Show Recap: August 22, 2018 (30-minute show; Jorge Sedano hosts)

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Biggest concerns relating to mental health in NBA?

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Click here to read Part 1 of 5 on NBA players and Mental Health (ESPN)

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Bonus: Jackie MacMullan on the Woj Podcast explaining why players are reluctant to discuss mental health:

”Sometimes it has financial ramifications. If your team isn’t the understanding kind, if your team isn’t ready to be proactive and forward thinking about this, maybe it is going to cost you a free agent contract. Maybe it’s going to be the difference between you getting trading or released”

From Part 1 of MacMullan’s article:

“NBA owners, who in some cases are paying their players hundreds of millions of dollars, want access to the files of their “investments.” That is not, however, the league’s position.”

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“If we’re going to treat mental health like health, then the teams do have a right to know about and it should affect your stock because what we’re basically talking about is your availability to perform in a given situation” – Elhassan

“If you care about the health of the players, that stuff has to absolutely be private” – MacMahon

“There’s no way the Players Association is ever going to sign off on something like this. No way agents would ever do it and players would never do it” – Isola

CJ McCollum talks to Adam Silver about Mental Health (Players Tribune)

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Rockets forward PJ Tucker joined the show!

Why’d you change your number to 17?

“I just went back to my number. That’s my number. It’s special for me. It’s always been my number” – Tucker

Why weren’t you playing pickup with these guys?

“I had some things to do yesterday” – Tucker

Biggest takeaway from Game 7 loss to Warriors?
Quick reminder: The Rockets missed 27 threes in a row in that game!

“Just dealing with the adversity and losing CP. Losing him was big and everybody having to kind of adjust their role and step up a little bit more. I think it was good” – Tucker

Did the Rockets get better this offseason?


“He’ll fit right in and he’ll adjust. He’s a vet and knows what he’s doing” – Tucker on Carmelo Anthony

“He literally just comes out of timeouts and just tells you where to go” – Tucker on how Melo makes the game easier

Bonus: Is it true that you have a shoe Jordan doesn’t own?

“I finally found a guy that had a pair and I ended up getting two more pairs from this other guy” – Tucker

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“First of all, that was like a guesstimate. But its to show the kids because now with the culture and how everything is” – Tucker

Least comfortable shoe he’s played in: Off-White Jordans

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“Emotions of the game. Playoff time is coming. Lance is Lance. Nobody thought he was going to do it” – Tucker

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“I am so against this. This is crazy because once you give me something, they’re mine. For kids not able to play a football game because of that is unbelievable” – Tucker

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PJ Tucker earns belt as ‘Intercontinental Sneakerhead Champion’ of NBA

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Amin presents PJ with the title belt

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