)


Moving on…

Biggest threat to Warriors dynasty right now?

“It’s themselves. They control their own destiny” – Jackson

“Is there a team prepared to defeat this team right now as constructed? I don’t think so” – Elhassan

Charles Barkley on Celtics chances of winning East (Via SportsCenter and Stephen A. Smith):

“They got the most talent in the Eastern Conference. But, they don’t have enough basketballs to go around with every single person out there. It’s going to be an adjustment for every player, it’s going to be an adjustment for Brad Stevens. Then you got the Toronto team that’s really good and you got to figure out if Kawhi Leonard is all in or he’s just trying to get to LA next year. Then you got the Philadelphia 76ers, who got two of the best players in the world in Ben Simmons and (Joel) Embiid. But the key to the Sixers is going to be Markelle Fultz. I think those are the 3 teams, by far, in the Eastern Conference. But let me tell you something: That Celtic team is loaded. But, there’s only one basketball out there and it’s going to be interesting how they make that work”

Second Half

Tristan Thompson on the Cavs (Via House of Hoops):

“Cavs are still team to beat in East” | “We’re still 4-time Eastern Conference champs”

NBA Players react to Thompson’s comments:

“Every team is going to beat you this year. You’re not on the Kardashian show” – Jackson

“He was a DNP in the first 6 games in the first round against Indiana. Who are you to talk about ‘to go through us?'” – Elhassan

Who’s your top 4 in the East?

“It’s going to be pretty interesting in the East because it’s pretty open in that middle part” – Nichols

Best player in the East?

For Stak, it’s this “new player…”

Kyrie Leonard

“If he’s healthy: Kawhi Leonard” – Elhassan

RecommendsJulius Randle’s winding road by Marc J. Spears (The Undefeated)

Boogie opens up about his move to the Warriors (Via Players’ Tribune)

Did Pelicans make a mistake letting Boogie go?

“It made no sense for them financially” – Elhassan

“I wanted to see how they’d build together. It’s going to be hard” – Jackson

“Losing Cousins, I think is going to hurt them” – Jackson

How close is AD to being best player in the league?

“I got him in my top 5. He is not underrated, He should feel that way. He can be 10 times better than Tim Duncan” – Jackson

“He has every right to say that” – Elhassan


Run it Back

On Thursday’s show, Stak made fun of Hornets forward Michael Kidd-Gilchrist’s shot. Here’s what he said about it:

“When you get stronger, the ball becomes lighter. So you have more control. I think him (Lonzo Ball) being stronger has helped his shot. I know he didn’t go in there and just changed his shot completely because it’s hard to just change his shot. They’ve (Hornets) been trying to change Gilchrist’s shot forever. And he still shoot like he kicking a field goal”

Amin Elhassan says:

“You kicking a field goal? Who talks like that, man? (laugh)”



The series finale of…#Haywatch!
Show run: October 2017 to September 28, 2018


“Everybody is rooting for Gordon Hayward. Everybody wants him to go out there and have a great game and have fun. Anybody that don’t, go run into a brick wall” – Jackson

“The biggest thing about rehab: Isolation a player feels because he’s not part of what’s happening” – Elhassan

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Jimmy Butler has not been traded yet. Will he be traded by Monday?

“No. Right now, Thibs is stalling” – Elhassan

“Minnesota know what they’re doing. They’re going to hold out” – Jackson


Thoughts and prayers go out to Shaq’s son Shareef O’Neal who had open heart surgery


Show Recap: September 27, 2018

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: KD overlooked for regular season awards?



KD to 95.7 The Game on regular season awards:

DURANT: “You know they’re not gonna give me anything. Even if it’s on the fence, I have to be clear cut better than everybody for me to even get a look”

INTERVIEWER: Why do you think that is?

DURANT: “I mean it’s just pure hate for me obviously. And no appreciation for my real skill for the game. But I get it, I understand where we coming from. I understand what we have here in this building that scares everybody. But for me, I was just proud of the growth that I had in that area where as I just wanted to be able to be relied on to guard anybody. You know, accolades that stuff…that stuff is kind of long gone for me unless it’s like…Finals or something like that where it’s probably pretty even. But regular season awards, I mean I’m never gonna get a look when it comes to that, especially playing here for the Warriors.”




Core Four.JPG

Defensive 2.JPG


Walk away.JPG


Fair for KD to want more recognition?

“Welcome to LeBron’s world” – Jackson

“LeBron got the forgiveness. Why hasn’t KD gotten the forgiveness? You know what the difference is: After LeBron made his decision, everyone got mad and they spent that year mad. He didn’t keep talking about it every…single…opportunity” – Elhassan

“KD got time to respond. He’s way more hated than LeBron…right now” – Jackson

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Timberwolves asking price for Jimmy Butler too steep?

“This needs to be an owner to owner conversation and Thibs needs to be overruled” – Elhassan

“I don’t see teams in that position where they need to give up everything for him” – Jackson

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Devotion; Should this guy wait until Lonnie Walker has played a game in the NBA?

Via robtheoriginal/IG:

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Boredom; Does Tatum need to go to the LeBron camp of handshakes?

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Maturation; Whose transformation is most impressive?





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Complacency; Metta almost changed his name to “So Hood?”

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Crunch Time; Fans can purchase 4th quarter on League Pass for $2.00!

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Moving on…

Devin Booker working on left hand while recovering from injury?

“Definitely helps. All that stuff matters in the NBA. This is the best thing to do when you have a hand injury” – Jackson

“When he comes back, he is going to have a comfort level with his hand” – Elhassan

September 27, 2018 – Lisa Leslie (Sparks) with the big one-handed swat!

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Second Half

LeBron James talks preseason minutes:

“I have no idea. I’ll talk with Luke. I’m not going to play a bunch of minutes. I’m okay.”

How should Lakers feel about LeBron’s preseason comments?

“At the end of the day, we talking about the best player in the world. If he don’t need a lot of minutes, you got to believe him” – Jackson

“There should be enough not for him, but for them. He doesn’t need preseason” – Elhassan

Did Luke Walton need to confirm LeBron as closer?

“Part of it is, you always got to remember: There’s a question that led to that answer. The other also is and this is so important: Number one option doesn’t mean he’s shooting it. The ball is in his hands and he is going to make the decision” – Elhassan

“Sometimes you got to reiterate stuff for guys and I think that’s what he was doing” – Jackson

Buy that Lonzo’s shot hasn’t changed?

“Him being stronger has helped his shot” – Jackson

“The shot has been tweaked. The release is quicker. Part of it is he’s stronger” – Elhassan

RecommendsHornets Coach James Borrego on being NBA’s first Latino head coach (Via Sports Illustrated)

Expect Blake Griffin’s playmaking workouts to pay off?

“First of all, I need to see how you work on playmaking. It’s something that comes natural” – Jackson

“He’s got it. We’ve seen him pass the ball and part of it is recognition if you know what’s happening” – Elhassan

JR Smith’s expectations for Cavs realistic?

JR Quote.JPG

“He’s a real one. That’s what you’re supposed to say. He’s approaching the season the right way” – Jackson

Love: Ty Lue told Cavs to stop partying during 2016 Finals run (Via Joe Vardon/The Athletic)

Agree with Dwight Howard on reason for beef with Shaq?

*“They can’t stand each other because they’re exactly alike” – Jackson
Look for asterisk below

“Behind the scenes, Shaq is a different person” – Elhassan

Time to…

Run it Back
Thibodeau on hot seat over Jimmy Butler’s trade request?

“Regardless if Jimmy gets traded or not, he is in a sensitive situation right now” – Elhassan

*During the last commercial break, Shaq DM’d Jackson about his comment saying that he and Dwight being “exactly alike.” Jackson cleared it up:

Kobe advice to Jayson Tatum: “Shoot every time”

“Be aggressive at all times” – Jackson on what Kobe is trying to say to Tatum

“This guy has so much to give in terms of teaching and work ethic. He’s basically the anti-LeBron” – Elhassan

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Stephen Jackson auditions for New Edition!

During today’s commercial break…

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Show Recap: September 26, 2018

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Opening Tip
Jimmy Butler Trade Watch Day 8

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Today’s Panel:


First Half

Rachel Nichols’ conversation with Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward of the Boston Celtics!

Highlights from the interview:

“That’s pretty ridiculous right there. It was actually funny” – Hayward on Haywatch


“It hurt me because I knew how much we had invested in the season and it was so new that it got taken away so quick” – Irving on Hayward’s injury in the season opener

“It gave a lot of our teammates the opportunity” – Irving on the injuries from the other guys

“I was definitely all over the place” – Hayward on playing 5-on-5

“There are going to be opportunities for all of us and we have to take advantage of that” – Irving on the challenge to make it all work

“This is hands down the most talent I’ve played with, 1 through 10” – Irving

“I’m comfortable in the position I’m in” – Irving on being comfortable in Boston. He will be a free agent next summer

No-brainer for Kyrie to stay with Celtics?

Note: KAT signed his extension with the Wolves on September 23rd

“I know he loves the guys that he’s playing with. He’s in a great spot” – Jackson

“He fits in with these guys. Why wouldn’t he want to be there?” – Windhorst

“It’s tough But when you’re coming back to a team like this, it’s easier” – Jackson on Hayward coming back from his major injury and how he’ll adjust

“Let’s not freak out if in October or November if he isn’t the same guy he was in Utah. Give him some time” – Windhorst

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Pandas! Paul Pierce overly cautious during Panda encounter in China?

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I was low key shook 😂😂😂

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Subtlety;  Spencer Dinwiddie calling out opponents on Twitter?

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Handles; Do you respect Mike Malone’s handles?

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Humility; DeRozan though mural in San Antonio was fake?

Credit: souplaws/Twitter

Moving on…

Coach Pop: “I won’t change DeRozan’s game”

“I don’t think Pop wants him to play in that system. He wants him to continue be an all-star” – Jackson

“Pop realizes to get DeMar back to a comfortable spot. Maybe this is the way to go” – Windhorst

September 26, 2013 – Seimone Augustus (Lynx) and Diana Taurasi (Mercury) get into an odd exchange with one another

Animated GIF-downsized_large (27).gif

Second Half

Front Officer Insider, Amin Elhassan joined the show!

Should Timberwolves have traded Jimmy Butler already?

“You should have known. He sent all these massive hints. They (Wolves) should have been on them earlier in the summer to get something going so they wouldn’t be in this predicament going into camp” – Elhassan

“Somebody should have known something. It’s not a surprise to the whole organization” – Jackson

Most realistic trade destination for Jimmy Butler?

For Amin and Captain Jack…

“It would be great for him to go to Miami because they would pay him that 5-year deal” – Windhorst

“Where ever it is, it’s got to be a situation with players he respect” – Jackson

“They don’t need him to build it there. It’s already there” – Elhassan on Miami’s culture

“The word I’ve heard is that Erik Spoelstra really, really wants to make this happen” – Windhorst

Is this AD’s year to win MVP?

“Before you say you want to win an MVP, say you want to win a championship first” – Jackson

“He’s a more athletic version of Tim Duncan. He’s a candidate every year in my book” – Jackson

“He’s still got a lot of growth” – Windhorst


RecommendsNBA Training Camp previews from Bobby Marks (E+)

D’Antoni: Rockets will be better defensively

“I don’t see how you’ll be better. I don’t see anybody on this team making the defense better” – Jackson

“He’s upset that the players think that they’re not going be as good on defense” – Windhorst

Sources: Rockets inclined to use Melo as sixth man

“Eric (Gordon) doesn’t care. He’s played well in both roles. But he has to be the sixth man” – Jackson

“Melo can’t be an impediment because of ego. He’s got to be an impediment because of his issues with defense.  The ego can’t be a reason why he doesn’t succeed this year” – Windhorst

Concerned Lowry dodged Raptors call this summer?

“He did the Raptors a favor. It’s clear that he is not a happy camper with the DeMar DeRozan trade” – Windhorst

“He has a right to be upset. It’s the way it happened” – Elhasssan

“This is a different situation. You’re getting Kawhi Leonard. Yeah, you’re going to be hurt because that’s your friend, that’s your brother. At the same time, you have a job to do” – Jackson

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Gordon Hayward agrees to 4-year deal with Anta

Show Recap: September 25, 2018

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Opening Tip
Has Jimmy Butler been traded yet?
Answer: NOPE!

Today’s Panel:


First Half

Opening Monologue: Rachel’s media day madness recap

Media Day

Dont sleep.JPG

5 day stint.JPG

Props to the Clippers equipment staff for fitting Shai’s last name on his jersey
The future starting lineup
Shamrock Five


Lakers 2.JPG

Lakers 3.JPG

There was this picture from the Thunder…oh wait…that was last year!

Animated GIF-downsized_large (37).gif

in my feelings.JPG

Media Day JR

Maybe he was impersonating…

Robin Lopez.JPG



fun guy.JPG

Are Celtics the biggest threat to Warriors?

Here’s what Klay Thompson had to say:

“I like the team out East in Boston. They got a very nice young team 1 through 5, man. They got a team that kind of mirrors ours as far as their length, guys who can shoot and play defense, an unselfish way about things. I think they’re are going to be a team to reckon with”

“It’s the younger version of the Warriors. These guys are not scared of the Warriors” – Jackson

How do you define success for Lakers this season?

“We knew what he was getting himself into” – Jackson

September 25, 2000: Vince Carter dunks over Frederic Weis at the 2000 Olympics!

Note: The actual footage was not shown and was instead replaced with a clip of Carter talking about the dunk with Rachel and TMac during the Finals this past June


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Class; Stephen Jackson bonds with Grant Hill on cross-country flight

View this post on Instagram

Shared a flight just now to LA with @_stak5_ . I can't say I knew him very well when we competed against each other through the years, but I knew he was an incredible player. He, @kobebryant and @tmac213 were my toughest opponents (not necessarily in that order) that I ever played against, and I played against them all. I also know that everyone who played with HIM, thinks the world of HIM. There's a reason his nickname is "Captain Jack".. I just want to salute a real honest & genuine brother, who like me, played the game the right way, loves @rapsody music & could still go out there and average double figures in the league (only if I had a good ankle though lol)… #ThoseThatKnow,Know #YouMayNotUnderstandAndIDontReallyCare #Salute

A post shared by Grant Hill (@realgranthill) on

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Dunks; Pistons give Drummond “Green Light” to shoot 3s

Animated GIF-downsized_large (38).gif

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Arenas; Seattle closer to getting Sonics back?

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Old Lockers; Cool with Channing Frye taking over James‘ old locker?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (39).gif

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Birthdays; Happy Birthday Scottie Pippen!

Moving on…

Fan of new rule changes for this season?

“Late in games when a team secures an offensive rebound, they’re not going to be able to hold out the clock as much” – Windhorst

“It’ll speed up the game. This could mean an extra 3 to 5 possessions per game, an extra 8-10 points” – Windhorst

“They’re slowly moving the big man outta the game!” – Jackson

“If I’m a big man, I’m not happy about this” – Windhorst

“What the league is trying to do is: They’re trying to be a bit more thorough” – Windhorst on replays

Register and vote. Your voice matters!

Second Half


Teams going straight to Wolves owner for Butler trades?

Windhorst: Something
“Owners get involved in trade stuff all the time. It’s not the way you typically want to run your business especially when everybody knows that’s not what your president wants to do”

Jackson: Everything
“You’re dealing with your star player. I love the fact that the owner stepped in”

Melo saying he’ll do whatever it takes to win?

Jackson: Everything
“He could have showed that same respect to Russ and Paul. And he didn’t”

“We’ve never seen Melo buy in”

Windhorst: Nothing
“He knew what the situation was when he came here”

Spurs “Happy to turn the page” on Kawhi?

Windhorst: Something
“I actually believe that they will be better”

Jackson: Everything
“One player don’t stop no show in San Antonio. They going to keep it going”

RecommendsHow JR Smith bounced back from Game 1 by Jesse Washington of The Undefeated


Dwight Howard’s pre-training camp injury?

Jackson: Everything
“You expect him to be there from the jump. To build with this team, to be in training camp and give them confidence moving forward”

Windhorst: Everything
“This is what Dwight Howard has been in the 2nd half of his career. A lot of it is not his fault because he has dealt with severe injuries. But yet again, here we have a false start”

Kemba pledging loyalty to Hornets?

Windhorst: Nothing
“He has a reason for hugging Charlotte. His best opportunity to get paid huge money is in Charlotte”

Jackson: Nothing
“All players say that until they get traded. But they should show some loyalty and keep him there”

Porzingis’ “Conservative” ACL rehab approach?

Jackson: Everything
“What else do you have there? You got to protect this guy”

Windhorst: Something
“What he’s making clear here is he may not play a significant role. Play Kevin Knox, play your other young guys that you have on the roster and let Porzingis get healthy”

Draymond on Warriors: “I’ll be here for a long time” | How long will Warriors dynasty last?

“These guys can figure it out. They love playing together. I think they can make it work” – Jackson

“Do the Warriors want to pay Draymond Green in the $40M range?” – Windhorst

“The summer 2019, I’m actually curious to see how many of these guys actually are be available” – Nichols

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LeBron doesn’t need to earn loyalty of LA fans, does he?

Reporter: How do you expect to earn the loyalty and respect of the LA fan base?

LeBron James: “Me? Huh? I signed a four-year deal, what more do you want me to do? I know what I bring to the table on the floor”

“He has the respect of the world. Everybody respect LeBron” – Jackson

Bonus: Story of LeBron first coming back to the Cavs with David Blatt and what was different about his first practice with the Lakers

“He did not speak to the team before. He leaves that to Coach (Luke) Walton. When he came back in 2014, he took over practice from David Blatt and spoke to the team. It’s a different LeBron” – Windhorst

Show Recap: September 24, 2018 (30-minute show; Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Opening Tip
Kawhi’s first comments since joining Raptors: “I’m a fun guy” | Does Kawhi look happy to be with Raptors?

Animated GIF-downsized_large (35).gif

Today’s Panel:


Animated GIF-downsized_large (36).gif

Reaction to Jimmy Butler missing media day?

“There’s a reason why Thibs doesn’t want to make a deal because he knows in all likelihood, they’re probably not going to be able to replace Jimmy Butler” – Windhorst

“This is such a difficult situation because it is so late. This is really unique because I don’t know what you’re going to get back” – Russillo

What does KAT’s new deal mean for Thibs?

“It doesn’t mean anything. It’s the no-brainer extension. He was always going to get this deal” – Russillo

“He was always going to sign this. The timing kind of sent a message” – Windhorst

“As we look for the market for this, that must mean that ownership went to Towns and said ‘He’s outta here'” – Russillo referring to Butler

LeBron at Lakers media day (Live coverage)James.JPG

“Moving from place to place is something that I’ve been accustomed with” – James

“My expectation is to try to get better every single day. I don’t expect nothing” – James

“Were a new ballclub coming together. Were all new to each other” – James on how the Lakers will mesh with one another

From Friday’s show…Joel Embiid on comparisons to No. 1 pick Deandre Ayton

“He’s about to get his a** kicked this year”

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November 19; How excited are you for Ayton-Embiid Vol. 1?

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Beef; Surprised to see KD following Russ on IG?


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Monstars? What does AD signing with Klutch Sports mean?

“It’s a matter of when and not if” – Russillo on AD joining the Lakers

Moving on…

Did LeBron raise or lower expectations for Lakers?

“I don’t really love this roster. It was very clear that he was tempering things a bit” – Russillo

“He completely ran away from the question” – Windhorst Training Camp Power Rankings

“The Shamrock Five”Shamrock.JPG

Believe Celtics could beat Warriors in a series?

Kyrie Quote.JPG

“On paper, I wouldn’t pick the Celtics against the Warriors because I’m still in love with this Golden State roster. If Kyrie stays healthy, I’m not going to say it’s impossible” – Russillo

“I want to see a competitive Finals. I hope, if it’s Celtics/Warriors, that it’s competitive to 7 games and then I’ll be happy either way” – Windhorst

Show Recap: September 7, 2018

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Opener: Hall of Fame highlights of Grant Hill








Today’s Panel:

Rachel Nichols

Future Hall of Famer and “The Truth”, Paul Pierce

Chiney 2.JPG
WNBA All-Star, Chiney Ogwumike

Second Half Only:

Bobby Marks.JPG
Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks

First Half

Opening Monologue: “Grant Hill didn’t need HOF induction to validate him” – Nichols


When Grant Hill made an appearance on the show this past February, he talked about the meeting between Doc Rivers and Tim Duncan, who was a free agent at the time and possibly sign with Orlando Magic:





“The Truth” about Grant Hill

“For one, I padded my game after Grant Hill. He deserves everything he gets because he was on his way to being the best player in the league in his prime. He was right there with Michael Jordan” – Pierce

“He is a role model for all kids” – Ogwumike

“He was the LeBron before LeBron. This is who Grant Hill was” – Pierce

“The Truth” about Jason Kidd


“Jason Kidd. Ugh. He gives me nightmares. He is the greatest player I have ever played against” – Pierce

“The Truth” on Steve Nash

“How does this guy win 2 MVPs? That’s how good he was, that’s how good he made his team” – Pierce

“His passing is just magical” – Ogwumike

“Steve Nash and Steph Curry: Those are two good comparisons” – Pierce

Should more Celtics congratulate Ray Allen?






























“Probably so. Put all the things besides what was done in 2010 or 2012” – Pierce

“I have no problem with Ray. Everything that he’s gotten, he deserves”” – Pierce

Best plays of Ray Allen’s Hall of Fame career

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Warmth; Team bonding for the Rockets










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Layups; Anthony Davis practicing full court shots














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Repertoire; CJ McCollum working on hook shot, while playing a game in New York







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Rolling the Eyes; James Harden Walk off in baseball!









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Fancy Pants; LeBron wearing Versace Nike combo shorts made by Kith












Moving on…

How should Sixers fan feel about LeBron and Simmons playing pickup?



















“They should feel great. You have the next coming of LeBron potentially” – Pierce

“Let’s be real: they’re sort of similar in game. They’re ball dominate, they like to attack the rim” – Ogwumike

Best plays of Steve Nash’s Hall of Fame career:



Second Half

Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks joined the show!

Damian Lillard: “Would be an honor to be a lifetime Blazer”



“He’s still young in his prime. There’s going to be a lot of factors, especially with a guard” – Pierce

“He’s just a loyal guy. He really believes something special could happen there. The game, unfortunately, is not loyal (the trades and the movement)” – Ogwumike

“They (Blazers) are probably one of those two teams that could be on the outside looking in based on Los Angeles, out of the playoffs. I equate them to New Orleans and possibly Minnesota” – Marks

Scary Terry on the block?

“I wouldn’t trade him right now because I don’t know what’s going to happen to Kyrie [Irving]” – Pierce

“He is the ultimate insurance policy based on the health of Kyrie, the free agency of Kyrie You can’t afford to move Terry Rozier right now” – Marks

Udonis Haslem returning to the Heat. Will Wade be back too?

“I think it has a little bit of an impact. I would be stunned if Wade does not come back” – Marks

“I don’t think it makes a difference as far as the salary. He’s made plenty of money on and off the court. If I was him, I’d give it one more go around so he can get honored by all the league. This guy is the franchise’s best player ever. He deserves a round of applause” – Pierce

“This is a franchise that is trying to move from the past to the future and you need to also maintain that culture as the Miami Heat” – Ogwumike

RecommendsThe unique relationship between Russell Westbrook and Mo Cheeks by Royce Young

Rather have Jason Kidd or Steve Nash?


Pierce: Jason Kidd
“He can do more. He was a better rebounder, passing is a tossup, better defender. I’ve had epic battles with him”

Ogwumike: Steve Nash
“Have you ever seen a player that bent defenses? To me, that just changed the way you played the game”

Marks: Jason Kidd
“I wish social media was back in 2001-02 to realize how great of a player Jason Kidd was”

Doris Burke Hall of Fame speech:













Klay atop Lakers wish list next summer?


“He definitely should be their top target. He’s a perfect complement to LeBron” – Pierce

“If I am the Lakers, Klay is my #1 choice” – Marks

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LeBron and KD back in 2011: In a recording studio creating a song called: “It ain’t easy” (during the lockout) but no had heard it until now!


Show Recap: September 6, 2018 (Hall of Fame Special)

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Opener: Tracy McGrady’s induction into the Hall of Fame last year. Here’s a portion of it:

“I’m grateful for those people that saw in me and believed in me, maybe when I always didn’t believe in myself. People who actually saw the man and not just the athlete. I deserve to be here. I am truly humbled, I’m grateful, and proud to be in the class of 2017. Thank you very much”

Today’s Panel:

Rachel Nichols

Second Half Only:

Front Office Insider, Bobby Marks

WNBA All-Star, Chiney Ogwumike

And making his first appearance on The Jump is ESPN Knicks writer, Ian Begley:


First Half

Monologue: Welcoming Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame Class of 2018

Hall of Fame inductee, Steve Nash joined the show from Springfield, MA!

On what it’s like to be inducted into the hall of fame:

“I don’t care what color it is (the jacket). It’s an amazing feeling. To be in the hall of fame is like beyond your wildest dreams. It’s also a time to reflect on how you got here” – Nash

On deciding to focus fully on basketball and distance himself from other sports he played:

“There was something incredibly attractive about the NBA and basketball and college basketball and it kind of sucked me in” – Nash

On what he wants people to remember him by the team he played for:

“I have to go in as a Phoenix Sun. Those are my best years” – Nash

On why he felt like he should have shot the ball more:

“More than anything, analytics and what we know now is determined that I should have shot the ball more. I’m happy with my career. I was a pass-first point guard” – Nash

On which player in today’s game reminds him of himself:

“Stephen Curry. We have similar flow to our game. The array of shots, passes and the way we moved were probably most similar to anybody. But Steph is taking it to a whole other level”

A sneak peek of his Hall of Fame speech:

“Traditionally, I always wing it and just say something from the heart in the moment” – Nash

2007 – From one new hall of famer to another: Steve Nash with the amazing assist over his right shoulder to Grant Hill, who knocks down a corner 3!

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Hall of Fame inductee, Ray Allen joined the show from Springfield, MA!



On what should be his basketball legacy:

“For me, it’s my face will be up there. I just want people, when they look up they say ‘Man. That guy was a gamer'” – Allen

On who he thinks is the best shooter of all-time:

“I think about Reggie Miller as one of the greatest and a guy like Dell Curry because when they had the ball in their hand, they made something good happen” – Allen

On his clutch three-point in Game 6 of the 2013 NBA Finals:

“That was so profound in that moment because there were already questions in there about certain guys on the team and what direction they were going to head in if they were going to opt back into their contracts. When you win, it solves all the problems. It changed a lot of opinions” – Allen

On his former Celtics teammates reaching out to him recently:

“No. This is a great opportunity for me to celebrate with my family and my friends, all the past teammates I’ve had. I don’t have any ill will against anybody” – Allen

On whether at some point if him leaving Boston for Miami will be water under the bridge:

“After having left Boston, I didn’t expect there to be any vitriol” – Allen

On how his movie “He Got Game” had an impact on his career on and off the court:

“It’s really had a huge impact because so many people in the film industry film fans, they’re not necessarily basketball fans. It kind of crossed over two industries and allowed them to be a fan of basketball. There’s so much more to that movie that we got to continue with the storyline. We’d love to do a part 2 for sure” – Allen

On when a “He Got Game 2” will be released:

“Spike [Lee] and I have talked on several occasions. The biggest key is getting Denzel Washington on board. We’re up for the challenge for sure” – Allen

Second Half

Ennis: Rockets “Definitely” good enough to beat Warriors

Via The Athletic:

Ennis Quote.JPG

Rockets offseason.JPG

“If anything that the playoffs showed us, it showed us that the Rockets can definitely compete, if not beat the Warriors when they’re at their best and healthy” – Ogwumike

“I’m going with the X-Factor. The player they (Rockets) acquired last week: Brandon Knight. If Houston can get the Brandon Knight that we saw in Milwaukee before Phoenix acquired him, I give them as a good a chance as any team out there to beat Golden State” – Marks

“I wouldn’t be surprised that come to March 1 waiver buyout: If things go south in Phoenix, does Trevor Ariza come back to Houston?” – Marks

How scary is a healthy Boogie for rest of league?

Via boogiecousins/IG:

Animated GIF-downsized_large (30).gif


“If the science and the time to get healthy works toward his side, he is going to be explosive if he comes back, takes his time and he is healthy” – Ogwumike

“I’m not expecting him back until probably Christmas time” – Marks

“Let’s not discount the idea that DeMarcus is going to have to adjust a little bit and the Warriors are going to have to adjust a little bit” – Begley

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When Kristaps Porzingis will come back? (Tore his ACL this past February)

“The rehab right now in Latvia is going well. The knee is feeling good. Physically, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was ready in January to get back on the court. On the return date: The Knicks have the opportunity to extend him before the season starts. A 5-year, $160M deal that he could sign with the Knicks. I don’t think they will offer him that deal. If that’s the case, if you’re Porzingis, do you step on the court without that deal on the table or having signed that deal? If I’m him, I don’t go on the court” – Begley

“I don’t think they’re going to extend him either. I think it’s more about the summer of 2019. If they extended him to that $155M max extension,  they’d lose about $10M in cap space. If they did the Joakim Noah waiver down the road, they’re going to have room to go out and get a max guy” – Marks

Expectations for Kevin Knox this season?

“I think this is an opportunity for him to explore his game and if we learned anything from the summer league, he is extremely capable” – Ogwumike

“They’re high on him. Expectations are high” – Begley

“He is going to be the selling point to free agents in the summer of 2019 based on how he develops this year. He is the key player” – Marks

Kanter recruiting KD to the Knicks?

Via SiriusXM NBA Radio:

“I mean, I’ve been hard on him the last two, whatever years. But I’m like: ‘As soon as I learned that he’s becoming a free agent, he’s my best friend.’ He’s my best friend, I mean obviously. I can’t say enough about the guy that maybe he is the best scorer to ever play the game. Who wouldn’t want KD to be in a New York uniform?” – Kanter

“If the Knicks were to sign Kevin Durant to a max deal, Enes would have to take a pretty big pay cut from that option that he opted it into on this season to stay in New York” – Begley

Giving Mystics a chance over the Storm?

“They do have a chance from a competitive standpoint. But Sue Bird (Storm) showed me something that I had not seen all year. She is extremely great. I see Seattle winning” – Ogwumike

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