Show Recap: August 23, 2018 (30-minute show; Amin Elhassan hosts)

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A Korean Tae Kwon Do competition; Does this need to be in the dunk contest?

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Today’s Panel:

Starting from the left: Front Office Insider Amin Elhassan (Host), Chris Herring (FiveThirtyEight) and Frank Isola

Think PG-13 will regret not giving Lakers a chance?

Here’s what he said on the ‘Short Story Long’ podcast:

“L.A. was pissed at me. I didn’t give Magic [Johnson] a meeting, which I understand. But at that point, I knew I wanted to give it another shot [in Oklahoma City]. I didn’t want to prolong it and waste people’s time.”


“I wonder if he looks at LeBron and thinks: He’s going to be 34 in December, I’m with Russell Westbrook, a much younger player. I talked my way out of Indiana. Do I really want to now leave another team?” – Isola

“It was just weird to me that he wouldn’t give them a meeting” – Herring

“Let’s be honest here: LeBron, father time is coming at some point” – Herring

Agree with PG-13’s take on superteams? (Via Tim Bontemps of the Washington Post)



“The superteam era, were kind of at a different spot. Once Kevin Durant went to Golden State, you basically have to have a superteam to be able to compete with them” – Herring

“I feel like superteams are as American as apple pie. These teams have been loaded since the beginning of time. The difference is that free agency has finally matured in our league” – Elhassan

Kyrie Irving honored by Standing Rock Sioux tribe


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Kyrie 3.JPG Inside the life of an NBA ref (Series on Mental Health in the NBA)

Click here to read Part 4 of 5

Kawhi Make or Miss

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Tributes; What was your favorite Kobe moment?


Herring: 81 point game

Isola: Every time he came to MSG and put on a show

Elhassan: The game where Shaq fouled out in the Finals and played amazing
Game 4 of the 2000 NBA Finals vs the Indiana Pacers

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Retirement; How much can Wade still help the Heat?

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Boogie Watch; What do you make of Boogie’s progress?

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Shorts; Enjoy these high-res photos from NBA, ABA in 1970s (Via NBA Reddit user: u/macgarnickle)

Moving on… Inside the life of an NBA ref | Are we too hard on refs? (Why is it important for fans to understand what the refs go through each and every night?)


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“You need to get some status in the league before you think you can start complaining to me about calls” – Isola

“The main thing about our refs today: None of them have any personality” – Elhassan

“I get mad when they don’t talk to me because they feel like it’s a respect issue” – Herring

NBA considering 14 sec. shot clock after offensive rebounds (Via Woj)


“I like it personally because it speeds stuff up a little bit. It changes the momentum of the game so much” – Herring

“I like the rule from this standpoint: Let’s say I’m down by 1 [point], the other team gets the offensive rebound with 20.0 seconds left, now I don’t have to automatically foul. To me, that eliminates free throws and it makes more strategy defending. It’s a smart rule by the league and moves things along” – Isola

Kawhi.JPGJabari Young of the San Antonio Express-News talking about Kawhi Leonard and whether the Raptors have a chance of keeping him for the long-term (Via TSN Radio 1050):

“I think they do. Based off of me talking to people within his circle, they’re going to go into this thing with an open mind and give this thing every last opportunity to work. And let’s say Toronto Raptors is in the Eastern Conference Finals and they win, or they get to the NBA Finals and maybe they win, if your Kawhi Leonard, you just can’t off and run. You got to give this thing every opportunity to go back and win more championships. So I think the Raptors success will dictate a lot of it”

Raptors have enough to keep Kawhi?

“We said the same thing about Paul George and I think they do. He’s going to be the best player in the Eastern Conference. They should have a chance to make it to at least an Eastern Conference Finals” – Isola

“When you play there (Toronto), you’re not just a star in Toronto, you’re a star in all of Canada and there’s a lot of money to be made up there” – Isola

“It’s strange to me that the level of success is going to dictate that, especially when Kawhi’s health is probably going to be the biggest factor in determining whether or not they can get there” – Herring

“He controls their future because if he doesn’t re-sign, they’re probably going to trade Kyle Lowry and begin the rebuilding process in Toronto” – Isola

Manu contemplating retirement?


“I want him to play forever. It’s just going to be super odd when he’s the last guy left” – Herring

“One of the most unique players that we’ve seen in a long time. One of the best international players in the league” – Isola

From the 2004 Olympics:

Olympics.JPGBonus: Larry Brown, the USA head coach at the time, had Carmelo Anthony as a DNP

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