Show Recap: August 28, 2018 (30-minute show; Cassidy Hubbarth hosts)

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Today’s Panel:

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What’s next for Gregg Popovich?

“All honesty, we can’t see the future but I think this will be a challenge for him. I don’t think this signals the end of Gregg Popovich. He’s going to keep on going and his new players and new challenge will energize him” – Windhorst

Worried about Spurs making the playoffs? (Via Kevin Pelton)

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“I can’t shake this notion that somehow that Pop finds this magic and is energized with this new toy to work with. Everytime someone leaves that program, we say ‘Oh. They’re fall back to earth a little bit’ and it never happens. I just can’t rule out Gregg Popovich” – Forsberg

“The Spurs will be better this year than they were last year” – Windhorst

“We are going to see a motivated DeMar DeRozan, Gregg Popovich” – Windhorst

Haywatch Update!
Celtics now biggest threat to Warriors?

“I absolutely feel that way. I get the sense that the Celtics feel like its not as big as everyone else thinks it is” – Forsberg

“They fit the mold of a championship contender” – Windhorst

Windhorst: 3 of the 5 best teams are in the east: Philly, Toronto and Boston | With Golden State and Houston

August 28, 2010 – Becky Hammon (San Antonio Silver Stars) drives to the basket and finishes with the tough one handed circus layup!

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Young Make or Miss

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Trolling; Buy players loving Enes Kanter’s trolling?

Past trolling:

You can read more about this below:

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Understanding; Lyft driver mistakes Jeremy Lin for a high schooler

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Whips; Should we be afraid of Steven Adams’ ponytail?
Asked about how sweaty his hair gets during games

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Gold; Commemorative LeBron 15s worth over 100k

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Fandom; Knicks fan sells fandom, is now a Lakers fan?
The auction has ended; The winner paid $3,500 to the fan to root for LeBron James and the Lakers!

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“I’d like to tip my cap to the Knicks for going tongue and cheek with this answer” – Windhorst

“What they should have done though is have Enes Kanter tweet and bring it full circle. Let him even troll his own fan” – Forsberg

Moving on…

How would you grade Rockets offseason?
Per Kevin Pelton: D+ for the Rockets
Click here to read more about grades for West teams’ offseason by Kevin Pelton

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“The Rockets are not done with their offseason until March 1st. Daryl Morey is always tinkering, always messing around. This isn’t necessarily the roster they’re going to walk into the playoffs with” – Windhorst

“When we think about what they have to do well to be competitive with the Warriors is defense. They clearly weaken on that side” – Forsberg

RecommendsManu top 20 moments by Michael C. Wright (ESPN)

WNBA MVP, Breanna Stewart sat down with Holly Rowe to discuss the MVP and her remarkable career both professionally and personally:

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 7.08.27 PM.pngNick Friedell joined the panel!

Thibodeau on Jimmy leaving: “Winning will take care of that” (Via Minneapolis Star Tribune)

“No. Jimmy is gonna be out of there in a year. The mix of Jimmy as the alpha in that locker room with Towns and Wiggins, who have not lived up to their potential up to this point, just does not click for what they want to be in the future” – Friedell

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